For the fourth straight week, AAA has once again bested CMLL in the ratings by quite a margin. Lucha Central has learned that AAA’s Friday broadcast on Azteca 7 drew a 2.3 rating with 4.1 million viewers; both numbers are improvements from last week, with the rating jumping 0.2 while 0.8 million more viewers tuned. Overall this is the highest amount of viewers AAA has drawn since March 8th, when they drew a record high 4.4 million viewers.


Meanwhile CMLL remains steady if well below their rivals. Saturday’s show drew a 1.1 rating with 1.3 million viewers; the rating increased 0.3 from last week while viewership increased by 0.2. If nothing else CMLL has established a consistent audience on their Saturday time slot, though overall the promotion remains well behind AAA with little hope of catching them any time soon.