It has taken over a month, several memorable trios matches and numerous challenges. But for the first time since their legendary clash in 2016 for Lucha Libre Elite, Rush and LA Park will collide in the main event of an Arena Mexico show. CMLL has announced the card for next Friday’s Super Viernes and it will indeed be LA Park vs. Rush, albeit not in a Super Libre match as both men had hoped for. As fun as the run of trios matches have been between Park’s La Familia Real and Rush’s Los Ingobernables, this singles match should prove to be a massive event and could serve as a preview for the main event of the CMLL Aniversario this September.


Ironically the rest of the card looks to be a bit on the lesser end of the spectrum compared to the last month. Hijo de LA Park, Rey Fenix and Volador Jr. will take on La Peste Negra members Cavernario, Mr. Niebla and Negro Casas in the semi-main, a match that will depend on what Niebla can give and possibly what condition he’s in. Meanwhile Atlantis, Caristico and Stuka Jr. will take on Bestia del Ring, Euforia and Ultimo Guerrero in an average looking match, The Panther Family will take on Dragon Rojo Jr., Polvora and Hechicero in a potential show stealer, the luchadoras return to CMLL in the second match and, in a rare good looking opener, Robin and Super Astro Jr. will take on Akuma and Yago.


CMLL Super Viernes will be live next Friday at 9:30 p.m. on Claro Sports and the Marca Claro Facebook page. Lucha Central will as usual provide a full preview and a live review of the show.