With rumors swirling that Konnan has returned to AAA, the only thing missing was confirmation from the man himself. That is no longer the case. In a YouTube interview with Jim Varsallone, the lucha libre legend confirmed he has returned to AAA as booker, writer and even alluded to possibly wrestling for the promotion again. While Konnan didn’t go into full detail about how he and AAA management (Marisela Peña Roldan and Dorian Roldan) reconciled after their acrimonious split over two years ago, he indicated AAA’s desire to expand internationally coupled with Konnan’s vision for AAA’s future led to the unexpected reunion. He did not comment on when we would see him appear on camera again.


AAA will return on May 18th with a live show from Tehuacan, which can be seen on Twitch. With Konnan now back in charge, it’ll be interesting to see how hot he can get AAA as they roll into Verano de Escandalo on June 3rd in Monterrey.