Every year lucha libre gets at least one Apuesta match outside the confines of AAA or CMLL that just tears down the house, like the Toxin-Fly Star match from last year or the now legendary Trauma I-Canis Lupus match in IWRG from 2016. Tonight we added another match to the list as Kastigador defeated Vengador in an outstanding mask vs. mask match in Arena Queretaro.


Long time tag partners turned rivals, the Kastigador-Vengador Apuesta match had been building since at least 2012, and the match was heavily promoted by Mas Lucha while also featuring a terrific under card that included stars like Rush, Dragon Lee, La Mascara, Demus, Ultimo Maldito and Arkangel Divino (AAA’s current Bengala). All paled in comparison to this epic mask vs. mask clash, a match that featured everything except the kitchen sink. Kastigador emerged victorious in a fast paced, action packed first fall before slipping on the top rope and nearly blowing his leg out to start fall two. Vengador would ultimately take advantage and take the second fall after an Awful Waffle, leading to a third fall that included numerous dives, a close call on a Kastigador Spanish Fly, drum shots, chair shots and tons of other insanity.


Nothing was more insane however than the third fall ending in a draw after both Kastigador and Vengador were counted down during a Romero Special spot, stunning the Arena Queretaro crowd. The match was given the rare fourth fall, leading to a few more minutes of craziness and near falls before Kastigador finally put his rival with a poison rana off the top rope and onto a light tube, which notably cut both Vengador’s hand and chest. While I was unable to get Vengador’s name due to some shoddy quality of the arena microphones, I was able to pick up enough to learn Vengador is 28 years old and an eight year veteran.


For those who wish to view the match, it is available on +Lucha TV’s YouTube page (match starts at the 1:47:10 mark).