Nacion Lucha Libre in Zacatecas Results 07/27/2019 (Spoiler)

Nacion Lucha Libre held its second show at the Fresnillo Convention Center (Zacatecas) where a tribute to the Perro Aguayo memory took place.

In this event the Invaders headed by Kamille imposed their law against Alberto el Patron and his allies.

The Nacion Lucha Libre next show will take place in Monterrey, Nuevo León at the Nuevo Leon Independiente Gym.


Main Event: Carlito & MVP defeated Alberto el Patron & Hijo de Dos Caras (Tag Team Match)

Semifinal Match: Apolo & Bram with Kamille defeated Hijo del Fantasma & La Máscara (Tag Team Match)

Special Match: Brazo de Oro Jr., Fresero Jr. & L.A. Parka Jr. defeated Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr., Galeno del Mal & Hijo del Espectro (Six-Man Tag Team Match)

Fifth Match: Emperador Azteca & Septiemo Dragon defeated Super Nova & The Tiger (Tag Team Match)

Fourth Match: Sexy Dulce & Lady Flammer defeated Reina Obscura & Stephanie Vaquer (Tag Team Match)

Third Match: Batad el Guerrero defeated Dual & Azreal (Zacatecas) (Triple Threat)

Second Match: Aguila del Espacio, Ecoloco & Hijo del Enfermero defeated Serpiente India Jr. The Panther (Zacatecas) & Toxico Jr. (Six-Man Tag Team Match)

First Match: Mini Fuego & Viento Negro Jr. defeated Black Star & The Panther Jr. (Tag Team Match)

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