The last month for AAA was something no one saw coming. It began with rumors of Vampiro being removed from his position as head booker. Then it exploded out of control with the announcement that Rey Mysterio Jr. would be returning to AAA in June for the annual Verano de Escandalo show in Monterrey, followed by the announcement of several opening match luchadores in The Crash appearing at AAA’s Tijuana taping this past Friday. Finally there was that show itself, the best AAA show in recent memory that featured the debut of the rudo stable MAD, a renegade group consisting of former AAA star’s Kevin Kross, Teddy Hart and Juventud Guerrera. Something had changed backstage for AAA and speculation quickly arose that this was the work of one man; exiled former top star, booker and leader of the MAD stable in Monterrey, Konnan.


Now it appears this may be more than speculation. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter has reported that Konnan, a little more than two years after he and AAA parted ways in controversial fashion, has returned to AAA as its head booker, writer and producer. In addition, Vampiro will remain in the promotion as an agent (similar to his role in Lucha Underground) and will continue to be the onscreen authority figure for the promotion. It should be noted that as of now neither Konnan, Vampiro or AAA owner Dorian Roldan have commented on this matter and Lucha Central cannot 100% as of now that Konnan has returned to his old role. However, a video from this past weekend’s Tijuana show that showed Konnan walking backstage appears to confirm, if nothing else, that the legend is once again working in some capacity with the promotion he helped put on the map with Antonio Pena twenty five plus years ago.


Lucha Central will keep you updated in the days to come with this story. As a reminder, AAA will have three shows in May before holding Verano de Escandalo on June 3rd, live on Twitch; if nothing else, the event should answer all questions regarding Konnan’s involvement with AAA going forward.