LIVE Coverage of the Impact Wrestling REDEMPTION PPV will begin at 5 PM PT/7 PM Mexico City/8 PM ET.

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Hello everyone, Andrew Dawson here with tonight’s Impact: Redemption Pay-Per-View coverage! We are LIVE from the impact Zone in Orlando, Florida! Josh Matthews and Don Callis are on commentary.

Match 1 Drago vs Aerostar

Match starts up with basic wrestling holds and back and forth. Drago hits the corkscrew splash early on. Commentators are putting Lucha Underground over. Very vocal crowd 100% behind Drago. match spills to the outside as Drago hits the suicide dive! Aerostar gets the advantage and hits a beautiful springboard to the floor finally gaining the advantage. Back into the ring and more back and forth with several pinning combinations from both Lucha stars. Drago hits a punctual Hangman’s DDT for a close fall.  The action once again spills outside and Aero hits a pint-on Tope. Aero misses a Stinger Splash and Drago capitalizes with a good combination that leads to another close fall. Aero hits a nice stunner followed by a springboard botch but comes back with the Codebreaker for the win! Nice fast paced match to open the show.

WINNER: Aerostar (11:40)

Pre-tape of Josh Matthews and Matt Sydal talking about Sydal’s match tonight


Match #2 – Impact World Tag team Champions LAX )Santana and Ortiz) vs Eli Drake and “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner

Pre-tape before the match reveals the Konnan will not be ringside and he was taken out by someone.  Eli Drake is out first with a new theme song. Matthews lists off all of Steiners championship accomplishments as he makes his way to the ring. LAX have the new Tag Team Championship belts with them. They look really sharp. Santana and Drake start off with a collar-elbow tie-up. Santana hits a back brain kick and lots of tagging and double team moves from the champions. Steiner in his typical offense incoming. Suplexes and tosses but moving slow as expected.  Drake tags back in and hit eats a rolling cutter from Santana. Steiner breaks up a pin attempts and gives LAX belly to belly suplexes. SCOTT STEINER HITS THE TOP ROPE FRANKENSTEINER!!!!!! LAX go for the double team but Ortiz splashes Steiner instead. Miscue from Santana allows  Drake to hit the Gravy train and the pin and we have NEW tag team Champions!!!

WINNERS: Eli Drake and Scott Steiner NEW CHAMPIONS (7:50)


Match #3 Trevor Lee vs Desmond Xavier vs Taiji Ishimori vs El Hijo del Fantasmo vs DJZ vs Brian Cage

Lucha rules apply here. DJZ and Xavier start the match off. Lots of simple back and forth, chain wrestling. Revor Lee plays to the crowd but gets sent outside by Xavier. Fantasma gets involved. Commentary really putting Fantasma over here. Ishimori comes in and hits a gorgeous senton. Lee goes for the first cover of the match on ishimori but gets distracted by other participants. Cage gets the blind tag and unleashes on Lee nailing him with wrap around clotheslines.  Cage dominates the other performers. Ishimori takes Cage out with an outside Asai moonsault. Ishimori hits a Death Valley Driver and a kick to get a near fall on Xavier. Cage tosses both Fantasma and Xavier at the same time! Cage hits Weapon X on ishimori but Fantasma breaks up the count. Cage hits the screwdriver on Xavier to get the three count.

WINNER: Brian Cage (12:58)


Mackenzie interviews Allie backstage and she says she must prove herself by winning over Su Young. She says the only person Braxtopn Sutter cares about is himself and tonight she fights for herself and her championship and her Redemption.


Match #4: Taya Valkyrie vs Kiera Hogan 

Taya starts off by taunting Kiera. Kiera tries using her speed to get in offense and hits a hurancanrana. Tessa Blanchard joins Callis and Matthews  on commentary early in the match. Tessa cuts a promo on taya on commentary and says she is now part of Impact! Back in the ring taya continues to dominate. Kiera makes the babyface comeback and gets a few close falls. Taya hits a Saito suplex for another near fall. taya hits The Road To valhalla for the victory.

WINNER: Taya Valkyrie (8:00)


Mackenzie interviews Petey Williams backstage about his match tonight. He attemps to parody the Steiner match promo. Steiner shows up and the continue the promo. Funny moment.

Match #5: Impact X Division Champion Matt Sydal vs Petey Williams

They start the match with standing submissions into reversals. Sydal starts working the leg of petey over. Lots of fast back and forth. Crowd firmly behind Petey. Petey makes a short lived comeback but Sydal goes back to work on the left leg. Sydal hits a standing moonsault but only is able to get the 2-count. Petey makes a comeback with the side Russian leg sweep. He calls for the Canadian Destroyer but Sydal counters. Sydal goes for the finish but petey rolls into a Sharpshooter. Sydal is able to break the hold with the ropes. Sydal hits a jumping hurancanrana from the top. Sydal goes for the Shooting Star press but gets the knees up. Petey hits the canadian Destroyer but Sydal rolls to the outside. Petey goes for a Canadian Destroyer off the top but Sydal blocks. Sydal hits a pin combination to get the win.

WINNER and STILL CHAMPION: Matt Sydal (11:58)


Mackenzie interviews Moose and Eddie Edwards backstage about their upcoming match. Tommy Dreamer makes a very good promo.

Match #6 House of Hardcore Match: Eddie Edwards (w./ Alicia Edwards), Tommy Dreamer and Moose vs OVE (Sami Callihan, and Jake and Dave Crist)

Moose and Edwards attack Jake Crist and power bomb him onto the ring apron. Weapons abound as the baby faces bring in trash can lids.  Dreamer cleans house until he is bicycle kicked by Sami. Edwards intervenes and destroys Jake Crist. Sami hits a suplex onto Eddie over a steel chair and a 2-count. Moose goes for the tope but lands back first onto a ladder. Dreamer and Edwards hit double Sharpshooters on the Crists until Sami breaks them u with a Kendo stick. OVE triple teams Dreamer. OVE focuses their attention over to Edwards. Moose breaks up the near fall and starts rtaking out everybody. Dreamer hits the DVD onto sami through a table outside the ring. Dave Crist pours hundreds of thumbtacks onto the ring. Moose holds dave up as Eddie hits the legdrop and dave lands onto the tacks! Moose splashes Fave through a table as Jake hits Moose with a stunner outside. This leaves Sami and Eddie. Sami gets a baseball bat but Dreamer intervenes with a barb wire baseball bat. Dreamer hits the DDT! Sami hits a low blow onto Dreamer and pins him. Edwards and Callahan then brawl. Eddie uses the barb wire baseball bat to cut open Sami. Eddie Edwards gets duck tape and tapes Callahan to the top rope. Sami spits in the face of Edwards and eats a kick to the groin. Edwards then starts to whip Sami with a Kendo stick. The referee tries to stop Eddie but eats a stick shot himself. Dreamer tries to get eddie to stop but gets shoved away. Alicai runs out but Eddie accidentally hits her with a stick.  Medica attend to Alicia.

WINNERS: OVE (13:00)


Mackenzie interviews Austin Aries about his main event match backstage.


Match #7 Impact Knockouts Champion Allie vs Su Young (w/ Braxton Sutter)

Allie gets in the face of Sutter then Su attacks Allie. Allie fights back with a Thesz press. Sutter distracts Allie throughout the match. Su goes on the attack with the crowd trying to fire Allie up. Su puts on a stained bloody glove then Allie hits a Codebreaker. Allie hits a side Russian leg sweep then gets a near fall. Su hits a Tiger Driver for a 2 count. Sutter gets on the ring apron and gets slapped by Allie. Su goes for her finisher but Allie counters agd gets the surprise win! After the match Sutter gets on the kic and proposes marriage. Su then spits red mist into Sutter’s eyes and puts him in the mandible claw!

WINNER and STILL Champion: Allie (7:17)


Match #8 Impact World Champion Austin Aries vs Pentagon, Jr. vs Rey Fenix


Aries starts off nailing both men. Siblings quickly face off on each other. Aries keeping Fenix grounded and Pentagon at bay. Aries clinches in the Last Chancery onto Pentagon but it is quickly broken up by Fenix. Fenix hits a beautiful corkscrew splash onto Aries and Pentagon on the floor. Fenix hits a swanton onto Pentagon and gets a near fall. Tons of back and forth between the three. Aries attempts to hit a braninsuster on the floor to Pantagon but it gets blocked. Aries sends Pentagon flying into the crowd. Aries hits a 450 splash onto both men. Fenix and Pentagon both hit superkicks on Areies. Pentagon takes out the arjm of Aries hits his finisher and gets the WIN!!!!!!! After the match Fenix hugs Pentagon and congratulates him. Pentagon celebrates with the Mexican flag and the new Impact Championship belt.

WINNER and NEW Champion: Pentagon, Jr.!!!!! (16:20)