As Masked Republic has continued to expand their efforts to create officially licensed lucha libre products outside of Mexico, Japan’s love for the sport has become the company’s latest target.  After opening an office in London, England in 2017, the company has put a focus onto Tokyo for the current year.

In February, vinyl and pop culture toy specialist shop The Convict announced a collaboration t-shirt with Masked Republic Japan and today, Haoming Mask, probably considered the hippest store in Japan to create pro wrestling related apparel and merchandise, revealed that their exclusive Masked Republic collaboration t-shirt would be available in stores in April.


The Tokyo Haoming Mask store has become one of those “must see” places for foreign wrestlers visiting Tokyo and often stars from the Young Bucks to Toni Storm are featured on the brand’s social media accounts

Haoming also creates and manufactures officially licensed products from the WWE, many Japanese wrestling promotions, and has collaborated with The Elite (Young Bucks and Kenny Omega) as well.

The Masked Republic x Haoming t-shirt is currently only available in Japan.  Like most Haoming products, they command a higher price point than most wrestling apparel, around $34 USD.  To see the shirt on the Haoming website click here.

Masked Republic Japan noted on Facebook that a variant edition would be released in their Pro Wrestling Tees store in April.