There are a handful of mask makers in Mexico who’s work transcends all others.  The late Alejandro Rodriguez, “Mr. Puebla,” was one of them.  Having crafted legendary masks for some of the biggest name luchadores including Mil Mascaras, Dos Caras and Canek, Rodriguez would also serve as the “maestro” or “teacher” to a young Hayashi, the now legendary mask maker from Japan who is best known for being Rey Mysterio’s personal designer and mask maker.

Hayashi’s love and respect for the art of lucha mask making became apparent when he published a series of books entitled “The Art and Magic of The Mask” about the legendary mask makers.  Each mask maker received his own volume.  (All of the volumes were published together as well in a large paperback version and released by Hayashi in 2017.  He will have copies of the book on hand at Expo Lucha in July in Las Vegas where he will have his Mysterio Couture exhibit on display.)

In honor of Mr. Puebla, Hayashi has asked us to make his “The Art and Magic of the Mask – Alejandro Rodriguez” book available to Lucha Central readers as a free PDF download so that more lucha libre fans can come to know his work.

A few excerpt pages appear below and you can download the entire book absolutely free for a limited time using this link.

After you’ve done that, be sure to also check out our interview with Hayashi and watch this video of some of his many designs for Rey Mysterio!

We want to thank Hayashi for his kindness in sharing his wonderful book with any lucha libre fan who wants to read it.  The book remains protected under copyright to Hayashi and where you can find the other “The Magic and Art of the Mask” books for purchase from Japan.