Ever since the awful incident on Monday where Puerto Rican luchador El Cuervo was severely injured by Angel o Demonio throwing a brick into his head, the lucha libre community has rallied behind him to try and help. The major event is a benefit show organized by PALL, set to take place tomorrow night in Arena Naucalpan. In addition to all ticket sales going to Cuervo’s medical expenses, lucha fan Rob Viper has been collecting money via paypal to assist (if you wish to contribute, you can find the information to do so here) and several top stars have been booked to wrestle or appear on this show, including LA Park, Pentagon/Penta Zero M, Juventud Guerrera and Puma King. You can now add another luchador to the list in Rey Fenix, who was announced for the show just a few hours ago.


There is no word on what Fenix will be doing at this time, but you can bet he will at least be making an appearance for the live crowd at some point. As stated, the benefit show for Cuervo will take place tomorrow night in Arena Naucalpan, starting at 8:45 p.m. EST. Though no official announcement has been made yet, it’s expected that the show will stream on Mas Lucha; if it does, Lucha Central will provide a full review of the show. We also highly encourage you to look into Rob Viper’s fundraiser to help Cuervo or if you are in the area to go to the show and support this good cause. Lucha Central continues to wish Cuervo the best in a speedy recovery and will continue to provide updates on his condition.