Extreme Rising: Hijo de Rey Misterio (Rey Horus) vs. Greek God Papadon

Extreme Rising: Hijo De Rey Misterio (Rey Horus/Dragon Azteca Jr.) vs. Papadon

While the Extreme Rising promotion out of Pennsylvania did not last incredibly long, it did expose a number of luchadores to east coast fans for the first time. The second Hijo De Rey Misterio, who readers here may know better as Rey Horus or Dragon Azteca Jr., Bestia 666 and Pesadilla were all featured in matches for the promotion back in 2013.

Greek God Papadon’s stance that the Greek’s invented wrestling and their form was far superior than any others made for a classic clash of styles between his and anyone known for lucha libre. Knowing the history of the legendary Rey Mysterio launching his career outside of Mexico in the very same ECW Arena, Papadon was determined not to let Rey Misterio Sr.’s self chosen successor find the same success.

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