Masked Republic released the following just moments ago.  We were able to get exclusive quotes from MR CEO Ruben Zamora as well below.


When Masked Republic brings Expo Lucha to Las Vegas this summer and holds the first ever lucha libre convention outside of Mexico, 100 lucha libre and pro wrestling stars will head to Sin City for a two day mega-event.  Friday, August 31, will he headlined by the Future Legend Expo Lucha SuperShow with an announced main event of Rey Mysterio, Penta Zero M and Rey Fenix taking on Juventud Guerrera, Psychosis (Nicho el Milonario) and Super Crazy.  Now, Masked Republic is proud to announce that Saturday, September 1, will be headlined by a full event from Lucha Libre AAA.
The main event of AAA at Expo Lucha will see four of the company’s biggest stars collide as LA PARK and Psycho Clown team up to battle El Hijo Del Fantasma and Texano Jr.  This bout will take place less than 1 week after PARK, Fantasma, Psycho Clown and Pentagon Jr wager their masks in a 4-Way Masks Cage match dubbed “Poker de Ases” in the main event of TripleMania XXVI, the biggest AAA event of the year and arguably what will be the biggest match of the entire year in Mexico.  This means Expo Lucha will most likely be the first time ever in the U.S. to see one of these four lucha libre megastars in the ring unmasked!
Also competing in-ring for the AAA event and appearing earlier in the day to sign autographs will be Drago, Aerostar, Maximo, La Mascara, Pagano, Lady Maravilla, Keyra, Chik Tormenta, Aeroboy, Hijo de LA PARK, Demus and two of the hottest new AAA stars, Tijuana based Black Danger and Destino Negro.
Fans who purchase the all-day tickets will also be able to attend a special Lucha Underground panel and Q&A session on Saturday at 1 PM.  The Lucha Underground stars who will take part in the panel will be announced soon.
For more details on Expo Lucha and to purchase tickets, please visit
Expo Lucha takes place at the Westgate Resort and Casino, just one block off of the Vegas Strip.  Festivities kick off on Thursday night, August 30, with the sold-out Lucha Bowl event.  Separate from the Expo, The Nerd bar at Freemont Street will be hosting a one night only Konnan Uncensored spoken word performance on August 30 as well.  This event is 18+, however Expo Lucha itself is 100% Family Friendly and for all-ages.
Masked Republic CEO Ruben Zamora added the following for Lucha Central:
“As many of your readers are well aware, the entire world of pro wrestling is filled with politics, and lucha libre possibly more than any other part of the industry.  From the beginning, Expo Lucha was inspired by the former Lucha Libre La Experiencia and the manner in which all of the promotions worked together under one roof.  We had hoped that we would be able to work in the same manner, bringing such a huge celebration of lucha libre to the U.S. for the very first time.  Unfortunately, despite how much 2018 seems to be the year in which promotions are willing to share top talent with each other, there are still an enormous amount of behind the scenes politics between companies.  It was our intention to both the announced CMLL talent on Saturday, all of whom were booked individually and directly, as well as AAA and Lucha Underground talent on Friday.  Unfortunately, CMLL decided that if we were going to have all of the AAA talent that had been announced, they would not allow their talent to appear at Expo Lucha.  With Expo being based on the positives of lucha libre, we did not want to even engage in the politics of removing talent because of the demands of others.  Therefore, the previously announced CMLL talent – Rush, Negro Casas, Polvora, Felino, Puma King and Tiger – are no longer able to attend Expo, by no fault of their own.  Having said that, we are extremely excited that not only is all of the AAA and Lucha Underground talent from Friday remaining on the event, but now Saturday will feature a full Lucha Libre AAA event and one hell of a main event of LA PARK and Psycho Clown taking on Texano and El Hijo del Fantasma.  Not just that, but two of the most requested stars, Drago and Aerostar, have now been added along with even more.  The addition of the full AAA show and the Lucha Underground panel on Saturday at 1 PM make Expo Lucha even bigger than it was just last week!”