Last night, around the time Terrible was crushing Dragón Lee’s dreams in the CMLL Universal Championship tournament, another big lucha story was brewing in Atlanta when Pentagon Jr. and Rey Fenix were given a handshake offer by The Young Bucks to join All Elite Wrestling. The Lucha Brothers accepted, though no one was sure what kind of a handshake deal they were making. Now some twelve hours later, Chris Jericho has only heightened the confusion. In a Tweet where he seemingly tried to start an angle with the Lucha Brothers by comparing them (unfavorably) to lucha legends like Negro Casas, Jericho has claimed Pentagon and Fenix have signed exclusively with AEW. A claim like that would normally be gigantic news if there weren’t immediately questioned by Pentagon and Fenix’s status with AAA, CMLL, Impact, Lucha Underground and Major League Wrestling. Does an AEW agreement meant the Lucha Brothers are leaving those places behind or are they merely adding AEW to the numerous promotions they work for?


The answer is the latter. Sources tell Lucha Central that while Pentagon and Fenix will work AEW dates (likely including Double or Nothing in May), they have yet to sign an exclusive deal with them. As such this will allow them to keep fulfilling their promised dates throughout 2019, including Expo Lucha in August and whatever dates they have with other promotions in the US or Mexico. In other words, you can now make AEW the fifth (and possibly sixth) major promotion Pentagon and Fenix will work with in 2019, along with AAA, CMLL, Impact, MLW and Lucha Underground, provided LU is indeed brought back for a fifth season. For now that is a big win for everyone; LU keeps their two top stars, Impact and MLW keep their reigning Tag Team Champions, AAA and CMLL retain access to two of the top draws in Mexico and AEW now has access to two of the most exciting luchadores in the world, one of the best tag teams in the world and an must see match between the Lucha Brothers and the Young Bucks.


There is no word yet on is Pentagon and Fenix will appear on AEW’s Ticket Sale Party this Thursday in Las Vegas but with rumors floating of AEW wanting to unveil their whole roster the chances of them being there are high. For now you can see Pentagon and Fenix tonight on MLW’s Live show, where they defend the MLW Tag Team Championships against Davey Boy Smith Jr. and Teddy Hart of The New Hart Foundation. Lucha Central will continue to provide updates on this developing story.