The bad continues to balance out the good of lucha libre in 2018 with another tragic death. Arturo Hernandez, better known as former AAA star El Picudo and Devil Rocker, has suddenly passed away, strangely enough on his 51st birthday.


Born in 1967, Hernandez was a member of the Espectro family and a cousin of AAA founder and promoter Antonio Pena. He would join his cousin in AAA upon it’s founding and his career took off as El Picudo, becoming best known for looking like a member of the heavy metal band Kiss and founding the group Los Vatos Locos, the stable that would serve as an introduction for luchador Charly Manson. Los Vatos Locos remained a stable until 2007 and two years later Picudo left AAA, only to return three years later repackaged as the Devil Rocker, a member of the Los Inferno Rockers group. He last another year in AAA before leaving for good and has since bounced around the indies under both the Devil Rocker and Picudo name, most recently using the former in a brief run with IWRG earlier this year. Despite being known mostly for his gimmicks, Picudo was an underrated in ring performer and one of only a handful of luchadores to be involved in a five star match rated by Dave Meltzer. The match in question was the famous trios match from 1993 AAA, when Picudo teamed with Heavy Metal and Psicosis to take on Rey Mysterio Jr., Super Calo and Winners (the future Abismo Negro). Along with the famous When Worlds Collide match, is considered by many to be one of the greatest matches in AAA history.


We here at Lucha Central offer our condolences to Picudo’s family and friends during this difficult time. He will be missed.