Over the past twenty four hours the lucha libre world has been rocked by the horrible event that took place just last night, when a casket match between Puerto Rican luchador El Cuervo (not to be confused with the former AAA star of the same name) and Angel o Demonio ended with Demonio throwing a brick into the back of Cuervo’s head. The incident has gained infamy in Mexico and beyond, and to now surprise the consequences have begun to roll in.


Let’s start with Demonio. The 54 year old veteran claimed publicly that he was aiming the brick for Cuervo’s back, but his aim was thrown off after being weakened by several chair shots during the match. Behind the scenes it is said that Demonio was attempting to retaliate against Cuervo following several hard chair shots early in the match, as well as several unnamed incidents. Whatever the case the lucha libre commission of Mexico State has rightfully come down hard on Demonio, suspending him while urging the other commissions throughout Mexico to join them. The length of the suspension is unknown but regardless, the incident will likely put an end to Demonio’s career and put him alongside fellow disgraced luchador Black Skeller as one of the most hated luchadores in all of Mexico. No criminal charges have been filed as of now.


As for Cuervo, the Puerto Rican suffered a fractured skull and a epidural hematoma and was forced to have emergency surgery earlier today. While he is still in intensive care, the surgery was an overall success and Cuervo shouldn’t need a second operation. That said, he will be required to spend another 7-10 days in the hospital before being transferred to a rehabilitation center to complete recover. The independent organization PALL has moved quickly to put on a benefit show for Cuervo this Thursday in Arena Naucalpan, with all the proceeds going to Cuervo’s medical expenses. LA Park, El Zorro, Hechicero, Scharlie Rockstar and Mr. Niebla are among the talent featured on the poster for the show.


Lucha Central will continue to provide updates on the situation, and wish El Cuervo a full and speedy recovery.