It’s that time of the year for CMLL to roll out some big holiday shows and today we learned just what those plans were…sort of. At an early afternoon press conference, CMLL announced shows for Christmas Day and New Years Day, the latter being CMLL’s annual Sin Piedad show. While nothing was announced for the Christmas show, CMLL unveiled two Apuesta matches for Sin Piedad, which will see Dulce Gardenia take on Kawato San in a hair vs. hair match and Príncipe Diamante vs. Espíritu Negro in a mask vs. mask match.


Both matches will serve as the conclusion to two of CMLL’s most notable (and recent) rivalries, though Gardenia-Kawato had seemingly been downplayed in the past week. Never the less that match will be the most notable due to it featuring Kawato, the once highly touted New Japan-Pro Wrestling prospect, and Gardenia, who looks to be CMLL’s next big exotico star. Meanwhile Diamante vs. Negro features two luchadores who never before been in a spot like this. The 23 year old Diamante has shown promise as an undercard technico, but thus far has nothing to show for his work outside of winning Mr. CMLL at the 2016 CMLL Bodybuilding Contest. Meanwhile Negro has had even less luck; the biggest match he’s ever been involved in was seconding his brother Rey Cometa in a mask vs. mask match against Puma King back in 2012. Since then Negro has been an occasional lower card luchador for CMLL, though he has shown promise this year when given an opportunity.


Beyond those two matches the rest of Sin Piedad looks to be an intriguing show, though it isn’t a sure thing. The opener will see Black Panther, Drone and Guerrero Maya Jr. take on Sagrado, Tiger and Universo 2000 Jr. in a match that will see Maya and Universo go at it yet again following their Copa Jr. Finals match on December 17th. Meanwhile Audaz, Rey Cometa and Star Jr. take on Felino, Hechicero and Mephisto while Atlantis Jr., Kraneo and Soberano Jr. face Cavernario, Hijo del Villano III and Negro Casas to round up the undercard. CMLL also announced there will be a title match on the show but have yet to reveal what title (or titles) will be on the line; it should be noted that CMLL currently has this unknown title match listed as the main event of the show, suggesting it may be a potential big singles contest.


CMLL Sin Piedad will take place on January 1st from Arena Mexico while the Christmas Show will take place on, you guessed it, Christmas from Arena Mexico. Lucha Central will provide full coverage for both shows.