It appears that Major League Wrestling will soon be given a dose of (puts on sunglasses) bad medicine. I’ll see myself out. But before I do, let’s talk about Dr. Wagner Jr. and Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr. coming to MLW! The duo will be joining the promotion for their July 6th Kings of Colosseum show at Chicago’s Cicero Stadium. No match has officially been announced for the duo but MLW revealed they will be wrestling together in a tag team match.


This will be the first MLW appearance for both Wagner’s and, unless I’m mistaken, the first US television appearance for Hijo del Wagner in his career. It will be the second for the Dr. Wagner Jr. (though the first since he’s been unmasked), who wrestled for Lucha Underground during season’s two and three as a member of Famous B’s Infamous Inc. stable. Lucha Central can only speculate, but given their famous rivalry in Mexico that has grown to include their sons, it is likely MLW will be pairing the Wagner’s against LA Park and Hijo del LA Park, which should naturally lead to a chaotic, fun brawl. The match will also put some extra eyeballs on Wagner Jr. as he gets closer to a big mask vs. hair match with Blue Demon Jr. at AAA’s Triplemania XXVII later this summer.


Major League Wrestling’s Kings of Colosseum will take place on July 6th from Cicero Stadium in Chicago, Illinois and will air (either live or taped) on beIN Sports; tickets are on sale now.