With WrestleCon just around the corner and dozens of pro wrestling events taking place in New Orleans throughout WrestleMania weekend, The Crash Lucha Libre has announced it’s full lineup.  Carrying on in the Crash tradition, the card mixes some of the biggest names in lucha libre with some of the hottest independent talent from the U.S. featuring many matchups you will not find on any other events WrestleMania weekend…or beyond.

It’s a unique match that pits the Lucha Underground Heavyweight Champion vs. the Impact Wrestling World Champion and it’s only happening on a Crash card.  2018!

SEMI-MAIN EVENT:  Battle of the Generations
La Rebelión Amarilla: BESTIA 666, GARZA JR & MECHA WOLF MR. 450
First…let’s take a moment to thank The Crash for bringing three lucha libre legends to WrestleCon- three men who are partially responsible for lucha libre getting over with the masses outside of Mexico, three men who competed in ECW and then were part of the lucha revolution in WCW – LA PARK (the original La Parka), Psychosis and Damian 666.
Across the ring from them will stand, arguably, the leaders of the new school of lucha libre rudos, the despised Rebelión Amarilla.  Garza Jr. has embraced the hatred from the fans.  Mr. 450 is criminally underrated in the U.S., despite Florida being his home base after years competing in Puerto Rico. And, Bestia 666 will likely end up going toe-to-toe with his own father, Damian 666 as the two have been on opposite sides of wars recently in Tijuana.
(Side note….by the time Bestia gets to WrestleCon, he may be the Crash Lucha Libre Heavyweight Champion

When The Crash card was announced, many hoped that Rey Fenix and Flamita would end up on opposite sides of the ring as their encounters in 2017 proved to be just fantastic and left fans wanting more.  Now, high flying Rich Sawnn has been added to the match.  Expect this one to be the type of match that opened up people’s eyes to lucha libre in the first place – high flying, risk taking and “how the hell did he just do that?!?!?” action.

Is there such a thing as a “technical slobberknocker”?  Brian Cage and Willie Mack are two unique performers who often leave those who are unfamiliar with them with their minds blown about how agile and plain ol’ good at the rasslin’ they are given the shapes and sizes of their bodies.  Daga, who many U.S. fans know best for his limited airtime on Lucha Underground, is one of The Crash’s best pure technical wrestlers, probably one of the best in all of Mexico for the younger generation.  And Sami…well Sami will smash you in the face and use his twisted mind to find a way to take away whatever keys you may have to win a match.  In other words…this has all the makings of a technical slobberknocker – great wrestling, big men doing agile, lucha libre moves – with the potential for it all to break down into one nasty, smash-mouth brawl.

OVE, who have been thrust into the Impact Wrestling spotlight and who have competed a Crash ring in Mexico before, are looking to earn their way into the Crash Tag Team Title picture.  Bandito, who has been teaming with Flamita in Dragon Gate, teams here with one of the best up-and-coming luchadores out of Tijuana, Black Boy (who was called Black Diamond last year on an episode of Impact and the much more U.S. friendly Destino Negro on a recent MLW show).  While these two may never have teamed before, their take no prisoners, balls-to-the-wall lucha style will create a formidable team for their opponents.  Xavier and Wentz had been making really good names for themselves on the U.S. indie scene after first gaining prominence in CZW and recently added “international stars” to their resume as they head to WrestleCon hot off a tour, as a tag team, of Dragon Gate in Japan.  The duo are also no stranger to OVE the team’s Dave Crist was often an ally and partner of the two in CZW.

When this three way has to be the “dark horse” for match of the night, you know you’re looking at a stacked card.  Three of the most spectacular wrestlers today, Horus (a.k.a. Lucha Underground’s Dragon Azteca Jr. and formerly known as Hijo de Rey Misterio II) recently returned to The Crash and has been back working near the top of the card.  Former AAA star Laredo Kid is a spectacular luchador who has been working throughout the U.S. thanks to his home base of Laredo, Texas.  And Flip Gordon, despite having strange quirks like pouring his milk into his bowl before his cereal, has been wowing fans across the globe thanks to his travels with Ring of Honor, was one of the American talents that Konnan introduced to The Crash after first hearing about him through PCW Ultra who started bringing Gordon to the west coast for their events in 2017.

“LUCHA DE ESCANDALO” – The name means “Match of Scandal” and it is a 4 way mixed (intergender) tag team match
I have a very vivid memory of going to a Tijuana lucha libre event, I believe it was an AAA related show, probably at least 10 years ago now, and watching a mixed tag match.  Having mostly had exposure to WWE style mixed tags where the men only worked the men and the women only worked the women, I was both shocked and mesmerized to see luchadora Tiffany going toe to toe with whatever man it was standing across the ring from her.  They were battling hard.  It really struck me because it was the first time I had, up close and personal from just a few rows back, seen such a hard hitting man vs. woman confrontation.  While mixed matches remain controversial in pro wrestling, there are plenty like Lucha Underground and The Crash, who would have you believe that these types of matches are the ultimate form of women empowerment.  That these luchadoras don’t just want to be relegated to face each other, they want to face off with the best of the best.  Thanks to the WrestleCon setting, this 4 team match is even more varied than a normal one in Crash would be.
Rebelión Amarilla’s LACEY LANE (Crash Women’s Champ) & BLACK DANGER vs. CHRISTI JAYNES (one of Lane’s top rivals) & ORACULO (who lost his mask to Danger in the main event of a Crash event in mid-2017) vs. BARBIE HAYDEN (an indie favorite in many areas of the U.S.) & JOEY RYAN (the KING of Intergender wrestling, perhaps the man most responsible for mixed tag matches being “a thing” in 2018 in the U.S.) vs. DIAMANTE (You have to be a bad ass to be the only girl in Impact Wrestling’s LAX) & DOUGLAS JAMES (2016 SoCalUncensored.com Rookie Of The Year, current PCW Ultra Light Heavyweight Champion).

The Crash is not calling it that….but that’s what I fully expect it to be.  8 men.  2 who are known in lucha libre as crazy bastards for not only their flying but their overall risk taking and bloodletting (Aeroboy and Draztik Boy), one of Puerto Rico’s most talked about talent’s (Angel Fashion), 2 of New Orleans’ best wrestlers from Wildkat Pro Wrestling (J. Spade and Curt Stallion) and independent standout Jason Cade (who may or may not become much better known to lucha libre fans later this year).

If you are heading to WrestleMania weekend in New Orleans, this is most likely your only chance to experience a Crash Lucha Libre event live anywhere near you this year.  The event takes place at 12 Noon on Friday, April 6th at The Sugar Mill which is directly across the street from where WWE Fan Axxess will be taking place, right in the heart of New Orleans (and not 30 miles away like many other events).  Tickets are available now at WrestleCon.com