Just when I thought nothing CMLL did this week could top the excitement of seeing Carístico vs. Mistico last night, Paco and the gang went and made me look silly! I say with supreme confidence that tonight’s Tuesday show was not only great, it was easily the best Tuesday show I’ve seen to this point this year and probably the best since the episode where Negro Casas, Puma and Tiger faced El Hijos del Infierno last year. Not everything was super, but the worst matches on the show were nowhere close to bad, the main event was great and against all odds, Block B of the Copa Nuevos Valores smoked Block A. And I mean smoked; not a single dude in this block, with several matches going beyond good and one of them, in my opinion, topping everything as the best match on the show. I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t see it myself sports fans. Hopefully you’ll believe it too by the time we’re done. So let’s get a move on shall we?!




Magnus & Robin defeated Akuma & Metálico two falls to one


Come on; you know there’s only one way to start reviewing/previewing a Magnus match!


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Now let’s get serious. If you saw the Arena Coliseo show on Saturday then you saw this match; the only difference is Magnus and Robin didn’t get to dive and Metálico was there. Otherwise it was that match, which wasn’t anything close to bad but wasn’t anything must see either. What a pity because Magnus and Robin were fun to watch. Of course they’re always fun to watch, even when they’re doing the simplest stuff; you just wish that CMLL would give them (and Akuma) something more to do then putting on basic matches with Metálico. So yeah; it was a so-so opener with the technicos trying hard, Akuma doing his usual and Metálico making you wish he wasn’t there. Luckily from this point forward the show was rising faster than the pizza dough when I go to make lunch tomorrow.


Eléctrico, Fuego, Pegasso defeated Disturbio, Hijo del Signo, Nitro two falls to one


We should’ve known how the show was going to go when these six guys decided they were going to try their asses off. Or more appropriately when Signo and Nitro decided they were going to try their asses off. There’s nothing puzzling about any of the three technicos or Disturbio having good nights but those two…I mean when was the last time they looked solid without Audaz being involved? I guess because of what was going on with the show Signo and Nitro was figured they had to step up and they did. It’ll never be perfect with them because neither guy is great even on their best day and at the end of the day I’d still say this match topped off at “pretty good” due to a slow start and a second fall that had the pace of fast traveling sludge. But the third fall was legitimately fun, with Eléctrico and Fuego doing some really nice work (Eléctrico’s effort in this match was off the charts), the rudos doing their jobs and CMLL actually doing the right thing by giving the technicos the win. That’s right; an Eléctrico led team beat a Nitro led team! Miracles do exist after all. I’ll totally forget about this match when looking back on the rest of this show later on, but it was an honest to Grodd fun match in the third fall and much better than I expected. And it was just the beginning.


Copa Nuevos Valores Block B


Magia Blanca defeated Reyko


Talk about kicking things off hot! I thought Reyko looked good, not great in Puebla last night. Clearly he was holding back because I’d argue he was even better than Blanca in this match, and Blanca was working his ass off. It was short (as expected) but these two packed quite a punch; Asai Moonsaults, Avalanche Spanish Fly’s and the finisher, which saw Blanca Cradle Shock Reyko off the top rope for the victory. I don’t know what more you could want, other than maybe a few more minutes. Well done by both men and I’m officially sold on Reyko.


El Coyote defeated Fugaz


Plot twist; this wasn’t as good as the last match. Then again it couldn’t be unless these guys were going to attempt to go bigger than what Blanca and Reyko tried. Instead they wrestled a solid but mostly unspectacular match, with Coyote showing off some suplexes and Fugaz looking alright but strangely not as energetic as he did last night. Odd. He wasn’t bad by any means but I was expecting more given how explosive he looked at times in Puebla. A passable few minutes and given who won the first match of the Block, the right guy came away victorious here.


Príncipe Diamante defeated Maquiavelo


You know…I think this may have been even better than Blanca-Reyko! I know; I can’t believe it either! In fairness to the Block opener, that match had a lot more flash and big moves. What it didn’t have however was time; this match got a lot more time than expected and Diamante and Maquiavelo made the most of it. This is probably the best I’ve ever seen of Diamante; he always works hard but he either disappoints or gets stuck with the wrong opponents. Not here. Maquiavelo brought a shit ton out of him, both by being a damn good base and by showing off some excellent ability on his own while controlling most of the match. Guess he’ll just go down as yet another great find by CMLL in this tournament. Very, very strong match from these two.


Príncipe Daniel defeated Príncipe Odin Jr.


You know the night is going good when EVEN THE ARTIST FORMERLY KNOWN AS ARTILLERO HAS A GOOD MATCH! Did I fall into bizarre world or something? Actually the more likely scenario is that Príncipe Diamante, much like his brother, is really REALLY good at what he does. This match certainly suggests that as he was not only strutting his stuff but working really hard to make Odin come off as a credible luchadore. It didn’t always work; you can take Príncipe Odin out of the Artillero gimmick, but you can’t take the Artillero out of Príncipe Odin. But for the most part his mistakes were kept to a minimum and Daniel looked every bit of explosive and sound as he did last night. It didn’t hurt that he also got a lot of time to show that, making this yet another match CMLL allowed to breathe. That may be even weirder than this match being good.


Magia Blanca defeated El Coyote






Ladies and gentlemen I saw the first two matches on this show, I saw every second of last week’s Block A; hell I’ve even seen a grown man satisfy a camel (just kidding; or am I?). This match was easily, and I mean EASILY, the best match in this Block, the best match of the night and MAYBE even the best match of this tournament. Wow! The pace was nonstop, the action was nonstop and the stuff these guys did was off the charts. Blanca pulled off an awesome tornillo and finished things off with his Cradle Shock off the top yet again. But the show was stolen by Coyote, a guy who going in I thought topped out at, at most, good. Nope; turns out he’s magnificent. He was a locomotive throughout this match, from his dynamite rudo offense down to an awe inspiring through the ropes tornillo that doubled as a corkscrew leg drop. It was that good! I can’t say enough good things about this match; the only negative you could argue is that Coyote lost, and come on, he’s going to be fine. I don’t know what else to say except WHAT A MATCH! Let’s do it again soon.


Príncipe Diamante defeated Príncipe Daniel


I guess this was a minor surprise as a) Príncipe Diamante never wins and b) I had Príncipe Daniel going the whole way. Just goes to show you never know with CMLL! As for the match itself, it was solid but they knew they weren’t following the last match and kept this one short and sweet. Daniel got a nice plancha off, Diamante did a few things and then hit a Fisherman Suplex for the win. Solid, unspectacular and just what it needed to be considering what came before it.


Magia Blanca defeated Príncipe Diamante


If not for Coyote and Blanca going nuclear, this would’ve been the best match of the tournament. Alas it just comes up short, though not for a lack of trying. Things kicked off with Príncipe Diamante diving through the ropes for a spear and just kept escalating; we got more Blanca tornillos, a Diamante tope con hilo, almost nonstop back and forth action and Diamante deciding this was the perfect night to throw in a moonsault off the Arena Mexico stage. If only Coyote hadn’t topped him just a few minutes earlier with that tornillo! Blanca may have ultimately come away with the win but this match did a shit ton for Diamante. Hell this block did; he looked more alive during all three of his matches than he had since he won the Bodybuilding Contest a few years back. It’s unfortunate that he won’t be going on, as I expect this will just leave him in the same place as usual. That said, at least we now know what he’s capable of and Magia Blanca has proven he’s as deserving a finalist as anyone, both tonight and over the past few months. He was really strong here, CMLL did a great job at getting that Top Rope Cradle Shock over as a finisher, and I’d anticipate him and Flyer will tear the house down next week. A great way to end a Block that somehow topped Block A and then some. If you had told me that last week I think I would’ve done my best impression of that J. Jonah Jameson gif at least 9,000 times.


Ángel de Oro, Mistico, Niebla Roja defeated Felino, Mr. Niebla, Rey Bucanero two falls to one


I mean…did you really expect this to be much? These six were following the tournament and coming up right before Dragón Lee and Mephisto after all. Of course these guys weren’t going to go all out. The only thing I’m surprised by is the fact CMLL didn’t seem to realize this, giving these teams a lot more time then you’d expect. The result; some decent lucha, a few great Diamante Azul Monkey Flips, one Mistico dive, some Mr. Niebla comedy and a brief Niebla Roja/Felino sequence that made me want to see that singles match. It certainly wasn’t bad and it did its job well if you consider this the cool down match of the night. It just was nowhere close to the high end stuff on this show.


Dragón Lee defeated Mephisto two falls to one


Less than ten seconds into the match Dragón Lee had already leveled Mephisto with a suicide dive. Less than twenty seconds in he had been sent into the crowd and crotched on the barricade. That’s pretty much all you need to know about how this match, this glorious match, went. There were a few lulls in the action but mostly it was full speed ahead, with Mephisto overpowering Dragón Lee through the first two falls before the technico rallied with a Standing Spanish Fly to end the second, leading to an all out back and forth in the third before Lee pulled it out with La Casita. Just another day in the office for Lee and Mephisto, who between this match and the Titán match from earlier this year may as well change his name to Mr. Tuesday Night.


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Like a Tuesday night boss


Here’s the problem; not only was this match not quite on the level of Titán-Mephisto, I’m not sure it was even better than Coyote vs. Magia Blanca earlier in the show! Both of those matches were smoother (there were a few instances where Mephisto and Lee were a bit off in their timing) and both of those matches meant more, with Titán going for the CMLL Welterweight Championship and Blanca and Coyote trying to make the Block B final. That added drama was missing from this match, which in the end was merely a high profile exhibition. That doesn’t always matter as Soberano vs. Cavernario was outstanding without anything on the line, but that match was so good in transcended the exhibition stakes to it. I’m not sure this match quite did that. At the same time, comparing anything to the three matches I just listed is very unfair and just because a match isn’t a classic doesn’t mean it isn’t great. And this match was great, with both guys trying really hard and the crowd being into it all the way. It just fell short of equaling one of the undercard matches is all! Either way it was a great way to close the show and barring a miracle, will go down as the headliner to the best Tuesday show of 2018. There are worse fates.


And with that it’s time to shuffle off to the couch! I’ll see you tomorrow sports fans for some surprise content. What will it be? You’ll have to come see for yourself. Till then, THIS!


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