You may have noticed sports fans but last night’s CMLL show left me a little angry. Alright a lot angry; there are you happy now?! It was enough that I’m officially off the CMLL Puebla beat and there’s a good chance I would’ve asked off the Tuesday show beat if tonight’s edition had been a similar slog. Thank Grodd it wasn’t. This won’t go down as an all time great show for CMLL, but it was mostly solid fun that didn’t annoy me and make me want to toss a TV through my TV. I have many TV’s so this was in fact doable if I chose to do it, in case you’re wondering. Alas we never crossed that bridge, the CMLL Tuesday review will stay in rotation and let’s keep it going by starting this one.



Pequeño Olímpico & Pequeño Violencia defeated Acero & Aéreo two falls to one


It is a sad state of affairs for the CMLL Puebla circuit when this match, THIS MATCH was better than anything that happened on last night’s show. I shit you not. This match was the first 87 minutes of Sunshine compared to the Puebla’s last 20 minutes of Sunshine. There will never come a time when Acero, Pequeño Olímpico and Pequeño Violencia are good, but they at least put forth an effort here, did a few interesting things (like Acero arm dragging Violencia to the floor) and didn’t smell up the joint too much. Throw in Aéreo doing the best he can with his soul depleted and this was refreshing compared to what I saw yesterday. Or maybe it just seems that way because of yesterday. I don’t know! Either way I didn’t hate this so we were off to a good start.


Akuma, Hijo del Signo, Nitro defeated Dick Riviere, Star Jr., Starman two falls to one


Here I was, all set to watch a match featuring Pegasso as the third technico…and then walked out a guy in a Flash costume who looked like the love child of Barry Allen (the second Flash for non comic readers out there) and McLovin. Turns out this dude’s name is Frenchman Dick Riviere, a great porn name and secret identity for a luchadore we’re going to refer to as Le Flash.


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Here’s the best part; Le Flash is good! Real good in fact, at least from what I saw. He’s a tiny dude but he packs a lot of athleticism, energy and overall just seemed like a far more likable version of Johnny Idol. However you want to call it, Le Flash certainly made this match more interesting by throwing out a wild moonsault to the floor in the second fall and just being a ball of electricity. It was more than what the rest of the guys gave us; Star Jr. looked good early but ended up having another botch towards the end of the second fall that hurt his rhythm, Starman was Starman, Akuma got nothing to do and how the hell do you think Hijo del Signo and Nitro did? The only positive I have is that they didn’t reach their worst level, which isn’t much because their best level is season four of Arrow. Not good. In the end though this was all about (at least to me) the debut of Le Flash, and I was impressed enough that I could see him being a good member of the roster if CMLL decides to use him again. Well done Dick Riviere.


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Blue Panther, Blue Panther Jr., The Panther defeated Dragón Rojo Jr., Kawato San, Pólvora two falls to one


First off, it was great to see Dragón Rojo back in action just one day after being in a minor car accident that kept him off the Puebla show. He was missed on that show and showed why tonight with a good performance in a good match. I know; who could’ve guessed a match with the Panthers in it could be good? They didn’t reinvent the wheel or anything but they needed to; it was a simple, really fun match with some good spots and an interesting layout ala most of Blue Panther’s matches. The best spots were two straight successful attempts by the Panthers at putting “The Star” on all three rudos (if you do it on three luchadores instead of two, does that make it a super nova?), Panther pulling out the win after it looked like El General had stolen it with a double stomp on Panther Sr., Junior nailing three crisp backbreakers followed by an amazing chokeslam on Kawato and Panther crushing Kawato on a late match suicide dive. It was just really well worked by all six guys and once again it was nice to see Kawato continue to show improvement (even if his timing on some double teams is still a bit off). A really fun watch.


Lightning Match

Fuego defeated Virus


This match had two problems; it was shorter than Dude, Where’s My Car? and it was simpler than Dude, Where’s My Car?. In fairness it was also better than Dude, Where’s My Car? for those wondering if I’m milking this comparison too much. Fuego was very energetic with everything he did and Virus was Virus, grounding the match when needed and executing everything he did to near perfection. The problem was everything they did was done in a much more exciting way in the previous match, and any hope of them going further ended when Fuego finished Virus off at the 5:50 mark. We get all these ties and this only goes 5:50? Come on CMLL. I don’t want to be too hard because this was vastly better than anything from Monday night, but it was a step down after the last match.


Ephesto, Felino, Luciferno defeated Stuka Jr., Titán, Tritón two falls to one


The bad news; Tritón didn’t come out in The Shape of Tritón outfit.



The good news; this match was the third match but with moonsaults!


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I don’t want to speculate or anything, especially since I’m pretty sure the Puebla show is booked by different peeps than the Arena Mexico stuff, but watching this match it made me wonder if CMLL was so embarrassed by last night’s work that they set out to do a lot better on this show. This was definitely light years superior to anything in Puebla and at worst I’d say was on par with the Panthers match. They had a bit of a lull in the middle of the second fall but things picked up at the end and the third fall was the technicos controlling the action while Ephesto avoided the ring like the plague and Felino and Luciferno based like mad for the technicos. It always pleases me when CMLL allows Felino to do stuff; he’s so good at the little things and he did a great job making Stuka, Titán and Tritón look good throughout this match. Of course they helped themselves by having solid performances, with Titán and Tritón sticking out as expected. The only things I honestly would’ve changed are the finish (Luciferno pinned Titán because who knows?) and the time the match got, which should’ve been a few more minutes and a few more big dives from Titán and Tritón. Otherwise this was a fun, serviceable, good match; basically every other bout on this show!


Atlantis, Valiente, Volador Jr. defeated Euforia, Gran Guerrero, Negro Casas two falls to one


Dammit all; the one week I don’t predict a “let’s wrap this up quick and go grab dinner” finish to a main event and CMLL does it! I see you trying to keep me on my toes Paco. I must admit I’m a bit disappointed CMLL didn’t do anything to set up Valiente/Volador vs. Big Euf/GG here, especially since the two teams worked very well and put together some nice double team moves. I guess it’s just not in the cards right now. That aside this match was fine for the amount of time it lasted, which wasn’t very long at all. As I said the double teams were good from both would be tag teams, Negro Casas was Negro Casas and Atlantis, predictably, wasn’t used a whole lot other than the finish of the match. It’s depressing but probably for the best. I would’ve liked a little more but it was an okay main event and unbelievably a dramatic improvement over UG-Terrible. If you had told me I’d be saying that last week I’d have also assumed LA Park’s CMLL return flamed out and Solo was the greatest Star Wars movie ever made.


And so it ends sports fans. I’ll return tomorrow with the next chapter of the 100 Best Lucha Underground Matches series and we’ll be previewing AAA’s show on Thursday, their last stop before Verano de Escandalo. I don’t know if the show will be fun but the preview will be at least. Till then, we at Lucha Central salute you.


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