After a truly putrid CMLL Puebla show just last night, I put my faith in the Tuesday show delivering the goods in a way the Puebla event didn’t even try. My faith was rewarded! After an opener that left a lot to be desired CMLL just kept on knocking out solid matches; even the dumb semi-main event wasn’t that bad. I mean it wasn’t good either but it didn’t make me want to go to bed and rethink my life. You know; like the Puebla show. Man I’m not going to get over how bad that was for awhile. At least I can attempt to with this review of a much better show though! Play some tunes from the Get Go’s for a truly incredible experience while reading this by the by.



Pequeño Nitro & Pequeño Olímpico defeated Angelito & Acero two falls to one


Grodd bless Angelito; he tried so hard in this match and all it got him was nearly getting launched over the turnbuckle to what would’ve certainly been his untimely demise. I’m not joking either. Acero (unfortunately in for Dragóncito) launched Angelito so far on their Mysterio/Billy Kidman launching rana spot that Angelito almost overshot Pequeño Nitro, then almost got dropped on the floor by Pequeño Nitro! How he pulled it off is beyond me. That was pretty much the high point of the match as everything else, aside from Angelito’s effort, came up lamer then Community Season Four. Último Dragóncito isn’t much but he would’ve given us more than useless Acero, and the rudos were coasting so much that they pretty much won the match by just rolling out of the way of dives. Thrilling. There are worse ways to spend your time I’m sure; I just can’t imagine what they are.


Cancerbero, Nitro, Raziel defeated Magnus, Oro Jr., Príncipe Diamante two falls to one


After I did my preview for this match yesterday, I went on Twitter to promote the column and specifically asked Magnus to do cool shit in this match. And now I have learned the secret to good CMLL matches; request the luchadores to do stuff and they will do it! You have earned this one today Magnus (he earns it every time but still).


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So yeah; this match was a lot of fun! It wasn’t loaded with insane spots or anything, but a) it felt like it could go that way if everyone wanted to (I was actually half expecting Magnus’ big dive at one point) and b) it didn’t need to because the work was overall really smooth aside from Cancerbero proving unable to do a dropkick off the second rope. Big credit goes to the rudos; Cancerbero, Nitro and Raziel were 100% trying and on their game, allowing Magnus, Oro and Diamante to be a little more ambitious than usual. The result was two second fall dives, a killer Magnus Swanton Bomb to end the second fall and a really nice pace to the match. If you’re a fan of things getting crazy then you’ll be disappointed it didn’t quite reach that, but overall I thought this was really well worked and very fun. An honest to Grodd good second match on the Tuesday show. You know what that means;  now I’m going to have to ask Magnus to do cool stuff every time he’s working! If only he could be convinced to set up luchadore profile…RIGHT HERE, ON LUCHACENTRAL.COM!


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Lightning Match

Fuego and The Panther wrestled to a draw


There was a time when I couldn’t remember the last time CMLL did a time limit draw in a Lightning Match. Now they can’t stop doing them; Fuego and Panther have become the fourth pairing to go all ten minutes this year! Maybe Paco’s into time limit draws now or something? Whatever the case, this match benefited and then some from getting the full ten minutes. Like the last match it wasn’t crazy; the biggest spots were a pair of suicide dives from Fuego and Panther earlier in the match. Just like the last match however everything ran smoothly and was really well worked. Both Panther and Fuego are pros and they played their parts perfectly going back and forth, with Fuego at times resorting to his charismatic trickery and both luchadores even holding onto the ropes at points to try and pull it out. I wouldn’t say it was as good as Casas-Soberano or Hechi-Guerrero Maya, but overall this was another really good, easy to watch match.


Dragón Rojo Jr., Pólvora, Templario defeated Audaz, Guerrero Maya Jr., Rey Cometa two falls to one


I think it’s time we brought back the Batman to give his thoughts.



Dear lord baby Jesus this match was spitting hot fire. It was like the two matches that preceded it, only with the crazy turned up to over 9,000 thanks to Audaz and Templario. I don’t want to make it seem like they were the only guys who made this match click because I thought Rojo, Pólvora, Maya and Cometa all did a great job keeping the action moving and making sure things didn’t get too nuts. It was really well done, understated work by those four. But this match belonged to Templario and Audaz. When they were apart they were magic. When they were together they were the sandstorm scene from Mad Max: Fury Road. The energy they worked with, the stuff they did (wheelbarrow hurricanrana’s, tornillos, even simple things like slaps) was absolutely off the charts; it was even better than what Audaz and Virus usually do and I didn’t think that was possible. And the amazing this is they arguably peaked earlier in the match with Templario nailing Cometa with a rana off the apron, only for Audaz to one up him by hitting a DRAGONRANA OFF THE APRON! I’m not kidding; an actual Dragonrana! How can this not be a great match based off that alone? If I’m Rojo and Pólvora, I’m signing Templario to Los Revolucionarios as soon as possible. If I’m Audaz, I keep asking to work with Templario and Virus only. And if I’m CMLL, I keep doing stuff like this. This was fantastic, both thanks to a really solid foundation by four really solid luchadores and tremendous, innovative stuff from two of the best young luchadores CMLL has. Go out of your way to see this one sports fans.


Bestia del Ring, Hechicero, Terrible defeated Ephesto, Luciferno, Máscara Año 2000 two falls to one


It was great to see Hechicero back in the ring again. It was even better to see him in a match that a) didn’t set up Bestia del Ring vs. Máscara Año 2000 and b) didn’t absolutely blow like I thought it was going to. It still wasn’t that good, but that was to be expected considering who else was in it. Overall I thought they did the best they could, they didn’t overstay their welcome and some of the stuff, like everything Hechi did, a few Luciferno spots and even Ephesto’s suicide dive, looked good. I honestly look at this the same way I look at the second match from AAA’s show in Tijuana last weekend. Sure that wasn’t anything to write home about either, but it never had a chance considering the preceding match and just kept it simple. That was this match. I won’t remember it tomorrow, but it was just fine for what it was, which is a substantial improvement over what I expected. Maybe this show just had me in a good mood or something. Who knows?!


Carístico, Valiente, Volador Jr. defeated Euforia, Gran Guerrero, Mephisto two falls to none


When you’re going right you’re going right, and CMLL yet again got it right with the main event. I expected this to be the usual mailed in main event; instead it turned out to be a really fun two fall exhibition for the technicos. All Big Euf, Gran Guerrero and Mephisto did in this match was catch dives, which Carístico, Valiente and Volador were more than happy to dish out in super fun fashion. There were a few dull moments when the rudos took control and sent Carístico to the stage, but once he got launched back in for a hurricanrana it was all pace and all uphill from there. Arena Mexico enjoyed it so much that some fans even threw cash in after! I don’t know if the match was that good and it certainly wasn’t the best match of the night in my view, but like the rest of the show it was a lot of fun and much better than I expected going in. See CMLL; this is what happens when you have your guys try hard on all the shows. A nice showcase for the technicos to close a really fun show.


In the words of Tony Schiavone at the end of Nitro, we’re out of time! Don’t worry sports fans for like MacArthur, I shall return. I’m just not sure if it’ll be tomorrow or Thursday; we’ll see where the wind takes me. Till then, #FreeNeville! Oh, and to any luchadores out there reading this, get your profiles up here on Lucha Central!



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