Just like Donald Trump’s credibility (or whatever was left of it) another episode of CMLL Tuesday has come and gone. The good news is it went a lot better than “wouldn’t” gate has, at least as far as the semi-main event goes. The battle between Sansón and Niebla Roja tonight met expectations and would’ve made the show worth viewing on its merits alone. Luckily the rest of the show wasn’t that bad either outside the first two matches. This is why I prefer the Tuesday show to the Puebla shows; yes the first two matches are both drags but at least CMLL breaks that trend on Tuesday’s whereas Puebla just continues to drag like a Lars von Trier film at Cannes. But enough film references; I’m about to get all analytical in this one. No seriously, I do a lot of break downs compared to usual. You’ll see!


Angelito & Fantasy defeated Pequeño Olímpico & Pequeño Violencia two falls to one


What do you know; a memorable CMLL Tuesday opener. We’ll just ignore the fact that it was for all the wrong reasons! Things frankly would’ve been business as usual if not for a scary second fall botch where Angelito was launched by Fantasy into Pequeño Violencia, perched on the top rope in preparation to take a Super Rana. Unfortunately Fantasy is no Billy Kidman and Violencia couldn’t base for an empty water bottle, so Angelito ended up getting launched too far and Violencia was unable to catch him, leading to Angelito landing on his leg on the ropes, apron and floor as he crashed down. I’ve seen horror films not nearly as scary. To his credit Angelito toughed it out and finished the match (though he was eliminated quicker than he was supposed to be) and CMLL actually improvised well by having Fantasy come from behind to steal a come from behind win. A small token for what was otherwise a ho hum match with a dangerous spot that clearly showed Fantasy and Pequeño Violencia maybe need to both go away for a long ass time.


Cancerbero, Metálico, Sangre Azteca defeated Astral, Eléctrico, Robin two falls to one


I guess Pequeño Violencia inspired Metálico and Sangre Azteca because they were basing almost as poorly as he was in this one. Robin (in for Starman) tried something off the top rope in fall three, only Azteca was so far out of position that Robin’s adjustment couldn’t even reach him. Even more notably was a cool idea for a spot on the floor where Eléctrico went for a complicated arm drag, got the first two thirds of the move right, only for Metálico to not give him his arm on the final part, allowing Eléctrico to go kersplat on the floor.


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It was that kind of match overall sports fans, though nothing as egregious. The technicos all tried, Cancerbero was solid and, in Metálico’s defense, he did seem to be making an effort most of the time. Actually I can’t give that to him because most of the time he was on offense and come on; I’m not giving you anything if you try on offense and then make your opponents look like Sonic 2006. The only saving grace for Metálico was that Azteca was worse. A grand prize for sure. I think I can safely say that Starman was the only winner here because he didn’t get to work this slog. Props to you Starman; props to you.


Audaz, Fuego, Pegasso defeated Disturbio, Tiger, Universo 2000 Jr. two falls to one


I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure this match surpassed the first two matches just by having Audaz make his entrance. Everything after that was dessert, but my goodness was it a nice dessert! There have been flashier matches but these cut a great pace, featured a few dives and benefited greatly from the majesty that is Audaz. He was on fire from the word go and once again showed great chemistry with Universo 2000 Jr., who might be the luckiest man in lucha to have latched on to a talent like Audaz. Meanwhile guys like Disturbio and Fuego kept things grounded, Pegasso tried hard (though he was clearly the weakest link) and I was very happy to see Tiger come out and give a great effort despite his brother Puma’s departure just yesterday. It’s easy to forget but Tiger is an exceptional talent in his own right and he proved it here, especially in a third fall sequence where he got Pegasso to raise his game. Overall this was very strong work. Maybe not quite the match the Panthers had on Tuesday a week or so ago but still a good match.


Ephesto, Luciferno, Templario defeated Black Panther, Blue Panther, Blue Panther Jr. two falls to one


Charles Dickens would’ve loved this match because it was legit the best of times and the worst of times. He’d also be amazed he was being quoted in a lucha libre column. The point is there were moments in this match where things were really good, most of them involving Templario basing for Junior (who looked like a superstar at times during this second fall) or doing his own awesome maneuvers. Unfortunately he and Junior were the only ones who really stood out. Both Black and Blue Panther seemed to have less to do than usual (neither one of them got a dive in) while Ephesto got too much time and Luciferno had an off night. Nothing spelled that out more than Ephesto not rolling correctly on a Junior Sunset Flip attempt and a Luci Clash that somehow turned into Luciferno falling backwards into a pinning predicament (that he subsequently reversed). I’m willing to believe that may have been planned but it sure didn’t seem like it on first glance. In any event, stuff like that canceled out Templario’s great work and Junior’s great work with him, leading an aggressively average match overall.


CMLL World Light Heavyweight Championship

Niebla Roja (c) defeated Sansón two falls to one


I had high expectations for this one sports fans and I was not let down. Alright maybe I was a little let down on that Sansón suicide dive in fall three but we’ll let one move that the ropes screwed up slide. Besides most great things have one or two things you wish they could do away with, like how I keep waiting for a cut of Speed Racer to not feature Spritle and the chimp.


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Go away damn you!


Aside from that though this was excellent! They built up nicely in fall one with Roja getting the submission victory, picked up the pace a bit in fall two as Sansón recovered and my Grodd the third fall was the typical CMLL third fall done to perfection. I guess if you’re a fan of Sansón you can argue they may have overdone it with Niebla Roja kicking out of the Blue Thunder Bomb twice (while getting to the ropes another time) but it’s not like Sansón is hurting for credibility and I thought the kick outs added to the drama (did you think Roja would escape the move twice?) and made Roja look like a beast. Frankly both guys looked like a beast. It was great to see Roja finally launch into his full arsenal after being kept on the trios leash for the last few months, while Sansón was smooth as silk and exploding with charisma. It was pretty much a slightly better version of what Ángel de Oro and Cuatrero have been doing minus the stakes, if only because Roja and Sansón are a little more complete than their impressive brothers. Either way it was great, I want more of it and we should get more of it because these two, Cuatrero and Oro (who were the seconds) almost came to blows afterwards. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to spend the next few minutes before the main event trying to figure out how Niebla Roja went from a hopeless technico just a year ago to a legit star who has great singles bouts almost every time out. So what if they only happen every six months!


Ángel de Oro, Atlantis, Soberano Jr. defeated Cuatrero, Forastero, Rey Bucanero two falls to one


As expected this was your typical “let’s get in, get out, hit Super Astro’s joint for some grub and head home.” Nothing wrong with that considering the semi-main event delivered; I just kind of wish they had switched spots so that borderline masterpiece would’ve closed this show! There were some good parts here, like Soberano somehow fan dangling a springboard headscissors out of nothing (and once again making me wish someone would do him vs. Fenix), Ángel de Oro’s energy and Atlantis looking more confident than usual. But even still this match was one speed; as fast as possible so we can end this as fast as possible. Thus it was an okay main event that none of us will remember in the years to come.


Turn out the lights the party’s over sports fans. I’m off to do something else before sleep, but I’ll be back with popcorn chicken tomorrow, as well as a Lucha Underground review. Unfortunately only I can enjoy the popcorn chicken but hey; those are the breaks. Till next time!


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