It was quite the Tuesday night for CMLL sports fans. We actually got a match that could’ve stood up as good on a Friday show, a match of potential excellence was set up for next week and Mije, the sidekick of Kráneo, nearly met his maker on a move that Forastero and Kráneo will be second guessing for quite a while. Oh and other stuff happened. It wasn’t as interesting. Let’s go through it shall we?!

Mercurio & Pequeño Violencia defeated Aéreo & Acero two falls to one


Sports fans, this match was so dull, so unbelievably lame that not only was I able to keep track of all it’s lameness but I was able to do some last minute booking for my TEW game. That’s how little I missed! I will say that everyone seemed to be trying a bit more than usual; unfortunately two of those guys are still Acero and Pequeño Violencia, one of them has no offense (Mercurio) and then there’s Aéreo, whose soul is dead. Just goes to show that full effort sometimes just isn’t enough. A match I will be happy to forget thirty minutes from now.


Akuma, Inquisidor, Yago defeated Magnus, Retro, Sangre Imperial two falls to one


You know where this is going sports fans. We cannot begin a review for a match without first praising our lord and savior!


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And thanks to Magnus I think Akuma can go home with his head held high this week. Not that this was a great match but it was miles, and I mean MILES, better than the travesty we got last week. I’m almost kind of amazed considering it featured the perpetually struggling Sangre Imperial and the perpetually miscast Retro. Luckily neither guy got in the way and didn’t hurt anyone (Retro was in fact passable at times, even though he remains too big to be what CMLL wants him to be) and that allowed Akuma, Yago, Magnus and even Inquisidor to do a few cool things. And that’s the story of how we got a basic but decent match. Now if only CMLL had put Magnus with two better partners; then we would’ve had a good match! One thing at a time I suppose.


Lightning Match

Pegasso defeated Virus


I didn’t expect to remember this as anything more than a solid, if unspectacular match. Boy was I wrong! The solid and unspectacular stuff did occur, with Pegasso and Virus doing their usual thing for about six minutes before Virus looked to submit Pegasso. And then the weird shit happened. Prior to putting Pegasso in a Scorpion Cross Lock esq hold, Virus had punted the ropes while Pegasso was slightly crotched on them. This happens all the time…and apparently this was the time where Tirantes decided it was supposed to be a DQ.


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I mean…WHAT?! WHAT?! Maybe that move is in fact illegal and I’ve missed it all these years but if that’s the case, where the hell has Tirantes been in calling it? Suddenly that move was a DQ out of the blue and what looked to be a Virus victory is instead a Pegasso one. I guess it doesn’t really matter; neither guy is moving up or down because of this. But my Grodd was this intelligence insulting, the same way it usually is with Tirantes. The man really outdid himself this time though. Wow. For a match that was incredibly average, I’ll probably remember this result for a good long bit. Whether or not that’s because I’ll be using it as evidence in my “Fire Tirantes” piece remains to be seen.


Black Panther, Blue Panther, Blue Panther Jr. defeated Misterioso Jr., Puma, Tiger two falls to one


If I was the vindictive type, I’d be all over the place right now calling out the fools that actually thought this match wouldn’t be good because Misterioso was in it. Instead I’m just bringing it up here; takes the vindictiveness down a full 75% from what the numbers tell me! Anyways, I enjoyed this match greatly! As per usual I’m probably taking this match for granted a tad because the Panthers, Puma and Tiger wrestle each other all the time but this was objectively as strong as many of their efforts, save for a sloppy roll up spot Junior and Puma tried towards the end. Beyond that this was very strong. They got a lot of time, they cut a good pace, all six luchadores were allowed to go through a good portion of their arsenal (leading to a lot of false finishes) and we got some cool shit like the usual Puma/Tiger double teams, two really strong Black Panther suicide dives, Black Panther launching Blue Panther to the floor for a dive and more. And people thought Misterioso was going to ruin this! Granted he didn’t really contribute a whole lot, but by just not screwing up and staying out of the way he helped this match get to a really nice level. So thanks for that Misterioso! And thank you Panthers, Puma and Tiger. It’s yet another match from them that I’d say was, at worst, really good.

Felino, Rey Bucanero, Shocker defeated Audaz, Stuka Jr., Valiente two falls to one


The good news about this match sports fans; poor Flyer was unable to make the show, which isn’t good except for the fact that he was replaced with the slightly superior Audaz. So no loss right? The bad news is Audaz, aside from a few cool sequences in the third fall, had absolutely nothing to do in this match and thus helped it minimally. This is what happens when Shocker and Rey Rey Buc are involved. In defense of both rudos they were trying, as were Stuka and Valiente who combined for the match’s most dangerous spot when Valiente Monkey Flipped Stuka off the apron and onto Bucanero (who could’ve done a slightly better job of catching if I say so myself). There’s just only so much you can get from Rey Rey Buc and Shocker in a scenario like this and as such the match was mostly a drag and a waste of Felino and all three technicos. Perhaps Flyer was the true winner of this after all.


Cuatrero, Forastero, Sansón defeated Ángel de Oro, Kráneo, Niebla Roja two falls to none


Don’t let the result fool you; this match actually got a decent amount of time and was pretty solid when it wasn’t being scary. Alright it wasn’t scary other than the part where Forastero was supposed to throw Mije from the ring and onto Kráneo, only he threw Mije too far and the poor dude face planted on the Arena Mexico floor. Thank Grodd no one watches CMLL because the white knights crusading to “make the game safer!” would be charging CMLL with their torches and pitchforks.


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So yeah; that was bad. Everything else was good for the most part. If given a Friday show to go all out I’m pretty sure these six could deliver the goods, especially since they got as much as they could out of a two fall match. Aside from his botch Forastero looked good, Cuatrero and Ángel de Oro continued to show off their great chemistry and Kráneo…well he did his usual thing. The focus was obviously on Roja and Sansón and based off this week I think we have a lot to look forward to next week. Both guys brought the fire, cut a good pace and seemed to be on the same rhythm overall. We won’t know till next week for sure but I’d be stunned based off these last two weeks if these two can’t have at least a solid match together. So yeah; CMLL got that right. It’ll just be hard to remember that because that Mije bump was tough to watch both times I saw it. My thoughts are with you Mije! Let’s hope your dancing on the entranceway with Kráneo soon enough.


And with that I’m out sports fans. I’ll be back shortly though because there’s an LU episode that needs previewing for tomorrow. Till an hour from now!


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