Earlier today I saw luchablog tweet out that today of all days was the 35th Anniversary of Atlantis’ first ever wrestling match under that name. You wouldn’t know it if you had watched tonight’s CMLL Tuesday show though, one that Atlantis just so happened to be on. Aside from a really strong technico v. technico Lightning Match and a few double teams, this was your general run of the mill Tuesday show. I’ll take it because it beats the Puebla show but even still…it could do with a little more excitement. You know what they say though; there’s always next week and I have another column to do tonight so I can’t dwell. On with the review!



Acero & Aéreo defeated Pequeño Olímpico & Pequeño Violencia two falls to one


I mean…I could go into detail about how dull this match was or I could just post a gif from Scott Pilgrim showing my thoughts as it went on. You know what; the second option is more fun.


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So yeah; this was the usual lifeless opener. Aéreo had a few nice moments at the end thanks to a solid missile dropkick but overall this was a whole lot of nothing and Violencia ripping off LA Park’s theme music. If anyone can inform Park of that immediately, that would be great.


Cancerbero, Hijo del Signo, Raziel defeated Magnus, Príncipe Diamante, Robin two falls to one


Great news sports fans; Arkángel couldn’t be bothered to show up for tonight’s show and thus didn’t take part in this match! A cause for celebration I say. No word on why Arkángel was absent but I have to imagine it’s because he wanted no part of the man, the myth, THE MAGNUS!


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Unfortunately Arkángel’s replacement was Hijo del Signo, an improvement in small doses only. And that was despite the rudo giving an honest effort, which may have to do with CMLL giving him a dive as opposed to the more capable technicos because…because! Beyond that the match was as expected. I thought Cancerbero and Raziel tried a bit more than usual and the technicos were obviously going for it, but aside from Robin everyone looked sloppy, wasn’t given as much time as they should’ve been (Magnus) or only worked with Signo (Magnus). It wasn’t a waste of time but it was still a few hundred miles from Graceland.


Misterioso Jr., Sagrado, Virus defeated Fuego, Oro Jr., Stigma two falls to one


I was actually rubbing my eyes after the first fall because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Synchronized first fall dives by Oro Jr. and Stigma?! For a moment I took it as a good sign…then the rest of the match happened. This match died a death after a fairly decent first fall, with the rudos taking up most of the remaining time and the limited technico offense consisting of sloppy exchanges and one Stigma botch where I’m still not sure what he was going for. There also seemed to be a disturbing lack of Fuego and Virus, who were only the two best guys in this shindig. Oh well; at least Oro Jr. didn’t embarrass himself in a bigger scenario than usual, even if he seemed to have little to do as well. Not since the last Pirates of the Caribbean film has something been this skippable.


Lightning Match

Audaz and Drone wrestled to a Time Limit Draw


Someday someone is going to have to explain to me how CMLL suddenly fell in love with the time limit draw. We had none for like three years and suddenly they’re popping up like Jude Law in every 2006 movie. The good news is this going to a draw gave Audaz and Drone a lot of time and both guys made the most of it. I won’t quite give it a rating of “great” because, while the guys pretty much connected with all their moves, it wasn’t quite as flush as you’d normally get from these two, probably because it was a technico vs. technico bout. That’s a minor quibble though; the pace was great, there was tons of high flying, back and forth action, Audaz once again looked like an absolute superstar and Drone deserves huge credit for realizing the opportunity he had and delivering his best performance since before he partied hard in Japan. In other words it was exactly what it needed to be, which a fun, well worked Lightning Match. Hopefully CMLL keeps giving Audaz these opportunities; like I said he was great in this match and it STILL feels like he has more to give.


Hechicero, Shocker, Templario defeated Blue Panther, Rey Cometa, Stuka Jr. two falls to one


This was an exciting match if you took most of the excitement out of it. Oh and if there was also an unnecessary amount of Shocker. Poor Shocker. The dude was trying but he doesn’t have it anymore; unfortunately CMLL is either unaware or doesn’t care as the rudo got way too much time to work in this match, especially compared to Templario. The youngster still had some good moments but he was very much just a guy in this match as opposed to some of his outstanding performances elsewhere this year. It wasn’t all bad as the Hechicero and Blue Panther sequences were fun and Rey Cometa continues to look a lot more spry ever since he healed from that spinal injury he said was ailing him. Even still this was yet another match that was all sorts of “just kind of there.”


Euforia, Gran Guerrero, Rey Bucanero defeated Ángel de Oro, Atlantis, Rush two falls to none


Two things about this match sports fans. First, that Euforia/Gran Guerrero vs. Valiente/Volador Jr. tag team title match needs to happen yesterday. Not only did Big Euf and the GG break out many of the lovely double teams they showed off last week but they seemed to add even more moves to their arsenal. And they’re all great! I shouldn’t be surprised considering everything Euforia touches seems to turn to gold but my goodness those two are fun to watch when they get some steam. They’re like the New York Knicks if the New York Knicks were completely different then they are.


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Secondly, Atlantis and Rey Rey Buc is going to happen. On the one hand I’m still not excited about this match, especially since the brawling the two did was not much more than a bunch of wild punches. On the other hand this was strangely a night where Atlantis kind of looked like his old self; he was able to take Bucanero’s corkscrew senton and actually did a pretty good hurricanrana roll up that, before tonight, I couldn’t have imagined him ever doing again. It was only two things (the rest was what we’ve come to expect from Atlantis recently) but it was a bit more promising than I’m used to recently. Enough to give me hope for next week? No. Even if Atlantis is slowly finding form Rey Rey Buc is the wrong guy to wrestle and…I just can’t believe Atlantis is going to get the mojo back at this point. I will not get my hopes up you hear?! Thus this match was just of eh outside of Big Euf and the GG doing their thing. An indifferent end to an indifferent show I suppose.


That’s game sports fans. I’ll see you later tonight. What’s going to happen later tonight? You’ll see! Till then, a clue.


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