Happy New Years sports fans! We’ve left that good for nothing 2018 behind and have moved on to the beacon of hope that is 2019. Alright it’s not entirely like that but I needed something to start this CMLL review right? Yes, for those unaware CMLL was running another holiday show today and it was…fine. Actually it was probably better than fine; I enjoyed myself great watching the show, with only the opening match turning out to be a colossal waste of time. Even still there wasn’t anything blow away on the show and the most exciting turn of events was something that probably won’t be followed up on. Classic CMLL! But we can worry about that next Tuesday I suppose. For now let’s focus on the present. TO THE REVIEW MOBILE!



El Coyote & Grako defeated Arkalis & Robin two falls to one


Have you seen an El Coyote/Grako match sports fans? If you have then you missed nothing here; it was the exact same thing we always get from these two. There was decent effort, a few cool spots and not a single noteworthy thing because, as is CMLL’s way, no one is allowed to do anything in the openers anymore. That’s pretty frustrating considering all four of these guys can go when given the chance. It’s apparent they won’t get it in this position (especially Coyote and Grako), which means we can look forward to more “so-so” openers featuring these two teams the rest of 2019.


Amapola, Dalys, Seductora defeated Avispa Dorada, La Jarochita, Lluvia two falls to one


There I was sports fans, stirring the sauce for my homemade macaroni and cheese while wondering a) how CMLL could put on another boring as hell luchadoras match and b) why on earth they had Avispa Dorada, the best worker in the match, tangling with Seductora, the worst worker in the match. We won’t be talking about that though because, for the first time in forever, the climax of this match featured all six luchadoras getting on the dive train.



What a sight to behold sports fans. Dorada, as expected, hit a great tope con hilo. Seductora hit a plancha and did so without turning to dust. Jarochita hit her suicide dive. And then to top it all off Amapola…yes, that Amapola, did a tope suicida that absolutely crushed Jarochita. Somewhere I hope Guerrero Maya Jr. was inspired by it all! I wouldn’t say it was enough to save the match on the whole; the rest of it was the usual fare bookended by Dalys turning into the final boss and wiping out Lluvia for the victory. But the dive sequence was without question something missing from the luchadoras division and if I were CMLL I’d be bringing it back as often as I could. Oh and I’d be using Avispa Dorada as often as I could while not matching her up with Seductora. She’s too good for her. Hell she may be too good for the whole roster!


Mask & Hair vs. Mask & Hair Match

Hijo del Signo & Yago defeated Akuma & Camorra two falls to one

You want proof that miracles exist? Look at this match. I and every other person walking this mortal coil was convinced going into this match that it would be nothing more than the director’s cut of Batman and Robin. Not only did the match not suck in the end…but my Grodd I think it may have actually been good! HIJO DEL SIGNO & YAGO VS. AKUMA & CAMORRA WAS GOOD!



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There were certainly times I didn’t think it would be; after a solid first two falls the first few minutes of fall three were borderline unintentional comedy. Then Akuma hit the second of two very impressive suicide dives he hit in this match and the match swung back around to passable, chaotic fun. In a way it shouldn’t have been as surprising as it was. Seductora proved against Princesa Sugehit last year that a below average luchador(a) can rise up in a big match to deliver a performance beyond their means and that’s what we got here. No one will ever accuse Camorra or Hijo del Signo for good luchadores, but they both tried their asses off and Signo in particular did everything he could think of, including a death bump spot. In the end though the match was all about Akuma; fitting because he was unmasked by the guy CMLL wanted to be a big deal coming out of this bout. Whereas Yago was only kind of, sort of impressive (good Grodd does he need a new finisher) Akuma was a locomotive. This was easily his masterpiece performance, a showcase of a luchador we always knew was good (if underutilized and often unmotivated) throwing everything he had to deliver a memorable performance. He was so good that, in the moment, it felt like it was the wrong call to give Yago the victory over him. I suppose time will tell but for now all we can do is applaud José Luis Florencio Martinez on an outstanding piece of work on the night he lost his mask. Like Psycho Clown against Pagano a few years ago, it was one of those performances that took a match that should’ve had no chance and turned it into a memorable, if not necessarily great, encounter.


El Hijo de LA Park, Kráneo, Volcano defeated El Hijo del Villano III, Felino, Villano IV two falls to one


I must be in a good mood sports fans because this match, despite featuring Volcano and Villano IV without Atlantis to work off, this was just fine. Not great by any means and I have no idea why CMLL brought in Baby Park to do a few arm drags and a dive but like the previous match it could’ve been a lot worse. I’d give a lot of credit to the two juniors. Baby Park may have had nothing to do but he looked good doing it, while Hijo del Villano III looked far more impressive this time out than he did in his first match. He’s still a ways away from the level his older brother is but there was more confidence in his performance today, probably because he wasn’t relegated to supporting status behind Atlantis and his uncle. Hopefully he gets more exciting matches than this one to work with. CMLL got as much out of this bout as possible but we’re not going to find out what Hijo del Villano III can really do till he’s not in matches involving Volcano lumbering about while Kráneo and Felino do comedy.


Dragón Lee, King Phoenix, Penta Zero M defeated Cuatrero, Forastero, Templario two falls to one


I’d have to see this matchup a few more times but this might’ve been the weakest possible version of this match. AND IT WAS STILL REALLY GOOD! The problems here were a) a weak first two falls from Cuatrero (who’s timing seemed to be off a step or two), b) CMLL waiting a tad too long to let it’s All Star technico team loose and c) the post match beat down of Dragón Lee by Pentagon and Fenix overshadowing the action. Even with all that though there’s only so much that can contain a technico team like this. Pentagon and Lee were on from the moment go and Fenix, despite a slip up on an awesome moonsault, worked like he hadn’t just missed a month with an injury. There is no doubt he’ll be getting back to where he left off in no time and CMLL would be wise to match him up with any of these three rudos again to see if they can produce more magic. Of course that may have to wait for whatever CMLL has planned (if anything) for Lee vs. Pentagon/Fenix. The post match beat down (brought on by Lee throwing Pentagon out of the ring during the match) was impeccably done and there’s little to no doubt a Pentagon vs. Dragon Lee, Fenix vs. Dragon Lee or Lucha Brothers vs. Dragon Lee/Rush tag match is money. It’s just a question of whether CMLL will do it. If they do, this post match angle was a strong start to it. It’s just a shame the match was merely very good and not quite the epic encounter we all hoped for.


Carístico defeated Último Guerrero two falls to none


The good news; this match was fun while it lasted. The bad news; it only lasted about seven minutes because Carístico needed to wrap things up fast in order to get to another show.



So yeah; instead of getting another long battle between these two we got the short, short version with both guys trading big moves and cheap pop attempts before the UG ended things with a no look kick to Carístico’s balls. In some ways I think the match may have benefited from that, as a longer match would’ve opened up the possibilities of going down the Volador-UG route. Instead they worked fast, fit a bunch of stuff in at unexpected moments and had a nice thing going; if only they had kept at it. Alas it had to be short so Carístico could talk to the media/get out as fast as he could and thus the match was a fleet, fun but disappointing affair.


That’ll do it sports fans. I’m off to wait for a story to break. And if that doesn’t happen then you won’t see me till Thursday when I preview CMLL. TILL WHICHEVER COMES FIRST!


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