The time has come sports fans. This week’s CMLL Tuesday show is in the books and it’s time to answer this question; will I continue to review the Tuesday show. The answer…is yes and no. What I’ve decided after reviewing tonight’s show, a very uneventful one where the good was outweighed by the who gives a shit, is that I’m going to alternate back and forth between doing previews/reviews for this show and just doing results. For example; if there’s a big match going on or the card looks better than usual, the Tuesday show will be previewed and reviewed. If that’s not the case then it’ll just be results. I feel that is a good system that will keep me from losing my sanity over these shows while still giving you, dear readers, some decent coverage. And no, I will not be doing the same system with Arena Puebla. That show is lost unless LA Park is on it (see last night). But enough about last night, it’s time to get schwifty!


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Hijo del Signo & Metálico defeated Arkalis & Sonic two falls to one


This is why everyone hates the Monday and Tuesday show. You have a match like this with two technicos who are talented and capable of doing cool shit, only instead they’re not allowed to do any of it in favor of endlessly selling for two rudos who should be as far away from a ring as possible. I felt so bad for Arkalis and Sonic watching this. They’re both very good; I’ve seen enough from Sonic the Luchador to know he deserves to be in better situations and I’ve liked what I’ve seen from Arkalis during his first few Arena Mexico appearances. No he hasn’t reinvented the wheel but come on; look at what the dude has to work with! The important thing is he’s trying hard, showing decent ability and would be doing a whole lot better if he wasn’t submitting to guys like Metálico. And now I’m just angrier than before. In case it wasn’t clear, this was a below average match with too much Signo and Metálico and not enough of the technicos. Oh, and Signo doing that Canadian Destroyer again for no reason. NEXT!


Amapola, Reyna Isis, Tiffany defeated La Jarochita, Lluvia, Princesa Sugehit two falls to one


You know…I think I finally figured out the problem with these CMLL luchadoras matches. Besides the general lack of talent from the older luchadoras and the robotic match structure of course! And I don’t mean robotic in a cool, Bender sort of way.


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Sorry; the meme was calling. Anyways, the issue is that the the luchadoras (including these six tonight) are doing all their best stuff too early! The more I’ve thought about it, the more it becomes clear that these luchadoras matches are booked in reverse; they start off hot then cool off and then never are allowed to get hot again. Tonight was no exception. I was impressed with the Reyna Isis-Jarochita sequences to start, Lluvia gets better every time I see her and both Princesa Sugehit and Amapola were decent. Unfortunately after all that the match kind of settled down and never kicked into high gear again. The same thing as always! I guess this is a good thing in a way because I’m no longer convinced that the division is complete shit. Even still CMLL and these luchadoras need to make an adjustment; either they’ve got to start fast, settle it down and then pick it up again before the end, reverse the formula to where they build to a hot conclusion or some combination of both. The way they’re doing it right now just isn’t clicking.


Ángel, El Gallito, Microman defeated Chamuel, Mije, Zacarias two falls to one


I feel like I’m going to be in trouble for what I’m about to say; this was a really forgettable match. I know that’s blasphemous to say about the Micro Stars and all but holy hell did this just feel like most of the non Micro matches I watch. Part of that is because there was a little more brawling in the crowd than usual (Zacarias and Gallito both beat each other up near the announcer’s table at certain points), but part of that was also because not a damn thing happened in this match. The cool basing that Chamuel did a few Friday’s ago was few and far between, and it felt like the rudo’s only time to shine was when he hit a great Swanton Bomb to end fall one. Zacarias danced and did little else. Mije disappeared at times, as did Ángel. Easily the biggest sin of this match though was how Microman didn’t feel like a big deal. He had absolutely nothing to do in this match until near the end of the third fall, save for a springboard elbow attack that started the technico comeback. I’m sure CMLL wants to spread the wealth with these guys (Microman can’t be the only big star in the division after all) but this is the top star of the Micros; he needs more than a few quick sequences here and there! Some of these matches have gotten away with iffy quality because Microman was allowed to steal the show. Tonight he wasn’t and the match was just kind of there. I will now go and duck for cover!


Lightning Match

Rey Cometa defeated Drone


When I saw Drone walk out for this match it occurred to me this was the first time he had been around in quite a bit. By the four minute mark of the match I was ready for him to go away for a long time yet again; by the seven minute mark I had gone full Will Arnett.


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In other words, it took a little bit but Drone does still have it sports fans. I’m not sure I love all his offense (some of his kicks can use some work) but when he needed to he turned it on and his Asai Tornillo late in the match was a reminder that he was a really exciting performer before that FantasticaMania incident happened. You know who else is exciting; Rey Cometa. He didn’t do as much in this one as he did with Puma a few weeks ago but it was still a really strong Cometa performance and it’s wonderful to see him back to his old ways after injuries slowed him up last year. The only issue I had with him was the Canadian Destroyer to finish the match; a 450 would’ve been nice (and would’ve looked better) and that was simply the wrong move to use after Signo put his stink on it earlier in the show. Despite that and Drone’s iffy first few minutes though, this was a good match and easily the best thing on this show. I’m just not sure that was a good thing!


Kráneo, Valiente, Volcano defeated Felino, Hechicero, Pólvora two falls to one


If you ever need a reminder at how good Hechicero is, this is a match to check out. I’ve seen enough of Volcano to know that, while he’s not entirely the drizzling shits, he is very much the subject matter of Alkaline Trio’s classic song “You’ve Got So Far to Go.” That didn’t entirely change when he was in the ring with Hechi tonight, but my Grodd did he look so much better than he has in Puebla. All credit has to go to Hechicero for that; he’s a performer that knows how to get the most out of his opposite number and he did as good a job as anyone making Volcano look like he had something. And it wasn’t just him; Valiente looked a lot spryer going against Hechi as well, and they combined for the best parts of the match. Sadly that’s where the good times ended as Kráneo mostly stuck to comedy while Felino and Pólvora both managed to disappear into the scenery. Definitely not a memorable match, but credit must go to Hechicero for working as well with Volcano as he did. And for Volcano for stepping up too! I don’t know if he’ll ever reach Kráneo levels as a performer, but I at least think there’s a chance now as opposed to the last few times I had seen him.


Gran Guerrero, Rey Bucanero, Shocker defeated Ángel de Oro, Carístico, Niebla Roja two falls to one


Just to hammer home how much of a mixed bag this show was, along came the main event. On the one hand I thought these six gave a decent effort given this was a Tuesday show main event with nothing on the line, and the tease of a Carístico-Gran Guerrero feud was cool because a) that’s in theory a pretty good match and b) it would involve the GG trying to avenge Último Guerrero’s loss to to Carístico just a few weeks ago. The only issue is CMLL didn’t follow up that teasing with a challenge and the match still wasn’t that exciting, meaning the main event was little more than an okay match with a potential feud that led to nowhere. Oh, and it also went really long, ending the show at around 10:50 (about twenty minutes longer then these shows usually go). I point out often how these Tuesday show main events sum up their shows and this was no different. Some things were good, most of it was forgettable and I spent way, WAY too much time trying to figure it all out. No wonder why I’ll be cutting down on these reviews!


There you go sports fans. I’ll see you tomorrow for a review of Lucha Underground’s next episode. Till then!


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