Fine readers of Lucha Central, I have never been happier for two straight days of lucha shows to be done as I am now. The terror has ended! With tonight’s Tuesday show now in the bag CMLL has finally wrapped up a two show stretch that would make a Jessica Alba acting seminar look good. The good news for the Tuesday show is that it was better than yesterday. The bad news is that wasn’t exactly a steep hill to clear and aside from the semi-main event (the only good match from these past few days) and the fact that I saw Zeuxis again for the first time in awhile, this was a show to forget. Grodd willing CMLL is now done with these shitty shows and will be back to trying to do good shows next week, especially since it looks like we’re getting Rush/Kráneo and UG/Stuka on back to back shows. Oops; semi-main event spoilers there sports fans! You’ll see what I mean towards the end of the column. Speaking of, let’s start working our way towards that.




Retro & Sangre Imperial defeated El Cholo & Espíritu Negro two falls to one


This match proves how bad Puebla was last night because it was nowhere near as dreadful as anything from that show. And I expected this to be one of the worst matches of the year! Luckily for CMLL’s (and all of our) sake this was kept very short, very basic and thus didn’t allow Sangre Imperial any chances to a) screw things up or b) severely injure people. Espíritu Negro really appreciates that Imperial. So yeah; I won’t remember this match in about ten minutes, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as I feared and considering who was in this match, I consider that one of the greatest accomplishments CMLL has reached this year. And I’ll go one better; I actually saw a bit from Retro here! He’s still way too 1950’s to succeed as a technico, but I could’ve sworn I saw some flashes from him in this match. I’ll take things I never thought I’d say in 2018 for $200 Alex.


Bengala, Oro Jr. Stigma defeated Arkángel de la Muerte, Príncipe Odin Jr., Yago two falls to one


This! This is what I thought the opener would be; a vicious, life sucking waste of space from which there is no escape from. It was so bad it felt like a show taken from last night’s debacle. The layout of the match made no sense, with Stigma and Arkángel dominating the action because…one guy is the son of a CMLL higher up and the other trains the luchadore(a)s? The action was pitiful; the lone bright spot of the match was a five second sequence between Yago and Oro Jr., who otherwise looked like two dudes working each other for the first time or were stuck doing absolutely nothing. At least they can say they weren’t Bengala and Príncipe Odin Jr., who couldn’t have been more useless if they were Coyote Shivers in Empire Records. The bottom line is this match sucked balls and was exactly what I expected; one of the worst matches of the year in CMLL. Thank Grodd it’s over and we can move on.


Dalys, Metálica, Zeuxis defeated Estrellita, Maligna, Princesa Sugehit two falls to one


Thank Grodd Zeuxis was in this match; otherwise this would’ve been like staring down the final hour of Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four. Excuse me; I mean 20th Century Fox’s butchery of Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four. The man was royally hosed and everyone needs to know dammit!


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Back on target Cult. As I was saying, this was really hard to watch outside of the Queen, who wasn’t given a whole lot to do but looked really good when doing it, especially when she was kneeing Maligna’s face into the front row, brawling with Sugehit or hitting some flush forearms. Everyone else seemed to be going through the motions, wasn’t given nearly enough to do (looking at you Metálica), sucks so bad she shouldn’t be wrestling anymore (looking at you Estrellita) or just…I don’t even know (Maligna). Seriously, I have no idea what to do with Maligna. She seems young so there should be some potential there, but she’s painfully slow, has no confidence…it’s like she should still be training and has been thrown to the wolves. How very Sangre Imperial of her if that’s what CMLL is doing. If I were Paco, I’d take her off the streams for another several months and hope she’s better when she returns. Otherwise get used to more matches like this; a boring waste of space saved from being a catastrophe because Zeuxis is awesome. Now can we get back to giving her big time matches please?


Lightning Match

Pólvora defeated Sagrado


I was all set to use a “called it” gif in regards to this match. But I’m a humble dude and not someone who rubs things in other people’s faces so I’m not going to do that. Aren’t I swell? In any event, this was exactly what I said it would be; not the greatest match in the world but nowhere near as bad as some expected. I loved the effort from both guys and if we were just judging it on that then this would’ve been a super match. Unfortunately the effort was geared towards making this a longer match with a fast pace; ergo something like what Soberano and Negro Casas did the other night. That’s just not the type of match Pólvora and Sagrado should be having with each other; it should be more of a slug fest. We didn’t get that, with Sagrado instead breaking out a few dives that worked (his second suicide dive), a few that didn’t work (his first suicide dive and a Lionsault attempt) and one okay Pólvora crossbody. It was fine, both guys tried hard and it wasn’t close to the eyesore that we’ve seen from some of these shows. It was just the wrong type of match for either guy. Nice going CMLL.


Ephesto, Luciferno, Mephisto defeated Blue Panther Jr., Titán, Tritón two falls to one


Finally! Finally! FINALLY!


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It felt like I had been waiting years to see a match this good again sports fans. Let me be clear; this wasn’t a Match of the Year candidate. Far from it; the best thing I can say is that it was a good match that went several minutes shorter than it should’ve. So what?! Between the last two nights, where almost everything was below average and the stuff that wasn’t was barely passable, something merely being good was more than welcome. These six delivered. I liked the wrinkle at the end of the first fall where Titán did his flip over the ropes, only to get kicked in the gut by Luciferno and Mephisto. I like how Ephesto didn’t have too much to do, outside of his suicide dive. I like how Junior (in for his dad) has become the new “King of the Backbreakers” for CMLL. I loved the chemistry between Titán and Mephisto, which I’m fairly convinced at this point is one of those “once in a lifetime” type deals and that CMLL needs to run that match back endlessly. I loved the feeling of holding my breath while Tritón went for his double jump rana on the ropes before nailing it perfectly. Frankly I just liked watching something that was a professional, decent match. That’s all I ask for and that’s what CMLL had failed to give us these past two nights. Until here. Good job by all six luchadores (yes even you Ephesto). This was a good match and we need more of those.


Carístico, Niebla Roja, Stuka Jr. defeated Mr. Niebla, Shocker, Último Guerrero two falls to one


It was exactly what we thought it was going to be. Mr. Niebla brought the comedy. Shocker brought…whatever Shocker brings. Niebla Roja was criminally underused. Carístico looked good in a few sequences, which was all he got. And everything revolved around Stuka and the UG building to their match next week. The good news is that was very good stuff! I don’t know if it was “throw money into the ring” good like Arena Mexico did, but they hit all the right marks, with UG making Stuka look like a credible threat and Stuka not dong a bad job of pulling that off himself. I was especially happy that they got the finish right, with Stuka getting a clean win off the Stuka Splash instead of a second straight week of UG fouling him. They did everything they needed to do and next week’s match should be a good one. It wasn’t a main event to remember, but it did its job well and on the second straight night of mediocre shows, that’s more than enough for me to treat it well.


We’re done here sports fans. I’ll be back tomorrow with the continuation of the 100 Greatest Lucha Underground Matches series (we’re onto matches 80-61) and I’ll have a ton of previews coming your way, more than likely on Thursday. Till next time, my reaction to finally being done with these shows.


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