One of the easiest aspects of CMLL to mock is how they’re Tuesday show, which is promoted as a show that gives an opportunity to younger luchadores, rarely gives such opportunities to younger luchadores. Well unless you count jobbing to Cancerbero, Raziel, Arkángel de la Muerte, Nitro and Sangre Azteca as great opportunities. That won’t be the case this week as CMLL’s latest Tuesday card looks to be all about the young luchadore. Sure it may not look that way if you look at matches 1, 2, 3 and 5, but the semi-main spot, devoted to the Copa Nuevos Valores tournament, will be exactly that, giving a spotlight to some of CMLL’s most underappreciated talent, little seen talent or not seen at all talent. It’s all part of a three week plan that should give the luchadore who bests Block A, B and then their opponent the right to move up the card and maybe have a shot at bigger things. And I’m the guy who will now get to break the whole thing down for you. So without any further gilding of the lily and with no more ado, let’s start this party…with the matches that aren’t as interesting. Hey, you take what you can and give nothing back, amirite?




Bengala & Sensei vs. Apocalipsis & Inquisidor


What to Expect: The good news; “Not Rey” Apocalipsis and Inquisidor weren’t awful last week. The bad news; that means they’re booked on this show again, where the chances are they’ll revert back to their usual, mediocre selves. It doesn’t help either that Bengala is joining them again, accompanied by the Used Future Rey Samuray because CMLL doesn’t want to bring the actual Rey Samuray to Mexico City.


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So yeah; avoid this match. Even if “Not Rey” Apocalipsis and Inquisidor aren’t bad again this week, they’re still working with a dude who checked out years ago and another dude who will do a brief rope twirl, throw some terrible kicks and make you wonder, much like Kevin Costner, how he keeps getting work. Flyer & Robin vs. Akuma & Templario this match will not be.


Winners: When in doubt, go with the rudos. They win in three falls that feel much longer than they’ll actually be.


Angelito, Shockercito, Stukita vs. Pequeño Olímpico, Pequeño Violencia, Pierrothito


What to Expect: I could’ve sworn this match was a lot worse off when I first saw the lineup for this show last week. Then again perhaps I’m thinking about last week’s Mini-Estrellas match that was…you know let’s not relive it. I can’t say I’m tool sold on this match altogether due to the presence of Olímpico and Violencia, two luchadores who only seem to put effort into how much they can suck in a given match. That said their teammate Pierrothito is the most consistent Mini-Estrella rudo now that Demus 3:16 has escaped from CMLL and the technico team is at worst very good. I’m sure it’ll just top out at “pretty average” but that’s at least better than last week when it was just Aéreo and the hope for the sweet release of death. It also contains one of my favorite ongoing CMLL story arcs; will I finally be impressed with Angelito? Every time I’m about to watch a match featuring him I think it’ll go well cause he’s good; then he’s just kind of there and I’m left with the same expression I make every time someone tells me Finn Balor is a “great” worker.


Winners: This match is close enough to call and I’m just that indifferent towards it that we’re gonna break out the Canadian Dollar to decide it. Heads technicos, moose rudos…AND IT’S MOOSE! The rudos win in three falls.


Kaho Kobayashi, Lady Maravilla, Marcela vs. Amapola, Dalys, Tiffany


What to Expect: You’ve gotta love CMLL; of all the luchadoras matches they’ve had recently, this is the one they decide to omit Zeuxis from. Not the hopeless matches held down by Seductora, La Comandante or Tiffany, oh no! It has to be this match, the one where Zeuxis replacing Tiffany suddenly turns this match into a potential must watch. Only the sharpest minds of CMLL could pull this off.


The sharpest minds of CMLL and Edgar! Thank you Rob Viper for finding this eons ago

The lack of the Queen in this match bugs me so much that I can’t even get excited for the good stuff it contains. There are three consistently good luchadoras here in Amapola, Dalys and Marcela. There’s Kaho Kobayashi, who I get the sense would give a full effort even if she was forced to wrestle “Not Rey” Apocalipsis in a one hour iron match. And I haven’t even mentioned that LADY MARAVILLA (swoons) is back to steal my heart yet again with her awesomeness. That’s all working in this match’s favor and it’ll mean didly squat because Tiffany is going to be around, spending way much time in the ring and bogging this match down with lucha libre no one should want to see. Le sigh. Maybe this will end up surprising me and I’ll still be watching because Maravilla is a superstar in the making, but I fear this match will end with me wishing even more that Zeuxis was around. Granted that’s pretty much every match for me, but it’ll be even stronger this time.

Winners: Feels like a good time for a technica victory. I say Maravilla and co take it in three, with Kobayashi and Maravilla getting the pins on Amapola and Tiffany because it’s good to put over your young, exciting talent. Speaking of young exciting talent…

CMLL Copa Nuevos Valores, Block A

Astral vs. Flyer vs. George Kebrada vs. Grako vs. Retro vs. Sangre Imperial vs. Super Astro Jr. vs. Yago

What to Expect: It’s the reason you’re all going to be watching this show! For the first time in eons, CMLL is treating a show supposedly about showcasing young talent by showcasing young talent.


Image result for Madness bridge on the river kwai gif

For those who’ve been behind, this CMLL tournament is basically a sequel to last year’s Copa Junior tournament that ended with Soberano and Sansón putting on a great match that ended up rocketing both into the upper midcard/main event scene. The only difference this time around is a) the name and b) the blocks will be decided by a single elimination matches instead of a cibernetico. Perhaps we lose a bit of quality in that but it’s a chance to get a look at some underappreciated talent and some new faces. Like Block A for example; I’ve never heard of George Kebrada prior to the announcement of this competition and the only reason I know Super Astro Jr. is because he’s the son of lucha legend turned tortilla king Super Astro. This will be the first extended look anyone has had at either guy and their unknown skill level gives this Block a mixed feeling of excitement and fear. The rest of the talent is at least somewhat known to me; Sangre Imperial and Retro are both clumsy goofs, Grako is a solid if little seen rudo, Yago is a budding base with a great sense of the theatrical and Astral and Flyer are easily the two dudes most likely to wow. I’m not entirely sold on whether Block A will be as good as Block B next week, especially with Audaz and Templario waiting on that side. But I love Flyer, I like most of the talent involved in this and, provided Imperial and Retro are booted early while Kebrada and Astro Jr. show promise, I could see this featuring a lot of short yet fun matches. If nothing else, it’ll be refreshing to see some up and coming luchadores take on each other instead of getting stuck in there with the Grumpy Old Luchadore brigade.

Winner: Unless Super Astro Jr. is a prodigy that CMLL is gunning to push immediately, there are only two guys here with a shot; Astral and Flyer. Astral is stuck consistently in the no man’s land spot that is jobbing to Cancerbero and Raziel. Flyer, while not breaking out beyond the second match of any CMLL show, has become more visible in recent months due to his association with Volador and improved performance; he also just had a few sequences with Templario on Friday that felt like a preview to a bigger match down the road. Put it all together and he feels like the guy. So I’ll say Flyer is the last of the eight standing tomorrow, with a victory over Yago securing him a slot in the finals two weeks from now.

Diamante Azul, Dragón Lee, Soberano Jr. vs. Ephesto, Mephisto, Mr. Niebla

What to Expect: Look at CMLL giving us two straight weeks of main events that pale in comparison to what comes before them. In fairness, last week’s trios main event was pretty good despite following Soberano-Cavernario, and this match has all the pieces (including Soberano himself) to be a pretty fun time! Then again I just cannot see CMLL giving this that much time, especially since the Copa Nuevos Valores Block is likely going long. Look for this to be short with a few fun moments, an Ephesto suicide dive and Mr. Niebla being somewhat funny. Hopefully he brings the afro.

Winners: Everyone goes home happy after Azul, Lee and Soberano take it home in three quick falls, with Lee pinning Mephisto to seal the deal.

That’s game sports fans. See you tonight for the CMLL Puebla review. Till then, THIS!



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