Tomorrow, three films that are good enough to have a great bad movie marathon with by the way. In any event there’s not a lot to do, so that gives me time to write. That’s a good thing because there’s another CMLL Tuesday show tomorrow to preview and it is (Mike Francesca voice) yoooge. Not only is there some promising undercard matches, but we have the finals of the Copa Nuevos Valores tournament between Flyer and Magia Blanca, a huge match that could do wonders for both guys…or send them cratering like Ben Affleck after he said “Gigli? Great idea!” So which will it be? You’ve got four matches to read through to find out. Let’s begin!




Acero & Aéreo vs. Pequeño Universo & Pequeño Violencia


What to Expect: The same thing we expect every time these four luchadores work together Pinky; TERRIBLE LUCHA LIBRE! I suppose there’s always a first time for everything OH MY GRODD WHAT AM I DOING?! Look this match is going to blow. Universo and Violencia are as useful a warm, ten day old flat bottle of Sunkist, Acero’s whole career is the “MEDIOCRE!” scene in Mad Max: Fury Road and all of that is just too much for Aéreo, who I maintain is secretly pretty good, to overcome. Don’t be like me; skip this and offer your condolences later.


Winners: When in doubt, go with the rudos. They take it in three falls.


Eléctrico, Magnus, Robin vs. Cancerbero, Metálico, Raziel


What to Expect: You know its coming sports fans!


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My excitement over Magnus aside, this match is…weird. It’s yet another instance of Magnus and Robin not teaming with stable mate Flyer, only this time CMLL has a good excuse for it (see the semi-main for more details!). And while Astral was lucky enough to get away, poor Eléctrico is stuck yet again working Cancerbero and Raziel. It’s like the lucha libre equivalent of the Chris Nolan Batman and Joker; they’re just destined to do this forever. Hopefully this is one of the cases where it comes out the good end of the spectrum. I have no hope for Metálico, who at this point is an entrance and nothing else, but I like all three technicos and if Cancerbero and Raziel want to try they can make something of this match. Will they? That is the question. If nothing else we’ll see some huge effort from Magnus and Robin considering their buddy’s big match later, and from there it’ll be up to whether the rudos are in a giving mood.


Winners: I’d normally say the technicos have no chance in a match like this…until I remember that Eléctrico was on a team last week that beat Nitro in a match that wasn’t terrible. Was that a onetime thing or is CMLL actually learning? What am I saying; it was a fluke. The rudos win this one in three falls, with both Magnus and Robin getting pinned because of course Flyer’s pals have to lose on his big night. At least the two will now have time in recovery to decide which one of them will be Flyer’s second later on.


Audaz, Star Jr., Super Astro Jr. vs. Disturbio, Universo 2000 Jr., Virus


What to Expect: CMLL goes from a match with some hope to one with a shit ton of hope! Other than Universo 2000 Jr., who has been steadily improving in recent weeks, I see no weaknesses in this match. The technicos range from very good to excellent; in fact they’re almost scary good considering how brilliant Audaz is, so much show that he overshadows his two heavily talented partners. They could probably carry any match by themselves; luckily they won’t have to this time because Disturbio compliments all three guys well and you know CMLL is just dying to have Audaz and Virus throw out at least three impeccable sequences in this match. I can’t see this not being at least a good match. The question will be what we get from Universo Jr. This is his biggest test to date and it’ll be interesting to see just how far he has come in a match with luchadores who can actually do stuff.


Winners: Could go either way, so let’s break out the Canadian Dollar. Heads technicos, moose rudos…and its moose! The rudos win in three falls after Virus counters the Audaz arm breaker into some sort of roll up.


Drone, Esfinge, Tritón vs. Kawato San, Okumura, Sagrado


What to Expect: And the inexplicable partnership between Tritón and Esfinge continues. Seriously, why does Tritón keep Esfinge around? The poor dude is out there busting his ass and delivering spectacular performance after spectacular performance in almost every match he’s in…and then there’s Esfinge missing kicks, shaking his ass and doing moves that Volador does in his sleep. You deserve better Tritón! Perhaps there’s a way you and Titán can work things out and be partners again? It’s not like he’s doing that much right now either.


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Anyways, this match overall looks like a mixed bag. My criticisms of Esfinge aside, he’s at least a competent third wheel on a technico team and that’s what he is here behind Drone and Tritón; the three of them together should produce something worthwhile. I just don’t know about the rudo team outside of Sagrado, who you know will have a couple of great sequences with Tritón. Kawato looks better every time I see him, but he’s still relatively hit or miss and Okumura’s consistent state of average, while great in a match where he’s teaming with dynamic talent, doesn’t look to be as much of a plus here as it was in his match Friday night. I want to be more excited about this match then I am, but I just get the feeling this is going to top out as an okay match with great spots rather than a really good match with great spots. Eh what does it matter; as long as Tritón does something rad we can all go home happy.


Winners: I’m definitely feeling a technico victory in this one. Team Tritón picks up the W after Tritón puts Sagrado to sleep with an awesome 450.


Copa Nuevos Valores Final

Flyer vs. Magia Blanca


What to Expect: There will be bigger, more anticipated CMLL matches in 2018. That said I’m not sure there will be a match more important or interesting, especially when it comes to how this match plays out. You know the story by now; CMLL has spent the past two weeks running a sixteen man Copa Nuevos Valores tournament, with Flyer coming out of Block A and Magia Blanca coming out of Block B. Both blocks were highly enjoyable (I personally thought last week’s Block was better, though apparently I’m very much alone in that thought) and this match, featuring two of CMLL’s more underrated youngsters, has a shot to be the same. And that’s not all; the winner of this match is at least guaranteed a shot for something bigger, with a match against either Mephisto for the CMLL World Welterweight Championship or Soberano for the Mexican National Welterweight Championship.



All sounds good right? NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND! There are some legit concerns going into this match, never mind the fact that this is a technico vs. technico match between two dudes who wrestle very similar styles. I think the world of Flyer; he seems to be a great dude, he’s long been one of CMLL’s most underrated performers and recently he’s played a big part (along with Audaz and Templario) in revitalizing the CMLL opening match spot. He’s also never, and I mean never, been in a match bigger than this; that’s a lot of pressure on him and, while I believe he’ll step up, you have to question how he’ll handle it. The same goes for Blanca and then some. There was a long stretch where many of us weren’t sure if Blanca was any good; he’s since quelled that, but he’s also had a tendency to come up small in matches (he had a wildly inconsistent Friday a little less than a month ago) and he’s already taken criticism from folks for using the Top Rope Cradle Shock for his finisher in every match last week. Was that harsh? Absolutely; only in CMLL could fans criticize a guy for making his finisher strong while praising every other instance of it outside of Mexico. Fair or not though it’s a critique that’s not going anywhere and it’s going to be one of the many things that linger over this match like a Cranberries song.


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So I guess that leaves just one question left to ask; how will it all go? I wish I could give a good answer. I personally believe this match will be good. I like Blanca and love Flyer as performers, I thought they both did very well in their respective Blocks and they both have the potential to deliver something special. I also know they’ll be motivated to do so considering how much last year’s Copa Junior final helped turn Soberano and Sansón from likeable midcarders into stars; I’m not saying that’ll happen here but it certainly can’t be discounted. It all comes down to whether a) these two are a good match for each other and b) both guys keeping things as smooth as possible. That’s what makes this so interesting, exciting and terrifying. It’s a gigantic match that could make both guys if they do great or could break both guys if they do badly. No pressure though! Whatever happens, know that I’ll be watching every second of this match rooting like hell for both guys to deliver something special and (hopefully) Canadian Destroyer free. I hope you’ll be doing the same.


Winner: Flyer. I may be unsure of how good the match will be but I’m certain that Flyer will be the winner. He’s got the family pedigree, he’s been booked stronger most recently…frankly he’s just the better luchadore of the two anyway. It’s CMLL so nothing is ever what it seems, but I can’t see any way this doesn’t end with Flyer netting the biggest victory of his career and an even bigger match a week from now. He wins in three falls, finishing Blanca off with the running Code Red, which needs a new name. I vote for Aterrizaje Forzoso; Crash Landing.


Carístico, Dragón Lee, Soberano Jr. vs. Euforia, Gran Guerrero, Rey Bucanero


What to Expect: It’s a Tuesday main event following a huge singles match in the semi-main event; what the hell do you think is going to happen? What a shame because this match actually looks good even with Rey Rey Buc bringing up the rear, and it features (as of this writing) a potential throw down between the father-son combo of Euforia and Soberano! Of course CMLL doesn’t appear to do family quarrels so one of them will likely be removed, and this match will become even more of a “let’s get in, get out, hit up Super Astro’s place after the show” kind of match. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s just the way things are gonna go.


Winners: Unless something is being set up I see the technicos winning in three quick falls, with Soberano getting the pin. I have a hunch he’ll be the champion Flyer or Blanca challenges next week so it makes sense for him to be strong. Of course that means he’ll be pinned in both falls one and three now but hey…no wait, there is no redeeming quality of that potential result. And yes I only brought it up to try and reverse jinx it.


And scene. I’m off to enjoy the fine New Jersey weather sports fans, but I’ll see you later tonight for CMLL in Puebla. Till then, #FreeNeville.


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