With tonight’s Tuesday show, CMLL set out to do something they’ve been claiming the Tuesday show has long done but in fact hasn’t; given the spotlight to the young luchadore. What a great decision! The show was largely a one tournament show but it was a good tournament, as Block A of the Copa Nuevos Valores turned out to be really fun with several good matches and a few breakout performances. Oh, and the right winner! All eyes will now to turn to next week to see how CMLL will follow things up with Block B. But let’s not think about the future just yet when we have tonight to relive! Let’s get on that and pretend there’s some classic Rage Against the Machine in the background.




Bengala & Oro Jr. defeated Apocalipsis & Inquisidor two falls to one


Praise be sports fans; Used Future Rey Samuray (Sensei) evidently got lost on his way to Arena Mexico and was replaced with Oro Jr. In the words of that terrible Beyonce song, upgrade! And that’s despite the fact that Oro Jr. was wearing the wrong pants. He could’ve worn Valiente’s speedo for all I care because he gave this match a much needed jolt. It still needed a lot more excitement to be good and if Inquisidor had mistimed one more move I would’ve had no choice but to declare he learned wrestling from watching Hogan-Warrior, Halloween Havoc 1998. But even with his clumsiness, the match had a nice pace to it, “Not Rey” Apocalipsis was actually watchable and Oro Jr.’s presence seemed to somehow energize Bengala. He was actually trying! The last time that happened was…oh wait, NEVER! So props to Oro Jr. for that, having a solid performance himself and for introducing the cutter out of the wheelbarrow double team move. Good stuff. It would’ve been better if he had added a dive, but I’ll take this match being average instead of painfully dull.


Angelito, Shockercito, Último Dragóncito defeated Pequeño Olímpico, Pequeño Violencia, Pierrothito two falls to one


The best part of this match was a moment in the first fall where Pierrothito and Último Dragóncito (in for Shockercito) were running the ropes and Dragóncito looked more alive than he had since that random match where he did the Guerrero Maya dive. In other words, it’s been a long ass time. Aside from that and Stukita doing the no look plancha in the third fall, this was your basic, solid yet unspectacular minis match. The work was smooth (except for Violencia), the pace was good (except for Violencia)…pretty much everyone but Violencia did well; the problem was they didn’t really have anything of interest to do outside of the usual greatest hits and thus the match never got to a point where it was interesting. At least I now know what the fuss over Angelito is about; he was very good even doing basic lucha and he was one direct hit on his moonsault away from having a perfect match. Too bad he’ll never get a great opportunity to strut his stuff.


Amapola, Dalys, Tiffany defeated Kaho Kobayashi, La Vaquerita, Marcela two falls to one


At first this match had me like…



Then I saw Lady Maravilla had been replaced with La Vaquerita and I was all…


Image result for why are you doing this to me gif


Like what the hell was up with that? Did Maravilla get stuck in the same conundrum that kept Shockercito and Sensei from showing? Did someone backstage decide “you know, this match needs more Vaquerita and less Maravilla?” Whatever it was it did not help this match. There were a few good moments, mostly involving Kaho Kobayashi bumping for the rudos or delivering her usual fast and fun style of offense. But other than that it was the usual Marcela/Dalys sequences, Amapola getting too little to do and way, WAY too much of Tiffany and Vaquerita. And if that’s not bad enough, we sometimes got them together! Way to put slow and slower together CMLL. I’m sure the match wouldn’t have been that much better with Maravilla in the long run, but at least she would’ve given Amapola and Dalys one other talented technica to work with. With her out and Vaquerita in this looked hopeless and it wound up hopeless.


Super Astro Jr. defeated Astral


I think it says quite a bit about CMLL’s confidence in Super Astro Jr. (or at least their love for his father) that they not only gave him the W here but put him against Astral, easily the second best guy in this whole Block. They were rewarded with that belief with a very solid match; I thought Astral did a great job of carrying the action while also giving Astro Jr. the chances to look good. It didn’t hurt either that Astro Jr. did all his spots correctly and looked to be far more advanced than guys like Retro and Sangre Imperial have in several outings. It was short obviously, but I thought this was a good start to the proceedings.


Yago defeated Retro


This was quicker that Stewie Griffin in the sack. There was a Belly to Belly by Retro off the top rope, some strike exchanges, a few headbutts and then Yago submitting Retro with a cool pretzel to get the win. I’m not complaining; Retro shouldn’t be going any longer than a few minutes and Yago definitely was the guy who needed to move on. All in all, the right call.


Flyer defeated Grako


You’re not going to believe this…but this was the best match of the first round!


Related image


It was also as one sided a beat down as a one sided beat down can get. Grako owned poor Flyer throughout most of this match; he hit him with dives, all sorts of strikes, big moves, he even had Mije attack Flyer! In the end though Flyer got in a dive and a top rope Spanish Fly and what do you know, that was more than enough. It wasn’t earth shattering, but I liked the story of Flyer having to battle back, Grako looked good and Flyer’s big moves were as great as expected. Mission accomplished with this match.


Sangre Imperial defeated George Kebrada


I was left disappointed in this match…mostly because the wrong guy won! As it turns out this George Kebrada dude is super good; he unleashed a nice walk rope Swanton to the floor early on, showed great athleticism throughout and pretty much came off as a really strong rudo. Naturally that meant he had to lose to Sangre Imperial, who wasn’t bad if only because Kebrada controlled most of the match. Lame! At least it didn’t last long and we got a glimpse of Kebrada, who CMLL is hopefully going to use more of because WHOA! He’s got something sports fans.


Yago defeated Super Astro Jr.


If I wasn’t sold on Super Astro Jr. prior to this match, I was certainly sold afterwards! The kid is for real sports fans. He was fully unleashed in this match and looked like the spitting image of his father at times with some great dives and fantastic energy. Huge credit must go to Yago for both giving him the confidence to try the moves and for basing him as perfectly as one could do. I can’t even be mad at the result for that reason alone; Astro Jr. obviously is the name, but Yago is the one who held this match together and he deserved to move on just a tad more. Very good match. Yes I’ve been saying that a lot in this tournament to this point.


Flyer defeated Sangre Imperial


This was somehow even shorter than Sangre Imperial’s last match. It was also easily the best match of his career; Flyer did a hell of a job basing for the youngster and even got Imperial to do a slingshot splash to the floor! If that’s not the most ambitious move he’s ever done I don’t know what is. In the end, it was the right result again with Flyer winning, it didn’t go too long and oh my, the finals of the block are starting already!


Flyer defeated Yago


First allow me to say HUZZAH!


Image result for huzzah


Sorry; had to celebrate my buddy Flyer’s victory! I wish we could be celebrating it after a smooth, perfect match but we didn’t quite get there thanks to an ambitious Yago poison rana that instead nearly led to both him and Flyer leaving this mortal coil. I like the idea, I like the effort; I may have had Flyer attempting that move instead of Yago is all. Besides that though this was a match closing in on great. Flyer was pretty damn good and his moonsault spot was breathtaking in how he and Yago were able to put it together. And don’t sell Yago short either; he was once again exceptional in basing, he saved a spot early in the match by catching an off balance Flyer rana and turning it into a barricade slam and he even showed off his hops. If they had just hit the big spot this match would’ve been an exceptional Block final. Instead it was just a really, really good Block final with the right guy winning in Flyer. Good job by CMLL getting it right on that front; now hopefully they get it right next week, give us another Flyer-Yago match sometime soon so they can nail it perfectly and, most importantly, more Super Astro Jr. and George Kebrada. Those guys are pretty damn excellent!


Ephesto, Mephisto, Mr. Niebla defeated Diamante Azul, Dragón Lee, Soberano Jr. two falls to none


So unlike last week, this match was in fact the “let’s get in and get out quick to make our reservation.” In fact it was so fast that I think it might’ve been shorter than a few of the Copa Nuevo Valores matches. As a result there wasn’t much to see; Soberano and Diamante Azul got a few things in but they mostly spent the match getting beat down by Ephesto and Niebla, who seemed to have left their timing at home. It didn’t really matter as the focus was on Dragón Lee and Mephisto, who I guess will be having a singles match soon. I have no idea when that will be (next week? The Copa Nuevo Valores finals?) but that is at least something to look forward to. I just wish they had started it off hotter tonight because this match was too quick and too cold coming off a semi-hot Block A to be anything noteworthy. There’s always next week though!


Turn out the lights the party’s over. That’s all for me sports fans, but you’ll see me Thursday with not one, not two but THREE preview columns for three lucha libre shows happening on Friday. I may watch them if the previews don’t kill me first. Till then, a look at LA Park wiping Blue Demon Jr. off the face of the earth!



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