Tonight’s CMLL Tuesday show from Arena Mexico was one of those that looked good on paper. Sadly shows don’t happen on paper, and in the end this show turned out to be only a little bit better than the usual ho hum Tuesday show we get. There wasn’t anything bad and the advertised main event went as well as expected given how CMLL booked it. But if you were expecting anything beyond what we got tonight, you likely left this show more disappointed than I was after the last season of Castle. If you missed all this fun, here’s what happened.


Leono & Retro defeated Inquisidor & Yago two falls to one.


Fantasy, Shockercito, Último Dragóncito defeated Pequeño Nitro, Pequeño Violencia, Pierrothito two falls to one after Shockercito pinned Pierrothito with a roll up. This felt like it had more energy than usual from the mini-estrellas but it was still missing a little extra to make it truly a good watch. It also needed someone other than Pequeño Violencia, who was better than almost every other time I’ve seen him but was still mediocre. Despite that there was definitely a different effort from the technicos, they just didn’t get to throw it into anything other simple moves. A few dives and I think they could’ve made this good.


Cancerbero, Raziel, Virus defeated Drone, Fuego, Star Jr. two falls to one after Cancerbero and Raziel submitted Drone and Star Jr. with a great double submission. This was another match that would’ve benefited a ton if the guys were able to cut loose more. They weren’t and thus this match was only decent. Los Cancerberos del Infiernos had a good time together, with Cancerbero and Raziel giving a good effort and Star Jr., as he’s been wont to do recently, looked tremendous. Really there were no bad performances to be found, there just wasn’t any excitement to go with the work.


Black Panther, Blue Panther Jr., Guerrero Maya Jr. defeated Misterioso Jr., Sagrado, Tiger two falls to one after Black Panther pinned Misterioso with a second rope dropkick and Maya pinned Sagrado with a  Springboard Back Elbow. Yet another match that was okay and featured absolutely nothing else to take it to the next level. It’s as if all the agents told the luchadores “go out there, have a solid match but don’t do anything to make it great” before the show. If they did the luchadores listened because that’s what’s been happening. In fairness to the technicos here, the rudos didn’t really give them anything, with Tiger being the only one who showed up while the Misterioso and Sagrado disappeared for long stretches. Then again the technicos weren’t great either, with the Panthers and Maya only doing solid versions of their top notch work.


Cuatrero, Forastero, Sansón defeated Audaz, Soberano Jr., Stuka Jr. two falls to one after Cuatrero pinned Stuka Jr. after the Dinamitas Monkey Flip. Yet another match that wasn’t as good as it could’ve been…but was still good anyway because of the two teams involved. At this point the Dinamitas and this group of technicos could have a solid outing in their sleep and this was pretty much that. Audaz, Soberano and Stuka didn’t do as much as usual but were still fun to watch, while the Dinamitas were the standouts, throwing out a few new moves to go along with their strong output of offense. Not great but definitely a good match for what it was.


Volador Jr. defeated Cavernario two falls to none after Volador faked a foul in fall two to steal the victory. A very rudo like move for the technico Volador…but then again he is drifting towards the rudo side these days anyway. This was a good match, but it was more set up for a rematch than it was an attempt to replicate some of their classics. Even still these two together are incapable of putting something below average with more than ten minutes to work with, and some of the sequences here, including a series of roll ups, were quite good. Cavernario challenged Volador after the match as well so the full match appears to be something we’ll get next week.

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