Tonight’s CMLL Tuesday show was better than both the Nacion Lucha Libre press conference and yesterday’s CMLL Puebla show. Of course that’s like saying Turok PS3 is better than Superman 64; low praise. If you missed it all booking IWRG in TEW, here’s what you missed.


Pequeño Olímpico & Pequeño Violencia defeated Angelito & Kaligua two falls to one after Olímpico pinned Kaligua after blocking a moonsault and Violencia submitted Angelito with a reverse Figure Four. A hum drum opener. Angelito and Kaligua are good luchadores, but they were given absolutely nothing to do in this match while Olímpico and Violencia dragged everything down with their slow, plodding offense.


Cancerbero, Espíritu Negro, Raziel defeated Oro Jr., Robin, Super Astro Jr. two falls to one after Cancerbero and Raziel submitted Robin and Astro Jr. with a double submission. This match was uneventful…until the final couple minutes, when Oro Jr. went nuts with his hurricanrana to the floor spot, followed by a top rope moonsault. No one was watching and fans will continue to go on thinking Oro Jr. isn’t good! Other than that sequence this was the rudos largely controlling the pace, with Robin, Oro and Astro Jr. having little to do.


Virus defeated Drone in a Lightning Match at the 7:51 mark after pinning Drone with a with a Vertebreaker. This match had some really good moments, but will end up being remembered for a moment where Drone went for a Split Legged Moonsault, completely missed, and then acted like he hit Virus and made the cover anyway. I laughed, I laughed and then I laughed some more. Take that away and the match was solid, with Virus having another strong performance.


Dalys, Reyna Isis, Tiffany defeated La Jarochita, Marcela, Sanely two falls to one after Dalys submitted Marcela with a submission from the Razor’s Edge position. Don’t ask me. I missed most of this match having a phone conversation with my mother. From what I did see of this match, I made the right decision. Can Kaho Kobayashi come back already?


Ephesto, Hechicero, Mephisto defeated Atlantis, Audaz, Kráneo two falls to one after Ephesto pinned Kráneo following a Hechicero running knee and Ephesto pinned Audaz after Hechicero reverse Monkey Flipped Audaz into a Mephisto put. Ever the opportunist that Ephesto! This was a solid match. Audaz was his usual really good self and worked well with Hechicero, whose presence helped make the Infiernos more interesting than they had been in awhile. Kráneo and Atlantis added very little.


Bestia del Ring, Forastero, Terrible defeated Soberano Jr., Stuka Jr. Titán two falls to one after Bestia pinned Soberano with the Cuerno Driver and Terrible pinned Stuka with a powerbomb. Solid, unspectacular match that inexplicably ended with Soberano getting pinned by Bestia del Ring. What do he and his family have on CMLL? Till that point things were fine, with the technicos having some good moments. Good to have Titán back. Whatever plans for Forastero to have a singles match are on hold with Diamante Azul out.