Tonight’s CMLL Tuesday show did a rare thing; it didn’t quite reach the heights of yesterday’s Puebla show. Wild huh? I blame Caristico vs. Volador Jr. being really good last night. If you missed tonight’s show because you were reliving that, here’s what you missed.


Mercurio & Pierrothito defeated Aéreo & Acero two falls to one after Acero was eliminated via injury and Pierrothito submitted Aéreo. Acero appeared to hurt his leg on a Lionsault attempt in fall two but it’s unclear; in any event the poor guy leaving actually improved the match, as his performance up to that point had been so-so. Once he was gone the rudos and Aéreo improvised the latter half of the match, and instead of going right to the finish allowed the underrated Aéreo to get some cool moves in to look impressive. Very professional work from all three. Definitely not a match that’ll be remembered in the long run though.


Pegasso, Stigma, Super Astro Jr. defeated Cancerbero, Metálico, Raziel two falls to one after Pegasso pinned Raziel with a 450. Or at least most of one as poor Pegasso landed on his knees a bit. Solid match overall, propped up because Super Astro Jr. is the win, the whole win AND NOTHNG BUT THE WIN! Great performance by him here, capped off by an excellent suicide dive on Metálico. Everyone else was not quite as good as him, though the technicos did alright and the rudos were, for once, on their best behavior.


Sagrado, Tiger, Universo 2000 Jr. defeated Black Panther, Blue Panther Jr., Tritón two falls to one after Sagrado pinned Black Panther after blocking a Lionsault and Universo pinned Junior with a Double Knee Drop. This was an uneventful match for the first fall and a half and a highly entertaining match the rest of the way. The end of the third fall was especially active, with six dives pulled off between Tritón, Tiger and the Panthers in a two minute span. Really good stuff. Tritón looked the best of everyone, with Tiger (Tritón’s primary dance partner) not far behind. Both Panthers worked well. Sagrado and Universo 2000 Jr. didn’t suck, which was all that was required of them.


Audaz defeated Misterioso Jr. in a Lightning Match at the 4:49 mark after Misterioso unmasked Audaz for the DQ. It’s possible this was the start of an angle, though I’m guessing not considering Misterioso does this sort of thing all the time. Match was too short to be anything of substance, but we did at least get a few cool Audaz dives along the way. He’s very good! Misterioso Jr. is, unfortunately, not so good. Such is life.


Flyer, Stuka Jr., Titán defeated Ephesto, Luciferno, Mephisto two falls to one after Stuka pinned Ephesto with the Stuka Splash and Titán submitted Luciferno with a Leg Lock. Decent match, though not something you have to go out of your way to say. As luchablog said recently, it’s a coin flip with Flyer; tonight it landed on heads, with Flyer delivering a solid performance. Stuka was meanwhile decent, Titán had a good final night before heading to Japan and the rudos didn’t screw anything up. You can’t ask for much more from CMLL in this situation. Well I guess you could, but you’ll be left disappointed after!


Ángel de Oro, Carístico, Niebla Roja defeated Bestia del Ring, Euforia, Terrible two falls to one after Roja pinned Bestia and Carístico submitted Euforia with La Mistica. Uneventful match compared to the last few Carístico, Oro and Roja have had. All three had some moments but had no one to work with aside from Euforia (and Terrible every once in awhile) and more or less took it easy. If this match is remembered tomorrow I’ll be shocked.