There was a moment tonight where it looked like this CMLL Tuesday show could be a borderline great one. After all, the undercard had surprisingly delivered and the main event of this show looked promising. Alas that promise was not quite fulfilled and instead this Tuesday show was just kind of good. Still better than yesterday in Puebla though. If you missed tonight, here were the happenings.


Inquisidor & Yago defeated Bengala & Sonic the Luchador two falls to one after Yago submitted Sonic and Inquisidor pinned Bengala with a Backcracker. This was yet another strong performance from Sonic the Luchador. I’m not sure if it was better than what he gave us last week but he was working his ass off again and had some really nice moments with Yago, who also looked good in his first appearance in awhile. Sadly they were stuck with Bengala and Inquisidor, who were just kind of there.


Aguila Blanca, Magia Blanca, Oro Jr. defeated Akuma, Dick Riviere, Nitro two falls to one after Aguila pinned Nitro with a 450 Splash. Augila Blanca and Dick Riviere are both French wrestlers who work for Association Les Professionnels Du Catch, though Riviere worked a Tuesday show for CMLL last year. This was likely to be the best second match you’ll see on a Tuesday show this year, largely because of Aguila and Riviere. The latter had a really strong night while Aguila came off as a star, almost like a French Soberano. He was incredibly athletic, had a few cool dives and his 450 looked great. CMLL clearly loved him too if they had him go over Nitro. Everyone else was really solid too; Oro Jr. had a good night, Magia Blanca and Akuma had some really good sequences together and Nitro didn’t get in the way. This is worth checking out, especially to see Aguila Blanca.


Drone, Fuego, Star Jr. defeated Sagrado, Tiger, Universo 2000 Jr. two falls to none after Sagrado was DQ’d for “fouling” Drone. I use quotations because Sagrado actually missed his low blow on Drone, but Pompin called for the bell anyway because of course he did. Lame finish aside this was yet another fun match. Star Jr. and Sagrado worked together several times and once again delivered, with Star Jr. having another strong night with another WOW dive. Everyone else was right there with them, with Drone and Fuego both looking energized (as well as showing off good chemistry with Star Jr. on a nice triple team sequence), Universo 2000 Jr. looks to be improving nicely and Tiger was his usual self. A little too short to be must see but a strong match none the less.


Hechicero, Pólvora, Vangellys defeated Audaz, Blue Panther, Guerrero Maya Jr. two falls to one after Vangellys pinned Maya with a Spear and Pólvora pinned Audaz with a top rope Pólvora Driver. The wrong team most definitely won this match but otherwise this was pretty solid, though not quite on the level of the last two matches. Audaz was exceptional as always, even without the best bases to work with (CMLL inexplicably gave him and Hechicero nothing to do together). Meanwhile Panther, Hechicero and Maya all had moments, while Vangellys didn’t actively suck and Pólvora was fine. The match was unique in that it felt like a Blue Panther bout in how it avoided the usual tropes, but it didn’t quite have the excitement of the bouts that came before it.


Atlantis, Flyer, Kráneo defeated Bestia del Ring, Felino, Templario two falls to one after Atlantis pinned Bestia with a hurricanrana roll up. Easily the most forgettable match on this show. Flyer and Templario had some nice moments but they were few and far between, while everyone else was all sorts of just kind of there. Nothing to see with this one sports fans.


Rush defeated Ángel de Oro two falls to one after Rush pinned Oro with a Rush Driver. This was one of those situations where both guys tried hard to make this good and just didn’t have the chemistry together to make it work. Thus it’s hard to say how much this should be held against them and how much it’s just bad luck. Even with the chemistry issues Rush still came across as a star and also much improved; he’s definitely added moves to his arsenal since going to ROH and probably has a few killer matches in CMLL with the right opponent going forward. This just wasn’t it, despite his and Oro’s best efforts.