Tonight CMLL continued a tradition unlike any other; the Tuesday show besting the Puebla show. With Winston from New Girl in attendance, CMLL delivered a Tuesday show that wasn’t just passable but legitimately good, with two very good to possibly great matches, good performances from younger luchadores and a strong set up to next week. I don’t even regret passing up playing Sonic the Hedgehog to watch this show now! If you missed this show because you were doing that though, here’s what happened.


Leono & Sonic the Luchador defeated El Coyote & Grako two falls to one after Sonic pinned Grako with a Cradle. Not just any Cradle mind you; he jumped from the ramp and into the ring to roll Grako up for the win! It was that kind of night for Sonic, who was excellent in this match given the restrictions. We had the cool pinfall, some great arm drag variations and an overall great effort. Sonic the Luchador is the real deal! Sadly Leono is the exact opposite and needs to go away again. Coyote and Grako based decently.


Halcón Suriano Jr., Magia Blanca, Oro Jr. defeated Disturbio, Hijo del Signo, Sangre Azteca two falls to one after Oro rolled up Disturbio. Mediocre match, mostly because everyone on the rudo side (save Disturbio) was lifeless. All three technicos looked good at times, especially Halcón Suriano; they just didn’t have the opponents to put it all together.


Star Jr. and Sagrado wrestled to a time limit draw in their Lightning Match. Sagrado had a chance to pin Star Jr. after blocking a moonsault but time expired; Sagrado then attacked Star Jr. after the match. Three years ago this would’ve been one of the best Lightning Matches of the year. Frankly this may still have been one of the best Lightning Matches of the year, though I’d need to see it again to be sure. There were a few spots, like a Star Jr. moonsault that nearly went disastrously for him and a Sagrado hair pulling spot that went nowhere, that didn’t quite hit. A lot of it did though and when it hit it was spectacular. This was one of the best Star Jr.’s performances in recent memory; he left everything out there and delivered a stage dive and two of the most spectacular tornillos in recent memory (including one from the ring onto the ramp). Sagrado isn’t what he once was, a big reason this match suffered, but he was serviceable, which was all he needed to be. I don’t know how good this was but it’s definitely worth seeking out for Star Jr.’s effort.


Audaz, Blue Panther, Guerrero Maya Jr. defeated Pólvora, Tiger, Universo 2000 Jr. two falls to one after Maya pinned Universo 2000 Jr. with a powerbomb and Maya (again) pinned Pólvora with a roll up after Blue Panther rolled him out of a Pólvora roll up. I’m not sure how good the last match was, but I can safely say this match was quite good! Audaz was tremendous in this match; he broke out the Brillo Dorada at the end of fall three and spent the rest of the match doing run of the mill stuff like revolutionary dodges and Dragonrana’s with Universo. It’s like he saw how Hijo del Vikingo did this past Sunday and needed to best him. Both Blue Panther and Maya were good, Tiger was tremendous and both Pólvora and Universo had better nights than they usually do. Another match you should make time for.


Flyer, Kráneo, Rey Cometa defeated Hechicero, Mephisto, Rey Bucanero two falls to one after Flyer pinned Bucanero with a Hurricanrana roll up and Cometa pinned Hechicero with a Yoshitonic. What a disappointment. I mean I didn’t expect this match to be good but it had enough good people in it to make the match respectable. Instead nothing of note happened at all, other than Mije hanging out with fans after the match. A complete waste of time.


Bestia del Ring, Rush, Terrible defeated Ángel de Oro, Atlantis, Niebla Roja two falls to none after Rush faked a foul to get Oro DQ’d. Oro challenged Rush to a match next week, leading to a post match brawl that saw Atlantis take a peso to the back of the head while Rush and Oro slipped and fell in the seats. Outstanding comedy. Match was pretty much a set up for next week, which is fine because Oro vs. Rush should be a lot of fun.