Breaking news sports fans; tonight’s CMLL Tuesday show was quite lame, with the exception of one match. Fortunately we all expected this development and planned accordingly. If you missed the show because you were enjoying the Knicks getting screwed or Golden State-Portland, Game 1, here’s what you missed.


El Coyote & Grako defeated Arkalis & Halcón Suriano Jr. two falls to one after Coyote pinned Suriano with a Top Rope Butterfly Suplex and Grako pinned Arkalis with a Powerbomb. Okay opener, though I was distracted by the madness of the NBA Draft lottery. Halcón Suriano continues to be very strong when given the opportunity. Coyote and Grako were alright. Arkalis existed.


Metálico, Nitro, Sangre Azteca defeated Eléctrico, Retro, Super Astro Jr. two falls to one after Azteca pinned Retro with a Dropkick and Nitro pinned Astro with a Piledriver. Super Astro Jr. looked to be hurt after the Piledriver, but it could’ve been selling. The match was lame, and not just because Metálico is teasing a technico turn no one asked for. When the match wasn’t boring it was sloppy, and when it wasn’t sloppy it was boring. A snooze fest all around.


Disturbio, Kawato San, Sagrado defeated Fuego, Pegasso, Stigma two falls to one after Disturbio and Sagrado pinned Pegasso and Stigma with two of the weakest standing elbow/knee drops you’ve ever seen. The effort was high in this match but the execution wasn’t there, as the end of the match clearly revealed. Fuego was easily the best guy in this match, while Kawato had a night where he slid out of the ring the wrong way, messing up a spot. Kyrie Irving doesn’t need a change of scenery as bad as Kawato does.


Guerrero Maya Jr. defeated Templario in a Lightning Match at the 7:31 mark, pinning Templario with a roll up. This was a good match that was borderline…until some slight issues with the finish (Templario’s shoulder kept popping up) held it down just a tad. Besides that though there was fun to be had. Maya broke out the senton suicida for the first time in awhile (he didn’t reach the stands sadly) and was overall smooth, while Templario, as per usual, had moves for days. I also liked the story they told of Templario hitting Maya with everything and Maya surviving it all to pull out the surprise win at the end. If they had hit the finish a tad smoother this would’ve been really good. Alas it was just good. What a crime!


Audaz, Flyer, Kráneo defeated Mr. Niebla, Rey Bucanero, Shocker two falls to one after Kráneo pinned Niebla with a Hip Drop. Of all the matches that have existed, this was one of them. Kráneo and Niebla had some decent comedy moments between them, but otherwise this was an uphill battle featuring Audaz and Flyer trying to make things work with Rey Rey Buc and Shocker. Stunningly it didn’t quite come together.


Bestia del Ring, Rush, Terrible defeated Ángel de Oro, Atlantis, Niebla Roja two falls to none after Terrible pinned Oro following a foul. At least I think it was Oro; it may have been Roja. The match was all over the place (and somehow dull at the same time) so it was hard to keep track. This was basically your typical Los Ingobernables match, with lots of heat segments, a few hope spots and me not giving a care. Rush cut a promo after the match, then the Ingobernables attacked the technicos…so I guess maybe something will come out of it? I guess we’ll find out next week. Or never. Forget it Cult, it’s CMLL.