CMLL was on tonight, because it was Tuesday. They had one good match, because Tiger and Audaz were involved. Everything else was a distant third behind Jimmy Havoc joining AEW. Good shit. If you missed CMLL celebrating that news, here’s what occurred.


Apocalipsis & Inquisidor defeated Bengala & Sangre Imperial two falls to one after Inquisidor submitted Bengala with a Reverse Figure Four Lock and Apocalipsis submitted Imperial. I spent this entire match wondering how my life led to this very point. The good news is it was somehow not as bad as I expected it to be at least. Still bad though.


Amapola, Dalys, Metálica defeated Kaho Kobayashi, La Jarochita, Lluvia two falls to none after Dalys pinned Lluvia with a Swing Bottom. Yes this was actually two falls, unless I missed something. Match was a bit better than usual; it’s always great to see Kaho (who clicked far better with Dalys than she did on Friday) and there was some nice work early from Jarochita and Metálica. Still not enough to be good, and I was desperately hoping for a Kaho/Metálica sequence we didn’t get. Maybe next time.


Fuego, Guerrero Maya Jr., Stigma defeated Cancerbero, Raziel, Sagrado two falls to one after Maya rolled up Sagrado for the pin. If you were hoping moving up a slot would motivate Cancerbero and Raziel…I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news! Match was okay otherwise, though kind of sloppy and with little excitement. Stigma almost died on his tope con giro because of course he did.


Audaz defeated Tiger in a Lightning Match at the 7:03 mark. The finish came after Audaz pinned Tiger with a Running Code Red. A ridiculously good Lightning Match! We knew Audaz would be up for it, meaning the only question was whether or not Tiger would bring his A game. He did, delivering his best performance in recent memory while basing like a mad man for Audaz’ excellent offense. This is worth checking out if you have the time.


Blue Panther, Flyer, Titán defeated Ephesto, Luciferno, Vangellys two falls to one after Panther submitted Ephesto. Pretty good actually! This was the typical Panther match where things were different than usual and it ended up freshening things up. Titán and Flyer were both good, and it was nice to see Flyer back healthy after his scare the other night. Blue Panther and Ephesto worked very well together. Luciferno and Vangellys were just there.