We’re keeping this intro short sports fans; DTU’s Aniversario is on now and I want to review that show in addition to this one. Thus, if you missed anything from tonight’s CMLL Tuesday Show, here’s what happened.


Kaligua & Último Dragóncito defeated Pequeño Olímpico & Pequeño Universo two falls to one after Kaligua pinned Universo following a Vader Bomb and Dragóncito submitted Olímpico. The usual mediocre opener to start the Tuesday show. Dragóncito was actually moving better than usual and Kaligua is an actual talent. They just had next to nothing to work with in the form of the slow moving Olímpico/Universo team.


Akuma & Camorra defeated Hijo del Signo & Yago two falls to none after Yago pulled off Akuma’s mask for the DQ. Grodd bless these four; they’re trying so hard and no one outside of Mexico gives a single, solitary shit. And it still wasn’t that good anyway! At least we should be getting this match (whatever it is) next week so we can then move on with our lives.


Audaz, Drone, Rey Cometa defeated Disturbio, Nitro, Sagrado two falls to one after Cometa pinned Sagrado after a Lo Mein Pain (Split Legged Spanish Fly off the top). An enjoyable romp other than the hysterical Canadian Destroyer Nitro pulled off at the end of fall two. The rudos were otherwise well behaved and Audaz, Drone and Cometa were great, especially Audaz. You could put that man in front of twelve people in front of a Pizzeria Unos and he’d deliver something memorable, like the double jump springboard arm drag he pulled off in this match.


Misterioso Jr. defeated Guerrero Maya Jr. in a Lightning Match. The finish came near the 7:30 mark after Misterioso pinned Maya following a Gory Bomb. As okay a match as you can get. Maya tried (though he didn’t unleash his full arsenal) but with Misterioso only in first gear the match never really got going after a near 3 minute mat sequence.


Atlantis, Flyer, Stuka Jr. defeated Luciferno, Máscara Año 2000, Mephisto two falls to one after Atlantis pinned Mephisto with a Hurricanrana Roll Up. Another nothing match. Flyer and Stuka had moments but the rudos seemed to treat Flyer with zero respect and the match was otherwise just a slog. You can always tell how good a rudo team is by what Atlantis is able to do; he did nothing here.


Gran Guerrero, Templario, Último Guerrero defeated Ángel de Oro, Niebla Roja, Soberano Jr. two falls to one after Guerrero pinned Oro and Templario pinned Roja. Really good match, easily the highlight of the show. Both teams tried really hard and while they left some bullets in the gun the action was overall very smooth and well paced. Templario already looks like a natural with the Guerreros.