Tonight I bore witness to a CMLL Tuesday show that was a whole lot of fun. I know I probably say that every time one of these shows happens but that’s probably because it happens so infrequently! Whatever the case, this show rock and rolled. There was of course some filler because it’s CMLL and they can’t help themselves, but there were three matches on this show that you’ll legitimately enjoy if you check them out, with one offering a promising glimpse towards the future and the other and another just delivering two really strong performances from an unexpected pairing. If you missed this all doing Grodd knows what else, here’s what happened.


Angelito & Fantasy defeated Pequeño Olímpico & Pequeño Universo two falls to one after Angelito pinned Universo with a Guillotine Moonsault and Fantasy submitted Olímpico with a Reverse Figure Four. This was a match everyone involved would like to forget. Or as Pequeño’s Olímpico and Universo call it, every match. They were terrifyingly bad here, screwing up several Angelito moves. Fortunately for them Angelito was having an off night as well, but I can understand that given how dire his spot in the promotion is. Why he just won’t go join Mamba in AAA is beyond me. Fantasy was on this match too by the way, not that anyone noticed.


Eléctrico, Oro Jr., Super Astro Jr. defeated Grako, Inquisidor, Príncipe Odin Jr. two falls to one after Oro Jr. pinned Grako with a Moonsault off the top. A surprisingly fun match, especially from the end of fall two one. Eléctrico, Oro Jr. and Super Astro Jr. turned out to be a delightful trio, with each guy bringing a different yet equally exciting moment or two to the match. Eléctrico in particular was trying a whole lot of things, the most impressive being him turning a Grako toss to the ramp into a hurricanrana on Inquisidor. Perhaps that match with Virus a few months ago gave him the confidence he needed! The rudos didn’t have the flash the technicos did and at times were a bit choppy, but they based well overall (especially Inquisidor) and most importantly allowed the technicos to do their thing. You’ll have a good time if you check this one out.


Nitro defeated Magia Blanca in a Lightning Match at the 7:11 mark after pinning Blanca with a Piledriver. We should all get a free Big Gulp from 711 because of the time this match ended at! This was actually going better than I expected…until Nitro crushed Blanca with a senton off the apron, which hobbled Blanca enough that they had to go to the finish early. Nitro and nearly injuring guys; name a more iconic duo! Even when things go right (and Nitro and Blanca were both trying more than usual) they go wrong when Nitro is involved.


Blue Panther, Kráneo, Volcano defeated Felino, Hechicero, Okumura two falls to one after Kráneo pinned Hechicero with a Hip Attack and Volcano pinned Okumura with a Big Splash. This match was a whole lot of nothing. I seem to recall Blue Panther occasionally spicing things up, Kráneo doing comedy, Hechicero being neutered and Volcano seemingly being on the verge of botching several spots. Beyond that I didn’t give one solitary crap about what was going on. What a waste of Blue Panther and a surprisingly not terrible rudo squad.


Stuka Jr. defeated Rey Bucanero two falls to one after pinning Bucanero with a Stuka Splash to retain the NWA World Historic Light Heavyweight Championship. This match was an unexpected thrill ride and a half, especially once they got to the third fall. We had a Stuka moonsault off the stage, Stuka Jr. eating boots to the face on a moonsault attempt to the floor, Rey Bucanero missing a senton attempt on the apron ala PCO/Joey Janela, two more crazy Stuka moonsaults, some wild near falls and that’s just the stuff I can remember! I absolutely loved this match. I don’t know if it’s something that will appeal to everyone but given my expectations and the fact that Rey Bucanero is legit hanging on by a thread this was incredible, with both guys just leaving everything out there to make this great. I believe they succeeded. Give this a watch if you get the chance.


Mistico, Star Jr., Titán defeated Mephisto, Templario, Terrible two falls to none after Templario unmasked Star Jr. for the DQ. This could’ve easily been a match where these six did a few spots and went home and instead it wound up being a really tight, well paced, super fun two fall main event. Things finally went 100% right for Star Jr. in a big spot; his main dance partner (Templario) matched his effort, Mephisto and Terrible worked hard to make him look good and all of Star Jr.’s moves came together. It wasn’t as strong as the Sansón performance given how great he did with everything else going wrong, but it was his sharpest performance yet and hopefully CMLL follows up on the feud with Templario to give us a must see singles match. Everyone else here was really strong too, with Mistico giving a surprisingly strong effort, Mephisto and Terrible basing well and Titán being a welcome spark plug on his first night back after returning from Japan. A very fun close to the show.

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