Tomorrow is the CMLL Bodybuilding Contest sports fans. I bring this up because it will be a highly entertaining event, unlike this CMLL Tuesday show I just watched. Much like the Puebla show that came before it this show was a drag. Unlike the Puebla show there was effort on here this show, it was just canceled out by poor planning and poor booking on CMLL’s part. Hence why I say, once again, thank Grodd for the Bodybuilding Contest tomorrow. If you missed this show preparing for tomorrow’s extravaganza (and my running diary of the event), here’s what you missed!


Fantasy & Último Dragóncito defeated Pequeño Universo & Pierrothito two falls to one.


Akuma, Disturbio, Hijo del Signo defeated Halcón Suriano Jr., Sangre Imperial, Sonic the Luchador two falls to one after Akuma pinned Suriano after powerbombing Sonic into him and Signo submitted Sonic. There were occasionally some good moments from this match from Suriano and Sonic (in for Super Astro Jr.), but Sangre Imperial predictably added nothing and Disturbio was the only rudo who cam anywhere close to average. An uneventful snooze.


Espíritu Negro and Príncipe Diamante were both disqualified at the 5:05 mark of a Lightning Match when Diamante pulled off Negro’s mask as Negro fouled him. Yes that was the ending, yes it was as bad as it sounds and yes it hurt this match, which was actually going pretty well. Both Diamante and Negro, two luchadores who generally don’t get these shots, were working this match like they may never get the opportunity again and through five minutes had something going. Espíritu Negro in particular looked really good, both at basing and showing off some surprising hopes. Unfortunately they didn’t get more time to put together a truly good match and the finish was so lame it brought the match down a ton. The only good news is it appears we’re heading towards a mask match between the two so perhaps they will get a shot to have a good match.


Black Panther, Blue Panther Jr., Guerrero Maya Jr. defeated Dark Magic, Okumura, Tiger two falls to one after Black Panther pinned Magic with a second rope Shotgun Dropkick and Maya pinned Okumura with Sacrificio Maya. These six were trying to have a really good match and instead only had an aggressively average one. A big reason why is Dark Magic. The guy is trying so he can at least say that, but some of the stuff he was doing in this match was mind boggling. The way he sold things were questionable, his positioning sucked, his timing really sucked and at times he didn’t even seem confident enough to determine a position to make a pin. He was really bad and I’m not sure there’s much hope for him at this point. In his defense, no one else was blowing the house down here either, with Tiger and Black Panther perhaps coming the closest (while still being a ways off). The effort was here, the talent just wasn’t.


Ephesto, Kawato San, Luciferno defeated Audaz, Dulce Gardenia, Rey Cometa two falls to one after Ephesto pinned Audaz with a Shoulder Breaker and Luciferno pinned Cometa with a Double Underhook Shoulder Breaker. This was a solid match but holy shit the ending was once again quite lame. CMLL followed up last week’s interactions between Kawato and Dulce Gardenia with more of the same tonight, only to suddenly leave them on the floor at the end so Ephesto and Luciferno could get the win out of nowhere. Okay then. I have no idea what CMLL was thinking in that instance. Till that point the match, while not the most exciting, was well worked, with Dulce, Audaz and Kawato having good nights.


Atlantis Jr., Carístico, Mistico defeated Euforia, Mephisto, Rey Bucanero two falls to none after Euforia unmasked Carístico for the DQ. Given that Carístico made a challenge afterwards it appears that Euforia will have two straight singles matches next week. I’m not complaining; Euforia is the best and deserves more shots, even if I do wish it was against fresher competition. The match was largely building towards that match and thus didn’t have much else, although it was nice to see Atlantis Jr. in there with main event talent and doing decent work.

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