I missed CMLL Puebla last night on account of a) me making a long drive from Rhode Island to Maryland and b) me wanting to unwind by GCW’s Curtain Call. Never fear though; I’ll have some thoughts on the show tomorrow before I go to AEW’s Wednesday Night Dynamite debut, and I was around tonight to check out CMLL’s Tuesday show. The good news coming out of this show is that you’d never know anything was seriously wrong with CMLL after all their weekend controversy. The bad news is the show was the same old mediocre Tuesday effort with a few decent moments. If you missed it all wondering why Smackdown wasn’t on tonight, here’s what you missed.


Bengala & Leono defeated Apocalipsis & El Cholo two falls to one.


Dalys, La Infernal, Tiffany defeated La Guerrera, La Maligna, Lluvia two falls to one after Tiffany submitted Guerrera and Dalys submitted Maligna with a Sharpshooter. The Dalys show rolled on here in another middling CMLL luchadoras match.


Drone, Fuego, Pegasso defeated Misterioso Jr., Sagrado, Tiger two falls to one after Drone pinned Tiger with a Corner Bala Knee Strike. This was much better than I expected and a good match by Tuesday standards. The effort level, save for Misterioso, was much higher than usual. Fuego looked pretty good, Sagrado did a lot better job than he has recently and Pegasso, while shaky, was respectable. Drone and Tiger got a lot of time together and were both the standouts, and Tiger continues to be someone who could be valuable should CMLL actually lose a ton of people.


Virus defeated Audaz in a Lightning Match at the 8:58 mark when Virus submitted Audaz with a super cool submission. Very good match, but surprisingly this match was more about Virus than Audaz. The technico had a few impressive moments, but also at times felt less like a super special talent and more like just another midcard technico. It allowed for Virus to steal the show, and he did with some really smooth work, some great submissions and perfect timing. Yet another strong performance for the veteran in what has turned into a really good year for him.


Atlantis, Kráneo, Volcano defeated Felino, Hechicero, Rey Bucanero two falls to one after Volcano pinned Bucanero with a Handspring Splash and Kráneo pinned Hechicero with a Big Splash. This was a nothing match despite Hechicero’s best efforts to spruce it up. He worked far better with Kráneo and Volcano than most and even got Atlantis to do one spot; sadly he was teaming with Bucanero (lifeless) and Felino (who did so little I forgot he was even in the match), who offered nothing to this match. The technicos were meanwhile mediocre when not with Hechicero, and Atlantis continues to be someone who shouldn’t be wrestling in these spots, but somehow is.


Forastero, Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas defeated Carístico, Diamante Azul, Soberano Jr. two falls to none after Forastero pinned Carístico with a Small Package following an unmasking. The rare two fall main event that did its job really well, aside from Diamante Azul being sloppy as hell. Negro Casas had some nice moments, Mr. Niebla was entertaining, Soberano did a dive and the Carístico-Forastero feuds were good, especially towards the end. They are indeed setting that match up for next week, which will be an interesting test for Forastero after his mixed performances in singles matches the last few years.

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