With a ton of their top talent over in Japan for the FantasticaMania tour, CMLL set out to counteract that this Tuesday night with a big cibernetico and a semi-big main event between Mistico and Mephisto. The result was a better than usual show, with both matches delivering quality (if not great) entertainment while the rest of the show was bearable enough to not drag things down. If you missed all this watching Presidential candidates yell at each other, here’s what happened.


Mercurio & Pequeño Violencia defeated Acero & Aéreo two falls to one.


Grako, Inquisidor, Nitro defeated Eléctrico, Magnus, Oro Jr. two falls to one after Grako pinned Oro Jr. with a Diving Elbow Drop and Nitro pinned Eléctrico with a Package Piledriver. At least Nitro didn’t nearly kill a guy with the move this time. I had no expectations for this bout and thus actually didn’t mind it…up until Nitro came in during the third fall, halted the technicos momentum and just went to the finish. Boy does that guy just need to retire already. The technicos looked fine when allowed and Grako and Inquisidor were okay as well, but with Nitro looming there was only so much this match could possibly be.


Dark Magic, Misterioso Jr., Sagrado defeated Blue Panther Jr., Pegasso, Stigma two falls to one after Misterioso submitted Stigma and Dark Magic pinned Blue Panther Jr. with a Flatliner. As ordinary a match as they come, which I guess should be considered an improvement for Dark Magic. I didn’t notice anything awful about him tonight so there does appear to be at least miniscule improvement, but he still should be nowhere near the streams at the moment. Everyone else was fine, if taking it easy.


Templario defeated Star Jr., Virus, Esfinge, Disturbio, Rey Cometa, Kawato San, Black Panther, Drone, Hijo del Signo, Príncipe Diamante and Akuma to win the 2020 Reyes del Aire. It came down to Templario and Star Jr., who finished Star Jr. off with a Moonsault Side Slam off the top rope. The cibernetico itself was solid to good while the final few minutes between Star Jr. and Templario was fantastic, right alongside the semi-main event from last Super Viernes as some of the best stuff CMLL’s produced in some time. Everyone was trying hard for this one and the action was overall really smooth; really the biggest detriment was the lack of innovation, with most of the guys just going for suicide dives. A little creativity would’ve gone a long way in elevating the match before we got to the conclusion. Never the less most of the suicide dives were on point, with Black Panther in particular delivering several great ones. Ultimately though the match kicked into high gear when it got down to the two best guys, and Star Jr. and Templario delivered their usual high caliber performance and showed off more of that great chemistry they displayed this past Friday. They were easily the two best choices to win this match and it’s nice to see CMLL make the right call, even if some of their other decisions (Esfinge lasting until the final four while Rey Cometa and Black Panther were eliminated early) were the usual nonsense. I don’t know if the match as a whole was great, but the final five minutes were and overall I found this match to be fun and easy to watch, if not as exciting as it could’ve been with better talent.


Mistico defeated Mephisto two falls to none after pinned Mephisto following a Super Hurricanrana. A very Volador Jr. style ending to a Mistico match, one that didn’t even feature La Mistica. Weird. Match was pretty good overall. It probably would’ve been better a few years ago when Mephisto was younger and there wasn’t anything as eye popping as what we saw in the final few minutes of Reyes del Aire, but overall this was two luchadores who know what they’re doing having a smooth, very well worked match for what they brought to the table. It’s a testament to their talent that they weren’t hurt by only going with two long falls, as the crowd still got into everything. A good close to the show.

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