Leave it to CMLL to make their return to normalcy be anything but normal. The first Super Viernes since January to not feature a tag team tournament of sorts was truly something, and I’m not sure if that was in a good way or a bad way. There were some good matches early, there were some interesting angles late, there was Tirantes being Tirantes and there was the main event where I’m still not sure what exactly went down. I do know this though; it was all better than what AAA did their last two shows and that is more than enough for me. And with that, let’s go more in depth while that heavy metal song from Final Fantasy X plays. What can I say; I’m replaying the game right now and that jam is stuck in my head.


Shockercito & Stukita defeated Mercurio & Pequeño Nitro two falls to one


I guess you could describe this as a higher end version of what we generally get from these two teams. Truthfully it wasn’t that much different from what I expected; Mercurio and Nitro did a few things before settling into cruise control, while Shockercito and Stukita desperately tried to make this watchable. The difference between this and most of the other matches is that Shockercito and Stukita really, REALLY tried and made it watchable. Granted they do always try, but this was different somehow, with Stukita in particular really getting into a groove in these ten plus minutes, both from an athletic standpoint and, gasp, from a Suplex standpoint (how about that weird hybrid Pumphandle/German Suplex he nailed at the end?!). There was still only so much the technicos could do because there’s only so much Mercurio and Nitro are going to provide while they sleep walk through their careers, but at least the effort from Shockercito and Stukita was enough to make this easy to digest. A perfectly okay opener.


Sagrado, Templario, Virus defeated Magia Blanca, Pegasso, Star Jr. two falls to one


This was truly a match of three vastly different falls. The first was as strong a start as you could get, with Templario making Pegasso look like Brandon Lee in The Crow and the other four guys delivering the goods right up till Sagrado caught a launching Magia Blanca rana attempt and turned it into a powerbomb, allowing Templario to connect with a Space Tiger Dive from the ramp for the win. The second fall fell apart at the end, largely because Blanca failed to get off an ambitious rana attempt. And my Grodd that third fall. A clearly off Blanca kept firing bullets and somehow hit more than he missed, including on a slingshot rana to the floor where Templario just barely caught him before he hit the floor. That was merely prelude to later, when Blanca attempted the same thing only to get powerbombed/dropkicked to the floor in an excellent Sagrado/Templario combo, which would’ve been the raddest thing in the galaxy if Star Jr. didn’t follow it up by hitting a rana on Sagrado that sent him crashing into Templario! Even Matt Mortensen would’ve applauded that. All that and more combined to make a fascinating match. I wouldn’t say it was great due to Blanca not quite being as sharp as usual, but the rest of these five were good to great, the first fall was really strong and the climax was the last four songs of American Idiot good. If nothing else, find the final five minutes and thank Cthulhu that Magia Blanca lived to see the end of it.


Lightning Match

Blue Panther Jr. defeated Drone


Ladies and gentlemen I have see Hiroshi Tanahashi sit on a dudes head with his Cloverleaf Submission, I’ve witnessed Zack Sabre turn men into pretzels; I’ve even witnessed a grown man satisfy a camel. Before tonight, I could not recall a time where we got an extended submission sequence in a CMLL show. It’s generally a luchador puts it on, the opponent taps, onto the next fall. Hence why nothing in life makes sense right now because I just watched Blue Panther Jr. hold Drone in an armbar for almost a minute and a half!



I don’t want to say this is all Junior’s fathers doing…but yeah, this is all Blue Panther’s doing. Who else would give the green light for his son and Drone to do an extended submission spot in a promotion that does not do extended submission spots?! I’m onto you Blue Panther. In any event, I appreciate it being included in this match because it served as a welcome addition to what was a pretty good back and forth contest. This was booked exactly as it should’ve been; Junior left the dives at home in favor of just tossing Drone around, Drone did the high flying and they were really just a few smoother moments away from this being pretty damn good. Alas it didn’t quite get there, both because of the sloppiness, a lack of time and a lack of either guy pulling out one truly spectacular move like the last match did. Even still, this was a solid match overall and I appreciated CMLL trying a new thing in that submission spot. Let’s get more of that please!


Misterioso Jr., Puma, Tiger defeated Audaz, Fuego, Guerrero Maya Jr. two falls to one


Things were going so well that it was only a matter of time before something came along and bit this show on the ass. Enter Tirantes. I’m not going to say this match was humming on all cylinders till everyone’s least favorite referee pulled the rug out from under the six luchadors; it was fine and Audaz was, as expected, working great with Puma and Tiger, but it hadn’t quite hit extra gear. Whether it would’ve or not we’ll never know because, by accident, Maya pulled off Tiger’s mask just enough that Tirantes just had to call the bell. Because of course the asshole had to ruin something on this show. I’m sure he’ll claim he was just following the rules and all, which would fly if I hadn’t seen him ignore a similar situation on the Tuesday show just a few days prior. So yes, Tirantes once again took something that could’ve been fun and turned it into a vehicle to get himself over. Lame, lame and LAME!!!! There was stuff on this show that was worse from a work rate quality, but considering what happened to the point Tirantes called for the bell plus that stupidity, this was by far the most disappointing match on the show.


Ángel de Oro, Matt Taven, Niebla Roja defeated Cuatrero, Sansón, Volador Jr. two falls to one


Say what you will about Magia Blanca’s off night, but at least he wasn’t the only one. Poor Niebla Roja not only wasn’t on his game, he managed to blow two attempts springboard spots!


Related image


Maybe he did siphon some of his aura off to Ángel de Oro now that Oro is unmasked? Who knows; I just know Roja was off here, Oro was decent (for his usual skillset), the Dinamitas did very little and none of it mattered because this was all about building up Matt Taven vs. Volador next week. And gorramit I thought CMLL did a hell of a job there, mostly because Taven and Volador really clicked together in the ring. It wasn’t long, but their third fall sequence was super smooth, super paced and was so fantastic I almost mistook it for the underrated classic Speed Racer. The only thing better was Taven’s promo afterwards, where he played the perfect overconfident American in challenging Volador for his NWA World Historic Welterweight Championship. I wish the rest of the match had been as exciting as what those two did, but I’ll cut this match some slack because the Taven-Volador stuff was that good. Well that and Volador kicking KeMonito. I can’t believe Volador was cheered after that; it was the equivalent of Batman shaking hands with the Joker and then everyone forgetting about it two minutes later.


Diamante Azul, Marco Corleone, Último Guerrero defeated Kráneo, Rush, Terrible two falls to none


This was the second Tirantes officiated match tonight that ended under bizarre circumstances. The difference between this match and the fourth was that this came across much better, even though I’m still not sure if it was an impeccably done work or an outstanding case of improv. The intrigue began at the end of fall one, when Marco Corleone hit his trademark Air Corleone splash from the ramp…only he landed hard and appeared to jam his shoulder for real. I was under the impression that was what happened for the next several minutes, until the second and final fall ended with Kráneo, Rush and Terrible launching an all out assault on the injured right shoulder, with Rush ultimately getting DQ’d after keeping Corleone in a rope assisted arm bar for too long. So what’s the story here? I don’t know. I do know that it was the most captivating part of the match (with the always exceptional UG-Terrible stare down coming in second) and Marco’s injury (or is it “injury”) left Arena Mexico completely bewildered as the show ended. Was it just a case of Marco hurting himself for real, followed by Marco and the three rudos improvising to come up with a well done finish? Was it all planned from the start in order to jump start a Rush-Marco program in two weeks? I’m not sure, but hopefully CMLL has something coming out of it. The match obviously suffered as a result, but that can be forgiven if CMLL gives us a follow up next week. I hope they do, but I’m sadly doubtful they will.


That’s game sports fans. See you tomorrow for a AAA preview that may lead to my untimely demise. If I have my way, I may try to sneak in a preview of the Ricky Marvin-Dr. Cerebro match for IWRG too! Till then, a joke absolutely no one is going to get.


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