You know the good thing about technology? There are so many devices available to us these days that we are able to watch one thing on our TV and another on our computer AT THE SAME TIME! That’s what I was able to do last night with AAA and CMLL; I watched (and reviewed) the former on my computer while having the latter on the TV (I can watch it on YouTube via my Playstation!), thus allowing me to have seen a good chunk of the show when I went to review it this morning! I did go back and watch most of the show anyway though and…man I really do keep making the right decision when it comes to watching AAA when these two promotions are head to head. It’s not like this was a terrible show; the opener was better than usual, the second match was fine, the third match was underrated by people and you should go out of your way to see Fenix (I mean King Phoenix) in the main event; I’m starting to think that guy is a superstar! In the end though there was just enough mediocrity (and one unbelievably laughable match due to forces outside of the match) to make me roll my eyes, and all on the show that took place 85 years to the day of CMLL’s debut. You’d think they’d want to try a little bit harder right? Guess not. At least next week should be better because it’s the go home to the Gran Prix and let’s just get to the review now because I’m already regretting that statement! Man I just cursed that show next week to suck, didn’t I?



Magnus & Star Jr. defeated Akuma & Espanto Jr. two falls to one


It is telling of the times we live in when this match was possibly the most interesting bout on this CMLL show. I mean for crying out loud it began with Magnus bringing his daughter to the ring with him and Akuma and Espanto coming out on low rider bicycles. LOW RIDER BICYCLES! I think we all know who we have to thank for this sports fans.


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The madness didn’t end there either because this match was actually pretty good…right up until Espanto failed to kick out of a Star Jr. mini splash in fall three and screwed up the rest of the bout. I’ll let Espanto off the schneid a bit because Pompin was the ref and probably did something to help screw it up and he was honest to Grodd pretty good in this match. This brings us back to everything before the finish, which saw Magnus doing his strong style lucha stuff, Star Jr. breaking out some impressive moves, Akuma being Akuma and Espanto doing stuff like REVERSE POISON RANA’S OFF THE TOP ROPE in the first fall. That is not something you see every day sports fans. They also kept the pace moving and never seemed to mess anything up; they really were on their way to something until that pinfall mishap cut the match short (and even then Magnus finished things off with a great Spanish Fly on Akuma). In the end it was still a better bout than the AAA opener and it pleases me to no end that we got to see Magnus and Star Jr. turn it up to some extent. Now if only CMLL would actually push them/give them something worthwhile to do.


Black Panther, Blue Panther Jr., Fuego defeated Kawato San, Okumura, Virus two falls to one


This went exactly how it should’ve gone and exactly how I predicted! I love it when CMLL and I are thinking on the same wavelength; it only happens once every year but still. There wasn’t any flash in this one aside from a late Black Panther tope but it didn’t really need it. This was just six decent luchadores working a simple match really well with a great pace thrown on top of it. That’s really all you can do at this point in the second match of a CMLL show and these guys made the most of it I felt, from every Fuego dropkick all the way to Junior’s excellent Go to Sleep/Feast Your Eyes style finisher he debuted on poor Kawato. And that was in addition to his awesome backbreaker spots! One day I’ll figure out why people don’t like Junior cause I simply don’t get it. Oh well; another time! The point is this was a good match.


Cuatrero, Rey Bucanero, Sansón defeated Esfinge, Stuka Jr., Tritón two falls to one


I’m beginning to wonder if the general disenchantment with CMLL right now is starting to negatively affect matches that are generally good. Or maybe it’s the stink of Esfinge clouding people’s opinions. Or maybe I’m just losing my mind. Either way I thought this match was much better than most did last night. I didn’t think it was a great match like the similarly dismissed classic Esfinge and Tritón had a few weeks ago (which featured Soberano, Templario, Dragón Rojo Jr. and future PWG star Hechicero) but it wasn’t nearly the so-so match I was expecting. Credit the Dinamitas for that; they were working hard all throughout the match with the usual blend of double teams, basing and great individual moves like Cuatrero’s suicide dive. They also got an assist from their unexpected partner. Rey Rey Buc still stuck out more than Hayden Christensen in an art film and it’s still unclear why he replaced Forastero, but even still the veteran tried hard, looked good more often than not and had the spot of the match with his Superplex onto everyone on the floor. That was definitely something inspired by the Fenix/Pentagon rana to the floor spot at the Aniversario and if we end up getting more of those, splendid! All of that was really good and the technicos had some good moments too, though I honestly would’ve swapped out all of Esfinge’s offense for Tritón spots. Esfinge just remains not very good and unlike a few weeks ago was featured prominently, meaning we got to see him do all sorts of moves his partners do better while he got lost 50% of the time. His clumsiness wasn’t enough to turn me off to this match though, and in the end I thought this was a very good match and the best thing on this show.


Euforia, Gran Guerrero, Último Guerrero defeated Ciber the Main Man, Scharly Rock Star, The Chris two falls to none


I think I may have to retract my previous statement about CMLL disenchantment affecting how people view matches. That’s because lots of people last night were saying this bout was better than the usual Guerreros-Klan (Kaoz) affair and…holy hell it was not! In fact it was just more of the same we’ve been getting, just with the Guerreros taking more of the match. And yet people thought this was better?!


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Five Zoolander gifs in one column! Today was a good day


Alright I’ll give the match this much; the Guerreros being in control meant more chances for them to show off their far better skill and they did do that in spurts; the UG looked raring to go and both Big Euf and the GG were able to get some sweet dives in. Even still…it just felt like more of the same. Part of that is definitely because I’m sick of this feud and don’t want to see anymore, but the fact remains that Ciber, Scharly and The Chris just aren’t that good. They’re still trying really hard and still searching for that extra gear; they just don’t have it. You can’t help but notice it, especially when you have a guy in Rey Rey Buc from the previous match who is also broken down quite a bit, and yet is still finding ways to raise his game and deliver new stuff (to a degree. I’m not that crazy and saying Rey Rey Buc is still one of the best now). I don’t know; I just didn’t give a shit about this match at all and the fact that they are still going on with this program infuriates me more than the Water Temple. I suppose it might’ve been the best thing these teams have done in quite a bit, which tells you just how low the bar is for this anticlimax of a feud.


Lightning Match

Mistico defeated Negro Casas


What an interesting character study this match will turn out to be. There’s a few ways to judge it. The first is work rate and frankly, if you strip away everything else that went into this match, I have to say it would probably rate high based on that. I thought the match was pretty decent overall; it wasn’t top tier and Mistico still remains problematic for me but they cut a good pace and Negro Casas was, as expected, on point. It’s always a joy to see him at his best so deep into his career and I thought he was on his way to putting on another strong performance. He didn’t because work rate wasn’t the only factor here. Another was the ending, which involved Mistico having his mask tied to the rope, only for him to unmask and attack Casas…to give himself the DQ victory…and I’m already rolling my eyes. I have no idea what the thought process was behind that but I do know it looked dumb and should never happen again. And yet it wasn’t even the dumbest factor in this match underachieving; that would be this.



When I first saw this clock on the screen I thought CMLL had made a mistake of some kind. After a few minutes it became clear they hadn’t and I was all, well at least they have something to make sure we can tell the time. Then I gradually crossed over into hating it because, as you can see, that damn stuff takes up nearly half the screen, serving as a major distraction from what we’re supposed to be paying attention to. What a mess! I know CMLL meant well here and I don’t want to kill them for that BUT COME ON! This is a good idea in theory and there’s a right way to do it; instead CMLL went with the laziest idea possible and thus this match ended up serving as background to one of the worst onscreen clocks in history. And keep in mind that all came BEFORE CMLL decided to end this match the way they did. So stupid. You could argue that shouldn’t matter that much and I will say that if you take the clock away this match probably comes across better. But you can’t take that away and you certainly can’t forget about the ending, which was one of the dumbest finishes in a year where lucha libre has been crawling with them. Thus this match was disappointing, which is a shame because Casas was trying really hard. Leave it to CMLL to let down one of their biggest stars with shit like this.


Cavernario, Rush, Terrible defeated Atlantis, Diamante Azul, King Phoenix two falls to one


You can pretty much sum up this match as such; Fenix (I mean King Phoenix) looked awesome, Terrible looked good, Atlantis is suddenly starting to look more like himself (HE DID THE BACKBREAKERS AGAIN!) and Rush only tried with Fenix. Oh, Cavernario and Diamante Azul were also there, the former having nothing of importance to do and the latter…yeah let’s go with that for him too. It wasn’t a bad main event and Fenix was legitimately coming across as a superstar, it just felt all sorts of pointless because CMLL is caught between the fallout of the Aniversario and the Gran Prix coming up in a few weeks. It didn’t really leave any room for them to set anything up and the pieces weren’t there for a good match. Thus you got what you got and a little less because Cavernario was wasted and Rush was probably too busy thinking about his Puebla match with LA Park this Monday. A passable main event and little more.


There you have it sports fans. I’m off to enjoy my Saturday! Till Monday for Park and Park vs. Cav and Rush!


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