Surprise sports fans! Turns out AAA got done early enough tonight that I was able to go watch and review the CMLL Super Viernes show earlier than expected. May I just say it was the wrong call! Whereas AAA’s card was imperfect but fun, tonight’s CMLL show was just imperfect. In many ways it felt like CMLL was going through the motions; nothing was moved forward except for a potentially horrifying idea, matches that looked good disappointed and potential matchups were squandered because…because. Only a Lightning Match between Hechicero and Valiente stood out in the end, and that’s despite this card looking pretty deep going in. In other words, I’m damn happy I made the call to watch AAA live tonight! But that’s the past; let’s get through this review so I can move on to sleep.



Oro Jr. & Star Jr. defeated Akuma & Espanto Jr. two falls to one


Turns out I 100% called this match in the preview; it would’ve been something if only CMLL had teamed Akuma with someone other than Espanto. Well that and if they had given this match another ten minutes, aka the story of the whole show! I liked the energy Oro Jr., Star Jr. and Akuma brought and the first fall looked to be building to something. Then Espanto got involved, things slowed down and by fall three Oro Jr. looked like he had remembered that officials had told him not to do anything fun in this match, hence he apparently abandoned what looked to be a spot off the ramp. Oh well; at least it wasn’t as bad as most of the Super Viernes openers we get. Or the next match. Especially that next match.


La Jarochita, Marcela, Mistique defeated Amapola, Dalys, Reyna Isis two falls to one


I’ll say this much for this match; it was well on its way to be the usual forgettable, ho hum luchadoras match we’re accustomed to, starting off decently before descending into repetition. But insult was added to injury in this one by CMLL actually teasing towards the end a potential La Jarochita-Reyna Isis singles match when Reyna unmasked Jarochita.


Related image


WHAT THE HELL?! I mean alright; Jarochita was definitely the best luchadora in this match (though that’s not saying much) and Reyna Isis is 9,000 times better than she was when I first saw her a few years ago (again, not a steep bar to clear). But as my notes in the parentheses pretty much indicate, this is a really bad idea! It’s as if CMLL sees AAA running Faby Apache vs. Lady Shani and thought they should have their own version, only Jarochita is no Apache and Reyna is sure as hell no Lady Shani (note that neither of them are Aniversario Apuesta veterans Princesa Sugehit or Zeuxis either). It could be and probably is nothing but if not…my Grodd does it leave a bad taste in one’s mouth. And either way you slice it it made this match go from forgettable to OH MY GRODD WHAT ARE THEY DOING?! And that’s never good.


Felino, Negro Casas, Okumura defeated Flyer, Soberano Jr., Titán two falls to one


This was…fine. And when I say fine I say it in the same tone I did after the disappointment that was Iron Man 3 washed over me. This wasn’t that bad; in fact I thought the match was at times pretty decent, especially at the end of the first and second falls. It just never felt like it really got going for either team, with only Flyer and Soberano getting to really show off while Titán and the rudos just kind of existed (aside from Felino hitting a sweet top rope powerbomb). There will be worst matches this year but compared to what this could’ve been, it was a letdown of Sam’s Town proportions.


Lightning Match

Valiente defeated Hechicero


Let the record show there were finer matches that happened tonight than this one on AAA’s show. Let the record also show that I didn’t use this gif in either column to this point, and this match was sure as hell good enough to earn it.


Image result for now this is podracing gif


My Grodd this was wonderful sports fans! I’d say it was what I expected but in reality I massively underrated this match going in, mostly because I didn’t expect Valiente to go as hard as he did. But there he was with Hechicero every step of the way and my what steps they took. In contrast to how these Lightning Matches usually go (build up before going all out) these guys went right into the craziness, with Valiente doing his arm drag off the apron, Hechicero responding with an awesome corner moonsault and Valiente responding in kind with a suicide dive and that precious Valiente Special. And that was all in the first three minutes! It never quite got crazier than that but the pace also never let up and the work between the two remained excellent, all the way till the end when Valiente finally put Hechicero away with his submission. There will be quibbles because Hechicero lost (especially since his match with Stuka is only a few days away) but when the match is this good it’s hard to complain. This was the best match on tonight’s show and in my opinion the third best of the night behind the second match and the main event of AAA’s show.


Carístico, Diamante Azul, Mistico defeated Euforia, Penta Zero M, Último Guerrero two falls to one


As I am unfortunately not in the inner circle of Lucha Underground ace Pentagon Dark/Penta Zero M, I have no idea whether or not he had a choice between working AAA or CMLL tonight. If he did however, allow me to say that…


Image result for he chose poorly gif


Not only did Pentagon miss out on being involved in that sweet AAA main event tonight, but he instead spent his time selling for Diamante Azul (what?), hardly interacting with Carístico and then getting demolished by Carístico via Canadian Destroyer and Tornado DDT afterwards. But hey…at least he got to announce he’s on the Aniversario. I no longer get this. Clearly it appears that Pentagon will be busy next Friday, thus keeping him from CMLL and keeping him vs. Carístico on hold, but quite frankly even if that’s the case it doesn’t seem CMLL is interested in the match anyway. Hell I’m not sure they’re interested in Pentagon that much; this is yet another appearance from him where he’s come across as just another dude (last week notwithstanding), a stark contrast to Fenix and LA Park who’s CMLL appearances have all be larger than life. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if CMLL has no plans for Pentagon at this point, or at least has none that don’t involve Fenix by his side. In any event, that sort of thing helped contribute to this match underwhelming like the third match did. It was technically sound overall and there were some cool things, but like the earlier match it never seemed to reach high gear, none of the tension between Carístico, Pentagon and Mistico was played up and Carístico just beating Pentagon at the end just cooled things even more for me. Another disappointment.


King Phoenix, Matt Taven, Volador Jr. defeated Bestia del Ring, Cavernario, Rush two falls to none


I think this was both the shortest match on the show and the second best match on a show. Goes to show you how quick this show flew buy and how average it was on the whole. There just really wasn’t enough time for anything to truly stand out in this match and, despite seemingly building to something next week, I’m still not entirely sure what that something is. Is CMLL trying to set up Volador-Rush? Taven-Cav? Volador/Taven vs. Rush/Cav (or a returning Terrible)? All of that? None of that? This is what happens when you’re in a holding pattern waiting to see what AAA does with LA Park at Triplemania. At least Fenix…I mean King Phoenix was able to get a few cool things in with Bestia del Ring of all people, including a suicide senton that would’ve made Super Calo shed a tear. Overall though this was a whole lot of nothing, which in a sense made it the perfect headliner for this filler show and the perfect example of where CMLL is at the moment.


That’s game sports fans. I’m off to bed and you will not see me again until Monday for the CMLL Tuesday preview. Unless of course AAA finally drops the Triplemania lineup; then you will, in fact, see me. Till whenever!



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