I was not looking forward to reviewing CMLL today sports fans. Most of that would have to do with how poorly the show was received by the lucha libre community last night while I was watching AAA. But what kind of a reviewer would I be if I didn’t check it out for myself right? So I did and…yeah it was not as good as the AAA show I watched. It did feature the best match of the evening according to yours truly and wasn’t quite as bad as I expected, but even still it was a show that encompassed just how far CMLL has fallen in recent weeks. And with that uplifting beginning, let’s get started. Don’t worry; I have a special surprise at the end!



Hijo del Signo & Metálico defeated Pegasso & Príncipe Diamante two falls to one


There truly is something to be said about watching something divorced from the reactions of others. As I was quickly checking Twitter after this match it was universally loathed. I watched it today and it was…fine! Not a great match but nowhere near the shot for shot remake of Psycho I was expecting.



The biggest problem I had with this match was the prolonged second fall, where Signo and Metálico had long stretches of control and did nothing of interest during that time (you could argue the finish was problematic too with Signo beating Diamante with not one but two Canadian Destroyers. I’m not as bothered by that as a) Destroyers don’t bug me as much as others [though they are done too much], b) it is Signo’s finisher for whatever bizarre reason and c) Diamante sold them spectacularly). Before and after that though the action was decent. Pegasso gave a really good effort despite being demoted, and I haven’t seen him pull off the 450 as well as he did tonight since…ever? Príncipe Diamante was even more impressive; you can tell there’s a better luchador there waiting to break out against better competition, and he showed a few glimpses of what he could do with some nice rana’s and a really cool up and over arm drag. To think those would’ve looked even better if Signo or Metálico sold for him the way Diamante sold for them. So yeah; I didn’t hate this! Certainly not the best CMLL opener in history but also not a disaster the likes of which haven’t been seen since Superman 64.


The Microstars!

El Gallito, El Guapito, Microman defeated Chamuel, Mije, Zacarias two falls to one

This was the only match I caught live last night. And why not; I wasn’t going to miss Microman! As expected this match was a joy. It wasn’t perfect, especially towards the end when Guapito and Mije couldn’t connect on a Guapito dive. But overall this was very much like the rest of the Microstars matches we’ve seen; great effort, cool spots, hot crowd and really good work. CMLL stretching this match into three falls (something they haven’t done as far as I can recall) was even a nice touch. Microman of course will get all the plaudits and rightfully so. You can tell he’s an Último Guerrero trainee not just in how he’s adopted some of UG’s moves but by the smoothness of which he does them. But just as important as him in this match was Chamuel. That dude is awesome. A lot of the stuff Microman was doing required a UG/Euforia style base and Chamuel was there for every big move, making Microman look like the star we already knew him to be. If I were CMLL I may just run a singles match with those two the next time! Either way I just hope the next time is soon. This was a lot of fun and easily one of the best things on this show.


Lightning Match

Dalys defeated Reyna Isis


Hindsight is 20/20 and all…but holy shit did CMLL get screwed by this match going on right as AAA’s own luchadoras match was occurring. That bout wasn’t perfect but at least it had Keyra and Lady Maravilla burning the house down with some great sequences. This match meanwhile had one luchadora giving a great effort (Reyna) and the other mailing it in (Dalys). I’ve been noticing for a bit now that Reyna Isis is no longer the luchadora I least wanted to see (she was really, REALLY bad when I first started watching) and I thought this was the best I had ever seen of her. She seems much more comfortable in a technico role when she can use her athleticism, keep movement and not get bogged down by endless triple teams. As such she looked pretty good throughout this match (minus her tear away pants ripping early) and probably would’ve had something if Dalys hadn’t treated this match like a joke. Part of that was the story (there were several instances Dalys ended a cover on Reyna herself) but even without that it was apparent Dalys just didn’t care. She was out of position on moves, her timing was questionable, her effort was nonexistent and she somehow found a way to be even more mechanical than usual. Say what you will about Marcela but at least she would’ve given Reyna something. When this match was over it felt like Dalys had given her squat, and then beat her to boot! In the words of DBZ Abridged Frieza, classy. I’ll give points to Reyna for continuing to improve, but Dalys was so bad in this match that it just brought the whole thing down.


Esfinge, Soberano Jr., Tritón defeated Dragón Rojo Jr., Hechicero, Templario two falls to none


I’m going way off the reservation on this one sports fans. Like the opener this match seemed to be pretty disliked by most of the people I know. Unlike the opener I did not think this was fine; I thought this was GREAT!


Image result for spit take gif


Holy shit; this must be one of those days where I’m seeing things no one else did, or everyone else is seeing things I missed. Either way I loved this match. It was as long and as ambitious a match you’ll ever see from a two fall CMLL match, a direct descendant from a match featuring Soberano, Hechicero and Negro Casas a few weeks ago (at least I think it was; when I went to look for when that match took place I couldn’t find it! Perhaps I dreamt it or something). That match was a long three fall match where they tried everything and it didn’t seem to entirely click. This time it did, at least for me. They packed almost every move in history into this match, with a punishing Fury Road style pace to go along with it and a tremendous back and forth style fight that saw no side go on offense for too long. I suppose you could see that as them just doing moves for the sake of moves but, speaking as someone who grows tired of the painfully slow rudo beat downs and standard (albeit usually decent) technico comebacks, it was a breath of fresh air to just see these six guys stay engaged from the word go and keep everything moving.



It didn’t always go smoothly; Esfinge had some Esfinge moments and surprisingly Templario had some issues on a few dives, not to mention nearly killing himself on Soberano’s Canadian Destroyer finish (in retrospect, Soberano could’ve also used a different finish then that, especially with people already annoyed by Signo doing the move twice). But the positives outweighed the flaws for me. Hechicero and Soberano were superstars, together or apart, and Hechicero in particular did a hell of a job keeping some of the iffy spots under control, like Templario’s two dives or Esfinge being out of position on Tritón’s awesome moonsault. Dragón Rojo Jr. will get no accolades because he doesn’t have the flash of the other guys (Esfinge not included), but he was a great glue guy in this match and never out of place. And Tritón! TRITÓN! He too looked like a superstar in this match, busting out every big move he had as smooth and consistently as only he can, while also pulling off the incredible feat of bumping into and over the barricade despite going in low. It’s no wonder that only Dragon Bane can pull off that moonsault spot as well as Tritón (and how only Tritón is able to pull off that rope walk rana as effortlessly as he does). So yeah; I friggin loved this and thought this was the best match on the show! Perhaps I’m crazy for doing so. Perhaps everyone else is crazy for not. Perhaps we’re all crazy! I think it speaks to my belief that trying something different (even if you don’t entirely succeed) is much more admirable than doing the same thing over and over again. If nothing else this was different and in my opinion brilliant. If I’m alone in that then so be it; the beauty of wrestling is that one man’s Casablanca is another man’s Son-in-Law.


Atlantis, LA Park, Mistico defeated Gilbert El Boricua, Mephisto, Negro Casas two falls to one


I’ll give this match this much; it made me love the previous match even more than I already did! In fact this match highlights my point on why the last match was so good. It was trying something different and in my opinion succeeded. This match? The exact same shit as always, only somehow more average than usual and more disappointing because I was so excited to see Mil Muertes (Gilbert) in Arena Mexico. As it turns out he was less Mil and more like the El Mesias we’ve been seeing the last few years; lethargic, inconsistent and downright ordinary. Some of that can be excused on CMLL booking him like just another guy. The rest; not so much. Thank Grodd Catrina wasn’t alive to see this.


In fairness to Gilbert, he was far from the only person who was off in this match. Atlantis, as expected, could only do so much and at times just flat out disappeared. Mistico and Mephisto were active; I’m not sure they were good, but they were active so we’ll give them that. Only Negro Casas and LA Park emerged from this favorably, largely because they’re brief sequence together was awesome (complete with Casas doing the LA Park strut) and because they’re freakin Negro Casas and LA Park. They breathe excellence. Park deserves extra points for being the only one in this match to make Gilbert look like his old self, and even then it was a struggle. Just a really disappointing showing all around. I figured it wouldn’t be as good as it could’ve been if say Carístico had replaced Atlantis, but I at least thought The Artist Known as Mil Muertes would get up for his Arena Mexico debut. Instead he only stood out with LA Park, and nothing else went above and beyond. In the words of the great Abed…



Carístico, Matt Taven, Volador Jr. defeated Bestia del Ring, Cavernario, Rush two falls to none


Did you see the last few trios matches between these sides? Then you’ve seen this match. The only difference was that Carístico seemed to be more interested in whatever La Comandante was doing then helping his own partners; then again I can’t say I blame him considering how Volador has treated him, not to mention having to work with Bestia del Ring all match! Other than that there was a lot of Ingobernables brawling, a brief technico come back, some post match stuff and a whole lot of apathy because most people in and out of Arena Mexico still can’t care about this match. CMLL really screwed the pooch on this one. It’s a shame because even with the limited amount this match allowed all four guys are trying. Taven and Volador put in respectable efforts, Rush was Rush and Cavernario is as motivated as I’ve ever seen him. Build this match up at any other time and people would be excited for this match, which will no doubt be at the very least good next week. It just goes to show you how big a disservice CMLL has done to these four, in addition to the fans and LA Park. What a shame. At least it’ll be over next week and we won’t have to spend any more times shaking our heads at how CMLL went from white hot to Mr. Freeze cold in a matter of weeks.


That’ll do it for the review sports fans. But before I go sports fans, I’m gonna give you the treat of posting a brief preview of tomorrow’s AAA show in Yucatan. I’d normally be doing the full preview, but my time is limited today and (sadly) I will not be able to review the show tomorrow due to a family engagement. Thus I’ve decided to include the brief preview here at the end. You ready? LET’S DO IT!


Angelikal, Lady Maravilla and Vanilla will defeat Keira Hogan, Scarlett Bordeaux and Tito Santana in a solid opener.

Carta Brava Jr., Keyra and Mocho Cota Jr. will defeated Australian Suicide, Hijo del Vikingo and Lady Shani in a solid match after Suicide betrays Vikingo (again).

Jack Evans will defeat Golden Magic and Hijo de LA Park in a really good match.

La Máscara, Rey Escorpión and Texano Jr. will defeat Aerostar, Máximo and Laredo Kid in a match that will feature too much Máximo and Máscara and too little Aerostar and Laredo Kid.

Brian Cage will defeat Fenix and Sammy Guevara in a really good match to set up Fenix vs. Cage.

El Hijo del Fantasma and LA Park will defeat Pagano and Psycho Clown in a good match after Fantasma lays out everyone.


And there you have it sports fans. I’m off to the rest of my weekend. TILL NEXT TIME!



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