You know something sports fans; if tonight’s CMLL Super Viernes had just been the fourth and fifth match, we may have had a winner on our hands. That’s because the Lightning Match between Soberano and Templario was legitimately the bee’s knees, while the proceeding trios match was a really good bout with an outstanding sequence of events. Alas everything besides that was either the opening two matches, CMLL booking ruining the finish of the third match and a main event that was more about drawing heat than anything else. Still, while not quite a blow away, this did turn out to be an easy to watch CMLL show and I will gladly take that every day of the week and twice on Sunday at this stage. So on that note, let’s sit back and review!



Arkalis & Robin defeated Akuma & Espanto Jr. two falls to one


Years from now, one person will somehow remember this match and ask me “just how dull was it?” And I will direct them to what I said here; this match was so boring that it ended with an extended one on one sequence between Robin and Akuma were absolutely nothing happened. It was like watching a long shot from Star Trek: The Motion Picture all over again. In Robin and Akuma’s defense, the rest of the match was lame too so it’s not like they were breaking the mold. Neither they, Arkalis or Espanto Jr. seemed to care all that much, and as a result this match was…well it was exactly what we all thought. Oh well; at least it’s over now and I don’t have to worry about it till that random person asks about this match years from now.


Kawato San, Okumura, Virus defeated Diamond, Drone, Fuego two falls to one


Good news sports fans; Diamond changed up his look a bit so he doesn’t look entirely like El Santo! That’s right; he’s added a bit of blue to his mask. So now he’s like El Santo, but if some of Blue Demon’s mask got stuck on Santo’s forehead. Let’s go to a live look at those lucha legends reacting to this news.


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They care so much


Shockingly this did little to help this match or Diamond, who may have a new gimmick but still wrestles a whole lot like his old persona Príncipe Diamante. That’s not good because Príncipe Diamante was just kind of okay! As long as Diamond remains like that, he too will just be okay and his matches won’t be much better. In fairness it wasn’t entirely his fault; Okumura was DOA throughout this match, Kawato had a night that makes me look dumb for saying he’s improved and Fuego…I guess he did a few things? Only Drone and Virus seemed to really care, with the former working with unexpected energy while Virus was fun if toned down. That’s good enough to make me not hate this match; it isn’t good enough to make the match worth my time otherwise.


Ephesto, Mephisto, Negro Casas defeated Atlantis Jr., Star Jr., Stuka Jr. two falls to one


This actually felt like a fun match…right up until Ephesto and Mephisto, who both seemed to be five steps behind everyone else in this match, pinned Atlantis Jr. and Star Jr. to win. The CMLL booking committee at its finest sports fans! I have no idea what they were thinking with that result but at least up to that point the match exceeded expectations. Ephesto and Mephisto definitely stood out in a bad way, but Negro Casas was absolutely delightful, Stuka Jr. was solid, Atlantis Jr. was fine (if significantly toned down) and Star Jr. looked great, especially when he and Casas were allowed to work together. Really the match shined when Casas was in there with Stuka and Star Jr., getting the crowd into it, having some nice slap exchanges and best of all not allowing Ephesto and Mephisto in there to slow things down and throw off the tempo (which they did on a triple dive spot). Really aside from this two this match was fine; unfortunately there was too much of them and their average performances and needless victory really sullied this for me.


Lightning Match

Soberano Jr. defeated Templario


It may be time for the dictionary to just put Soberano Jr. and Templario’s pictures right next to the word banger, because this match was a banger sports fans. You forget that CMLL is capable of such things, until these two ride in on their white horses to remind us they’re gorram Templario and gorram this guy.



What a match this was sports fans! The only disappointment was that they ended it at 8:30; beyond that it was exact caliber of match we’ve come to expect when these two are together. The best part was Soberano and Templario cut the usual pace, kept out the Destroyers and somehow added to their already impressive ensemble. For example, Templario broke out a Codebreaker out of a Doctor Bomb position that was absolutely breathtaking, not to mention something you aren’t seeing anywhere else in CMLL. Hell even the stuff the guys usually did looked more impactful than usual, like Soberano’s great Springboard Leg Drop and Templario’s top rope superplex front slam. Literally everything about this was just super, except for the fact that I wanted another minute and a half! That aside I have no complaints and I expect no one else will either. An absolutely tremendous match, Lightning or otherwise.


Euforia, Gil Muertes, Gran Guerrero defeated Ángel de Oro, Niebla Roja, Titán two falls to one


This is a weird one. On the whole I would describe this match as good, with the work being generally smooth but unexciting. Of course there was also those fifteen seconds or so when Titán did an incredible bouncing hurricanrana off the ropes with Euforia, followed by Gil Muertes turning back into Mil Muertes with an absolutely incredible spear, a sequence I can only describe as HOLY SHIT!



Legit; that whole few seconds was unbelievable sports fans and quite frankly made the match. Euforia’s basing was perfect. Titán was perfect, both in executing that rana and then putting everything into taking that spear from Gil. And let’s give credit to Gil Muertes as well; he was fine (if just kind of there) up until that point, but for one brief moment it was as if the broken down great was his old self again, a call back to his glory days in AAA and Lucha Underground. The only thing that even came close to this was the finish, where Euforia and Gran Guerrero turned superkick attempts from Oro and Roja into an amazing double submission spot. That was the cherry on top after what we had gotten moments ago. Again, I wouldn’t call this a great match; truth be told I can’t remember a good portion of the first part. But that third fall, and that sequence, elevated this something fierce. Tremendous stuff.


Carístico, Cavernario, Valiente defeated Diamante Azul, Felino, Último Guerrero two falls to none


In the words of yours truly, at least we had those last two matches! This was definitely not designed to be a great bout; frankly I’m not sure what it was trying to do outside of get heat for this Cavernario-Felino match. It did succeed from that standpoint, as Arena Mexico has quickly bought into the fracture within La Peste Negra, rallying around the legend Felino as Cavernario descends even further into villainy. Part of me is wondering why it isn’t the other way around and a major part of me is wondering why we couldn’t have gotten some better lucha to go along with this…but then again I always wonder that about these feuds. The most important thing is that Cavernario-Felino feels like it could be a hot program (and a good match) and this main event at least did the job of heating it up. Beyond that though I really couldn’t have cared less for what occurred here.


And on that note I’m about to catch up on my Milo Rambaldi. Till we meet again!


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