We actually had an eventful CMLL show tonight sports fans! I know; first time in awhile. The bad news for CMLL is that, while the ring work was generally better than it has been tonight, the big story wasn’t a match but instead the return (if you can even call it that) of the man you see above, Bandido. Then again Bandido is a big enough lucha star these days that he’d overshadow almost any other story, so perhaps that isn’t all bad news that he overshadowed this show. Plus the good news is that CMLL does now have Bandido, which never hurts, and did have a solid show besides his appearance tonight with several good matches and another strong Soberano-Negro Casas outing. For any other promotion I’d say things were looking up. This is CMLL though so we can all look forward to the legends show next week instead. And on that positive note let’s review this bad boy!



El Coyote & Espanto Jr. defeated Oro Jr. & Sonic the Luchador two falls to one


How close was this match to being honest to Grodd good sports fans? If CMLL had just replaced Espanto Jr. with Grako…GRAKO, it would’ve been a good match. They literally just needed someone to decently base and hit an offensive move or two every now and then; that was it. Sadly they couldn’t get that with Espanto, who seemed to get lost every time Oro Jr. or Sonic had a move to do and was the main catalyst for the few botches this match had (like Oro Jr.’s back flip attempt off the top rope). It was enough to weigh down what was an otherwise decently worked opener. Oro Jr. and Sonic’s efforts were really strong, with Sonic seemingly having one tremendous moment after the next later in the match, while El Coyote managed to do what Espanto couldn’t; be in position for the technico offense and hit a big move every now and then (like his gorgeous Butterfly Suplex that won the match). It wasn’t quite good, but this was worth watching to see three of the four luchadores try hard and get close. If only CMLL had put anyone else but Espanto in the match.


Revelos Increibles de Micros

Chamuel, Microman, Zacarias defeated Atomo, El Gallito, Guapito two falls to none


I’ll level with you all; I’m not sure this actually went only two falls. That’s mainly because this match BLEW CHUNKS AND BORED ME TO DEATH! And yes I needed to go all caps to voice my displeasure. Just be happy this didn’t happen in person; otherwise I’d have gone Brick Tamland on all you.


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So yeah; this was awful. We all knew it would be awful the moment Chamuel and Microman were put on the same team and it was exactly that. Those two guys still had a few moments and did inevitably turn on each other but that did little to hide that the rest of the match was on the same level as Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season one (before the Hydra takeover). And it wasn’t even that the action was botchtacular; it was just a case were nothing happened. There’d be an uninteresting move, followed by another interesting move, rinse and repeat with no sort of flow or pace worth keeping you invested. The Microstars division has been exposed for a bit now but for those last few hanging on this had to be the point where the bloom was off the rose. Save for Chamuel and Microman there is no talent here, and tonight there really was not talent because those two were forced to work together…until they turned on each other. What a waste of time. Unless you need to get to sleep in ten minutes or less, avoid this like you’d avoid Riley Finn if you ran into him on the streets.


Dulce Gardenia, Star Jr., Stuka Jr. defeated Kawato San, Vangellys, Virus two falls to none


Was this our second straight two fall match? Perhaps I did miss where the Microstars went three falls after all. Unlike that match this bout at least had some excitement before CMLL cut it off early with some more set up to Dulce Gardenia and Kawato. The two of them have good chemistry together and worked hard overall, allowing the crowd to get into their sequences. The real punch in this match however came from everyone else…other than Vangellys I suppose. Star Jr. had another really strong night (although it still feels like he could be doing more than CMLL is allowing), Stuka Jr. was good and Virus was as reliable as ever. Together they all combined to put together a nice pace and some really good sequences, and with a bit more time I think this match may have had something given how they were cooking late in the second fall. Alas CMLL is moving forward with Kawato and Dulce and that gook precedent. At least that should be a worthwhile match. Kawato is so much better now than he was this time last year and Dulce, when he’s not doing suicide dives (my Grodd does he need to stop with that) is ultra talented. Hopefully CMLL allows them to actually do a one on one match together so we can see what they can do. Of course now that I think of it they’ll both probably wind up in some cage match and CMLL ending a match like this early will come back to annoy me even more than it already does!




That’s right; BANDIDO! I was looking down for a moment, then looked up and there was Bandido, standing atop the Arena Mexico stage. I truly have seen everything there is to see now.



Perhaps even more surprising than seeing Bandido was that CMLL actually ran an actual angle afterwards too! That’s even rarer than surprise returns these days. The basic gist is Bandido cut a promo announcing he was coming to CMLL (don’t ask me for how long), followed by the Dinamitas coming out to trash talk him, with Sansón being the primary antagonist. Bandido talked back to him, Sansón got into the ring and after a brief moment of offense Bandido took control and managed to elude Cuatrero and Forastero before they could do any damage. I guess that means Bandido will wrestling Sansón at some point. I wouldn’t count on this being a long term thing and certainly wouldn’t count on it being the beginning of Bandido working CMLL every Friday, but it was still cool to see him and, if nothing else, it seems to suggest CMLL is at least open to using non full time guys again. Now I guess the next thing to watch will be whether Bandido works Triplemania Regia this Friday, which would put him in the LA Park/Pentagon/Fenix/Hijo de LA Park club of working both AAA and CMLL in the span of a few days. Oh and bravo to the Dinamitas for making Bandido look good. Finally they found someone they were willing to sell for!


Cuatrero, Forastero, Sansón defeated Mistico, Titán, Valiente two falls to one


This was easily the best thing the Dinamitas have been involved in over the last month or so sports fans. Or should I say the best thing they’ve been involved in that didn’t involve Star Jr. carrying Sansón to a good match. It still wasn’t perfect on this evening; the fact that the Dinamitas keep going back to the same old Monkey Flip ending without changing anything up has gotten old and makes the matches very predictable to a certain point. But on the whole I thought Cuatrero, Forastero and Sansón all sold for the technicos better than they had the last few weeks and were far more generous in spreading out the pace and allowing Mistico, Titán and Valiente to get their stuff in. And fortunately all three technicos were in the mood to try, with Mistico and Valiente looking sharp and Titán having yet another spectacular performance. There’s so many layers to that guy it isn’t even funny. There’s still a ways to go before the Dinamitas of old return, but this was a step in the right direction in the form of a well paced, well balanced match.


Mexican National Welterweight Championship

Soberano Jr. (c) defeated Negro Casas two falls to one


Spoiler alert; I LOVED this match. Absolutely loved it. I may have been the only (though I can’t imagine anyone despised this match) but who cares?! I am a simple dude who loves watching Soberano Jr. and Negro Casas wrestle; put them together and it’s like a pizza or a Buffy episode; it’s never bad.


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So what separated this from some of the other Casas-Soberano matches? Probably not that much if we’re being honest; like their other bouts the base was a bit slower to accommodate Casas, the match didn’t run that long and they didn’t try to get too ambitious. Most importantly though the work was semi-flawless for what they were doing. Even at 59 years old Casas remains so unbelievably great at the little things and Soberano (save for a brief part where the crowd got to him) followed his lead. They didn’t do a whole lot of flashy stuff (though Soberano was pulling out tricks every now and then) but they didn’t need to because they made the match mean something while keeping it simple. Everything felt like it mattered, everything was smooth; I cared about what was going on in this match in a way I haven’t with most other CMLL matches recently. As it turns out, that’s what happens when you put two very talented luchadores with great chemistry together and let them go at it for ten to fifteen minutes. This wasn’t the best match of the year or anything, but I loved it all the same. A tremendous match and yet another great performance from the ageless Casas.


Carístico, Felino, Último Guerrero defeated Ángel de Oro, Cavernario, Volador Jr. two falls to one


This was such a wet fart of a main event that midway through the match I was checked out and asking Jack Evans how high Volador’s “Go!” glasses ranked in the battle of miscellaneous wrestling objects (Jack loves the glasses by the way). Fortunately CMLL rewarded my lack of interest by doing nothing to move forward Felino-Ángel de Oro, with Felino just pinning Oro at the end while UG pinned Cavernario. Alright then. I’d guess CMLL is putting that feud on hold till after the Leyendas show next week but for all I know CMLL decided to drop the thing altogether. Then again Oro and Felino worked together a lot in this match (at a pretty decent level too) so who knows. This certainly wasn’t terrible but with nothing major going on and the match being kept short there just wasn’t a lot to latch onto.


And with that it is time to retire for the evening! I’ll see you all tomorrow for the Triplemania Regia preview and a review of AAA in Veracruz. TILL THEN!


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