It’s time for some late night CMLL reviewing sports fans! That’s right; I could’ve easily packed it in after the AAA review, but I was in the mood for lucha today and decided to watch CMLL’s Super Viernes. Here’s the good news; this was a good show, much better than most of their recent offerings and a show that featured another must see match featuring talented young luchadores. The bad news is the show closed cold with CMLL failing to take advantage of Star Jr.’s momentum and then ending with a main event that was deader than Kurtz at the end of Apocalypse Now. It did at least set up a cool match for next week, but that’s next week. It does little for us now. Alas there is a review to be written and I am the guy to do it. Let’s begin.



Magia Blanca & Príncipe Diamante defeated El Coyote & Grako two falls to one


This match was like the AAA opener the same way Last Man Standing is like Twin Peaks: The Return. Wait that’s not far; this match was a lot better than Tim Allen’s vanity half an hour. It just also wasn’t as good as the AAA opener, mainly because everyone in that match gave a shit and the only people who did in this match were Magia Blanca and Príncipe Diamante. They gave a good effort for an opener and both proved they can do the running ramp senton better than Diamante Azul. They didn’t get to do much after that (or before that) because Coyote and Grako were all sorts of just kind of there, and the match thus acted accordingly. Oh well; at least the right team won in the end. Now Magia Blanca and Príncipe Diamante can at least say they got one W this year when they brag about their CMLL tenure at parties.


Black Panther, Blue Panther Jr., Super Astro Jr. defeated Cancerbero, Raziel, Virus two falls to one


I have one criticism for this match sports fans; it felt like I missed a whole fall of the match despite watching the whole thing. Did I just miss a pin or something in the second fall? Other than that I thought this was a really good match. It wasn’t the flashiest, although Super Astro Jr. did provide some of that in the form of his always really good offensive sequences. What it lacked in flash it made up with some damn good wrestling and a tremendous layout. The Panther matches are always unique and this was no different, with a lot of drawn out sequences that managed to not drag while each guy got some shine. Virus was in sharp form, Raziel and Cancerbero were motivated to try given their opponents and the Panthers were the Panthers, from Black Panther delivering the well rounded game to Junior dishing out them backbreakers. There were far more exciting matches this past weekend but in terms of well worked, compact all around lucha, this match was, in the words of Randy Savage, DA CREAM OF DA CROP YEAH! Or at least something close to that.


Lightning Match

Atlantis Jr. and Templario wrestled to a time limit draw


What in Grodd’s name is going on sports fans? Last week CMLL had a legit great match and now they’ve followed it up with another great match on a Friday?! Who do I thank for this? Oh wait; I thank Atlantis Jr. and Templario for tearing down the gorram house that’s who!


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As you can probably tell I adored this match the same way I adore Pizza Pringles and Audrey Horne. It was like the excellent Soberano-Templario Lightning Match from recently, only more surprising because we knew Soberano and Templario could be great together. We did not know Atlantis Jr. and Templario would have the same chemistry but boy do they. Tons of credit should go to Templario here, who was a terrific base for Atlantis Jr. in this match and was willing to take all sorts of offense. But the big talking point here should be how far along Atlantis Jr. already is and how big of a star he’s going to be. Not only does this kid have the pedigree of his father and great size, but he’s somehow able to wrestle as a cross between Gran Metalik, Marco Corleone and Puma King. There was a bit of all them here from a great over the turnbuckle dive (from the apron), that great crossbody to the floor of his and an awesome Sunset Flip Powerbomb from the ramp and to the ring. And that was just the flashy stuff as Atlantis Jr. tightened up some of his weaker aspects but hitting decent backbreakers and getting La Atlantida in perfectly. He definitely was helped by Templario but boy the future is bright for this kid. This was a coming out solo performance for him, another great performance for Templario and an excellently booked match that saw Atlantis Jr. just come up short of victory as he got Atlantida in just as time expired. A great ending to a great Lightning Match, and as an added bonus we got some more fighting after! Between Atlantis Jr. and Soberano, Templario may have too many good feuds on his hands!


Hechicero, Rey Bucanero, Terrible defeated Dulce Gardenia, Flyer, Stuka Jr. two falls to one


It was going to be impossible to top that last match sports fans and this bout came nowhere close. Fortunately it was still better than expected up until Hechicero nearly killed Flyer on a Doctor Bomb. And this was after Flyer had done a decent job too; he’s always good for one slip up sadly. Like the second match this was just really well worked overall. Rey Bucanero may be shot but CMLL wisely just paired him with Stuka, who did all the heavy lifting and was generally fun to watch. Even more fun were Hechicero and Dulce Gardenia; the former is always terrific and Dulce continues to be exceptional, one of the two best finds from CMLL this year after Atlantis Jr. And Atlantis Jr. isn’t really a find and he was a guy likely coming in anyway. There wasn’t as much between him and Hechicero as one would like but they crackled when together, and Dulce is so great (and so over with his gimmick) that he’s always going to stand out anyway. Only Terrible seemed left out, and that’s largely because he now has no direction with Los Ingobernables gone. Hopefully CMLL can find him something to do. He was still solid here regardless; really everyone was solid to good up till Flyer nearly offed himself. A solid match and at this point CMLL were, for their standards these days, firing on all cylinders.


Cavernario, Gil Muertes, Último Guerrero defeated Soberano Jr., Star Jr., Valiente two falls to one


Yikes. Big yikes sports fans. For a match that was supposed to be yet another opportunity for Star Jr. to cement his main event spot, this match wound up being colder than Mr. Freeze’s heart after his wife had to be frozen to find a cure. And yes I’m talking Animated Series Mr. Freeze, not the Schwarzenegger abomination.


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The good news, if you’re a Star Jr. fan, is that this match wasn’t his fault. Far from it in fact. Sure he had one moment where he lost his balance on a tornillo attempt but he recovered from that quickly and otherwise wrestled a good match. The problem is that Último Guerrero, oddly the same man who probably nuked Star Jr.’s push last year, gave him nothing to do in this match. The UG mostly dominated their many sequences and left Star Jr. with little more than scraps. Why the UG did this is a question only he can answer, but he did and thus we’ll now have to worry about Star Jr.’s status going forward given the power UG has. In fairness, the rest of the match didn’t help either. Soberano Jr. and Cavernario were afterthoughts (you know your match layout sucks when that happens) and Valiente felt neutered after last week as well. Only Gil Muertes seemed to be at a high level and when Gil Muertes is your best performer than you have lost. It’s a pity for Star Jr. that this turned out to be his “spotlight” match. I think he’ll be fine and if nothing else he’s out of the lower match doldrums. But this match may have proved what his ceiling is and if that’s the case…gulp. Also shame on UG; this is a talented dude in Star Jr. and this is what you gave him to work with?! This would be like hiring Ridley Scott to direct a movie and giving him Hayden Christiansen and Jessica Alba as actors. Pathetic.


Carístico, Diamante Azul, Mistico defeated Euforia, Gran Guerrero, Negro Casas two falls to none


I’m not going to meander on this match too long sports fans, mainly because that would mean I was copying this match. Maybe it was because I was tuned out or because all six luchadores here were tuned out, but it felt like nothing happened in this match. There were a few spots, Negro Casas was nearly ended by Diamante Azul and Carístico and Mistico ultimately won the match in two straight falls to set up the only worthwhile thing about this match; the tag team title match between those two, Euforia and Gran Guerrero next week. That is a match worth watching for three reasons; we get to see Mistico and Carístico team up, we get to see them in a tag title match against Euforia and Gran Guerrero (an excellent team) and the potential of Mistico betraying Carístico to start the long awaited feud between the two IS JUST TOO DAMN HIGH! All of those are good things. What a pity a mediocre thing needed to happen to set it up.


And with that I am off to sleep. See you tomorrow for the CMLL Puebla results sports fans. TILL THEN!


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