Last night was a weird one for CMLL sports fans. On the one hand, we saw the best match CMLL has had since…well Monday actually (Virus vs. Eléctrico from Puebla was that great), but other than that quite awhile. And that’s just the all CMLL talent match; individually Rush also had a great night thanks to a fun brawl with Dalton Castle and a new feud set up with former CMLL rival Matt Taven. On the other hand, it took place on a Ring of Honor show in Toronto, which last I checked is not where CMLL usually has great matches. I think I speak for everyone when I say that, between the Puebla matches and last night’s ROH barnburner, the best CMLL matches can no longer be found in Arena Mexico. And with that let’s get to a review of a CMLL Super Viernes in Arena Mexico, a show that did actually feature two enjoyable matches before cratering into its own filth. And yes, because of that, I’ll also include a review of the ROH CMLL match just so there’s something great for us to talk about. In the word of the Celebrity Death Match ref, LET’S GET IT ON!



Ring of Honor CMLL Showcase

Carístico, Soberano Jr., Stuka Jr. defeated Cavernario, Hechicero, Templario

We finally had a top tier CMLL match on a Friday night sports fans…and it didn’t take place in Arena Mexico. What has the world come to these days? Then again I’ll take a CMLL match that’s good enough to break out the Batman gif anywhere at this point, so thus here we are.



Wow this was great! I watched the entire ROH show and while I came away impressed with most things, this match was easily one of the two best things about it along with the main event. The amazing thing is I think they could do ever better! That’s mainly because there were a few moments where Soberano didn’t quite hit a move the way he normally would, though in both cases (the Code Red out of the Swing Bottom and an arm drag variation) he recovered well. But those are nitpicks, with everything else was the best CMLL offers and then some. Stuka Jr. was the best he’s been all year, showing off his great chemistry with Hechicero and doubling down on his usual solid skill set. Soberano was electrifying outside the few missteps, and I don’t know if you could ask for any better bases than Hechicero and Templario. They were in the right place at the right time EVERY TIME, and managed to throw in some electrifying dives of their own for good measure. It all made it very easy for Carístico and Cavernario to take it home, and while both guys didn’t show off as much as they usually do (especially Cavernario) they were both in fine form, especially late when they pulled off some tricky maneuvers like a running Top Rope Spanish Fly. I guess I would’ve liked to have seen more of the Luchador of the Year Cavernario than we got, but he was still great and it was always going to be hard for him to pull that off while sharing the spotlight with five other guys. In the end this was easily the best CMLL match of the evening, maybe the best ROH match of the evening and a great moment for all six guys. As a bonus, it may have been the best match Carístico has ever had in a US, and was another chapter in his redemption story. He rarely had nights like this in his WWE career, which made it all the more nice to see it come together here.


Magnus & Oro Jr. defeated Nitro & Sangre Azteca two falls to one


So let’s get this out of the way sports fans; no Magnus didn’t have the craziest performance in the history of lucha libre as he indicated he would. However, he and Oro Jr. did win the match and were solid in doing so, which means we’re still going to do the gifs! I’m too nice for my own good.



But seriously…I didn’t mind this match at all. Even with the great Magnus saying he would go nuts I never fully expected the rudos to allow him to so him and Oro Jr. giving us anything was going to be better than usual. For what they managed to get in I thought they did a fine job, with a nice double hurricanrana off the apron spot and overall solid work. The same cannot be said about Nitro and Sangre Azteca, who botched several moves the technicos attempted (mostly with Oro Jr. for some reason) and as per usual looked uninterested in being there. Then again Sangre Azteca did hit a cool Tornado DDT on Magnus so maybe that was something. That may be also the craziness Magnus was talking about; only a crazy man would dare take a DDT like that from a guy who was last good when people were excited for The Matrix Reloaded. In any event, this wasn’t as nuts as Magnus promised but it was a watchable opener, an improvement over the usual. Let the record show that I still expect one crazy Magnus performance at some point. I said I’d hold you to it Magnus and that still stands!


Ephesto, Mephisto, Okumura defeated Atlantis Jr., Dulce Gardenia, Titán two falls to one


You know how I said in the preview on Wednesday that I didn’t think the rudos would be up for this one? OOPS! Turns out they were somewhat up for this one. There’s obviously only so much Ephesto, Okumura and even Mephisto can still do these days, but all I was really looking for here was some effort and they got that. And that’s good because the technicos full brought it. Titán was his usual consistent self and he was quite frankly the third best guy on his team. Meanwhile Dulce Gardenia was once again electric and Atlantis Jr. was absolutely tremendous, with several great dives and a marked improvement on some moves he’s had issues with, such as the backbreaker. He is really starting to come into his own and it should be long before Atlantis Jr. is a bonafide star in my book. Overall though everyone was really good here and while the result was not what I would’ve done, it did little to take away from this being a fun match. It’s a sad state of affairs for CMLL when this match was likely the best they’ve had on a Friday in…a month? In the words of Staind, it’s been awhile.


CMLL Women’s Universal Championship Cibernetico, Block B

Dalys, Comandante, La Jarochita, La Magnifica, Lluvia, Mystique, Reyna Isis, Silueta, Skadi and Stephanie Vaquer

I’ll be honest sports fans; I tuned this match out at the very end once it became clear Dalys was going to win. I just couldn’t care less. I was hoping (as you could tell by my prediction) that CMLL would go in a more unpredictable direction, but instead they did the exact thing everyone expected and the one thing they shouldn’t have done. Dalys can be a good luchadora (at least as good as one can be in CMLL) but good Grodd I’ve seen it by now. Couldn’t we have something new? I guess not and now we’re left to hope CMLL puts over Metálica huge next week (doubtful). As for this match, it was slightly better than last week but not by a ton. La Jarochita, Mystique, Silueta, Stephanie Vaquer and especially La Magnifica (who may already be the second best luchadora in the promotion behind Avispa Dorada) all looked good, with Magnifica even pulling off a Soberano esq tornillo. They propped this match up despite some poor work from Skadi and Reyna Isis (who featured heavily for reasons I don’t know) and it will forever puzzle my mind why CMLL didn’t take a shot with one of them instead of the same old same old. Whatever; it’s not worth focusing that much time on. An okay match with a lame ending.


Cuatrero, Negro Cass, Sansón defeated Ángel de Oro, Niebla Roja, Valiente two falls to one


This was pretty much what I expected sports fans, which is good because I expected a good match. I think it could’ve been better on a big show, but overall the effort was really good from everyone save maybe Valiente, who was coasting more than the villain from Road House. Ángel de Oro and Niebla Roja were as reliable as always (while not pulling out their big moves), the Dinamitas were the Dinamitas (always good) and Negro Casas was a delight, especially when he did triple team moves with Cuatrero and Sansón like he was Forastero. If I’ve said it once I’ll say it again; the day Casas retires will be the saddest day in the history of wrestling. He is still so much fun to watch, and his work and enthusiasm predictably got the crowd into this one to help the match out a ton. Not the best thing you’ll ever see, but an enjoyable match overall.


CMLL World Heavyweight Championship Match

Último Guerrero (c) defeated Ciber the Main Man two falls to one


THANK GRODD GCW started as this match was going on sports fans. I got to watch a great Jungle Boy-Jimmy Lloyd match and the beginning of a really good Kris Statlander-Chris Dickinson match instead of focusing on this stupidity. I’ll give CMLL this much though; they managed to top their usual stupidity with a finish that saw UG get fouled, Ciber fake the foul to steal the win, and then UG pin Ciber anyway to get the win! The Room wasn’t this bad!


Image result for tommy wiseau it's not true gif


I will say that, as far as UG-Ciber matches go, this was the best they’ve done. It still wasn’t anywhere close to good but they tried their best to make it work. UG in particular was pulling out almost everything he had, and Ciber, to his credit, took all the moves and tried a few things himself. In the end it didn’t matter a lick because Ciber is still terrible, the crowd didn’t give a shit and neither did I. Clearly neither does CMLL, cause we got the challenges after the match to set up the Aniversario main event and good Grodd can we talk about something else. I mean seriously sports fans; this was the best effort these guys gave and it STILL SUCKED! There is no hope for this feud, the Aniversario and maybe for CMLL. What a waste of time. Thank Grodd I had other stuff to do at the time.


Euforia, Forastero, Gran Guerrero defeated Diamante Azul, Dragón Lee, Volador Jr. two falls to none


Here’s the good news sports fans; CMLL did set up Volador vs. Forastero for next week so perhaps there is a chance that match could sneak in and steal the spotlight from UG-Ciber after all (I doubt it but still). The bad news was everything else, save for a few good sequences between Dragón Lee and Gran Guerrero. Otherwise this match was too short, not very good and then hilariously bad at the finish when Forastero fouled Volador right in front of the ref…who proceeded to count the pin anyway. It’s a testament to how terrible the UG-Ciber finish was that this finish wasn’t the worst thing on the show. AS such it was a hysterical end to a show that had some promise early and then just disintegrated the further we got. CMLL in 2019 sports fans; it’s only good when it’s at Ring of Honor or Arena Puebla.


And with that, I’m off till AAA tonight sports fans. TILL THEN!



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